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  1. Congrats tito Norms! Wow, blogging almost half of a quarter century! Wishing you all the best and hopefully your blog will still be around when you reach silver(25th). Cheers and kudos!

  2. P.S.: We do love to some glimpses of your personal life once in a while. Please indulge us!

  3. Congrats Norm on your anniversary!!! I think my interest in pageantry was revived during Venus Raj’s Major Major answer that made headlines even in the US….

    I’ve been in and out of this blog as life dictates but the one good thing about your blog is the quality and consistency you continue to bring to the table.

    You shied away from more “chismis” type of blogging despite the mountain of information that you probably possess and yet kept the content leveled. You indeed established that credibility needed in a world that sometimes is mired with trolls, haters and bashers where it is so easy to just feed off of them to gain more followers.

    Cheers from the US.

  4. This has been my only daily go-to blog since 2010, the year of Venus Raj’s tumultous quest to the MU crown! From my adoptive African country as an expat since 2008, thank you for the entertaining feeds on pageantry that ease the tedium of a day’s back-breaking work! Your tenacity for objective and fair reporting, and your capacity for maintaining an even keel in te midst of controversies, and that remarkable moral compass, make you one formidable force in the development of Philippine pageantry. Thank for 12 years of tireless entertaining and educating your readers who span a marvelous spectra of professional background, educational attainment, geographical location, sexual orientation, political persuasion, ethnicity, religious beliefs, and age.

  5. Congrats to my idol!!!
    My day is not complete without reading Normanorman.com!
    Thanks for the 12 years of blogging, looking forward for more years of pageantry blogging.
    Keep it up and God bless tito Norman.

  6. Congratulations to the wonder years of your blog. You truly have become a respected force within several communities which has become worldwide. It’s well deserved for years of hard work and focus. You are blessed and we are fortunate to be witnesses and participants of your success. Much love to you and looking forward to your even more and greater success in the future!

  7. Congratulations Sir Norman! Good health and happy life always!


  8. Wala bang jowa reveal Tito Norms? Mag Q&A/mukbang vlog ka Tito Norms. We also want to know your other side aside from pageantry.

      • Fishing? Lol.

        Ako, interested. I can come up with some questions to Norman ranging from wholesome to sleazy.

        World Fish. Este Peace.

  9. Congtrats Tito Norman…looking forward to your golden anniversary….

  10. Just like Queen Elizabeth I pala ang peg ng atin’g dear sweet Blogger.

    “I am married to England”… 🙂


    (At ikaw, Admin, “I can command the wind, too, Sir”!)

  11. To our favorite blogger who always keeps us amused, entertained and informed about the ins and outs, and the behind the scenes in pageantry, maraming salamat.. boredom during this season of pandemic has become bearable because of this blog.. thank you Norman for the effort.. sana dumami pa ang fans mo.. (income na din.. char!!) ..

  12. *LIFETIME MUSE..which is PAGEANTRY!!
    ( i stand corrected) 🙂

  13. Congratulations po Tita N. Because of you, nabuhay ang katawang lupa ni Florera at iba pang commenters dyan except one. I love your blog to the moon and back. If you haven’t found that islander guy with a big appendage yet… marami naman dyan who fit your criteria to a T

  14. The good blogger has a great reason to celebrate because of 12 years of writing and making us avid followers always updated is indeed not easy thing to do. Kung walang ganitong blog eh di wala din tayong pagpipyestahan. Congratulations and sana 12 more years pa!

  15. Congratulations Norman on your 12th year of sublime blogging. Thank you for giving happiness to us who share the same passion with you for pageantry. Cheers to more years of excellent blogging.

  16. Congrats Tito Norman. Your blog opened doors for you.

    In fact, we were able to invite you to Panglao, Bohol because of your blog where your writing skills, diplomacy, passion for pageantry and eye for beauty have been raved about by your followers including yours truly.


  17. Wow, tagal ko na palang follower ng Blog na ito…
    Can’t believe its already 12 years…

    Andami na nangyari…

    That reminds me.. Cindy Miranda… Talandi ka!
    Sinayang mo pagkamatay ni Amihan na sumira sa storyline ng Encantadia!

    • *LIFETIME MUSE..which is PAGEANTRY!!
      ( i stand corrected) 🙂

  18. Congrats Norman.

    Amazing that you started this blog when you were a mere 20 year old boy. =). Wala naman akong masabi sa pose mo , parang genie.

    Congratulations on your marriage to this blog. I hope you will not ANNUL it. Because it is better than ORAL. Lol.

    World Peace.

  19. Congratulations, Sir Norman. Cheers to another 24 more successful years !

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