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  1. For the love of everything good, please stop this kind of styling. SHE LOOKS OLD and HAGGARD. That, or she really has not aged well. The trying hard pouting lips (that looks painful ) and the glassy skin make her look like she is already at the age bracket of Gretchen Barretto or Ruffa G. She looks frozen and botoxed to death.

    I hope a better girl will represent us in MI.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas Yeah, there is semblance to Angelina Jolie… (Not necessarily helpful…?…).

      I agree with @ Cool Brew (below). A S-M-I-L-E can break that spell. And smile like that Venezolana who won MU (the one Donald Trump said was ‘not skinny’). I forgot her name… When she smiled, her eyes smiled, too. 🙂

    • Eh matanda na naman sya to begin with. At yung face nya sorry pero konti na lang hello Vicky Belo na. Aminin yung umbok ng cheeks at lips alam na. Kahut yung styling na soft at babaihan with all the pink and blush halata na takipsilim na sya sa mundo ng pageantry.

      • @ B Speaking of, and assuming what you’re insinuating is accurate, is that why she changed camp? Kasi, now that I think about it, wala pa ‘yata ako’ng nabalitaan’g ‘nagpaayos’ du’n sa kabila… Ayaw nu’ng kabila sa mga ‘pagpapaayos’?

        Kasi kung aging rin lang at kung nagpaumbok siya dahil banat na, ‘eh si Estefania Soto nga na mega-tanders daw (well, she was 29…) naka-place pa rin sa Hollywood, Florida… 🙂

        Contrast with 31-year old (‘ata) now-withdrawn Thea Cenarosa, na FRESH pa rin… ‘Ay, nga pala. Si Buot, nagparamdam sa MF… Ano ba age ceiling du’n? Ang tsismosa ko, lolzzzzzz….

      • @ Lymaraina Yup. That’s what I mean. P-E-R-O, ngayon na lang…

        (And while we’re at it, The Camp’s Keylyn but that’s a ‘more comprehensive bundle’…)

        No hate towards Rabiya and Ms. Trajano. 🙂

        So, madali’ng salita, the performance of any such procedures is independent of camp affiliation?

  2. Will this be a case of MI2018 wherein the winner was named the winner because its her birthday. Hahaha!

    • Sus. Mariem is way ahead kay Ahtisa presentation pa lang. Swimsuit evening gown and the speech. Typical ugali ng pinoys kung hindi Manalo. Sore losers.

  3. So she is overage for MGI and Miss Intercontinental.
    At this juncture, these are my final picks:
    International: Arnold
    Grand International- Basiano
    Intercontinental- Mendoza
    Globe- Montagne
    Tourism- Cruz
    Runner-ups- Carinosa and Tampon
    This development could go in her favor. I have a hunch that BPCI would give the Bb Pil International crown to her and the Bb Pil-Globe crown to Arnold. Nevertheless, I still stick to my aforesaid picks.
    Happy birthday Maureen.

    • But then again, all Bb pil crowns are equal in importance, as stressed by BPCI . It is ok for me whatever crown given to Maureen.

      • Char lang yan ng BPCI. Everyone knows that MI and MGI are more prestigious than MIC and Miss Talent Show este Miss Globe.

  4. She hasn’t aged well or is it the styling… Smile more inday coz it brightens the face and lifts up the spirits of everyone around you

  5. Good Sat AM, Mr. Tinio.

    Teka, OT muna. May Covid ‘daw si Angkol? Faux news? 😦

    OK. Now, back to this…

    Ungkol, nu’ng nakaraan’g PN’s, sino ‘yun’g isa pa’ng mag-bir-birthday in the Araneta lock-in? Aside from Maureen. ‘Yun’g isa niyo pa’ng guest – Tiques(2x), Dra. Ruth, or Princess? Kahapon, Friday?

    I REALLY want Philippines to FINALLY bag Perfect Body. What did ‘Moldova’ do back in 2016? 🙂

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