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  1. As in all beauty contests, all official candidates who passed the screening are outstanding in their own right. For this year’s BBP batch, one beauty attribute that makes each one of the candidates stand ten feet tall and deserve the adulation of every Filipino is their demonstrated perseverance, patience and tenacity to pursue their dream come what may, even the proverbial “hell or high water”. Two years of sporadic postponements is a long period of uncertainties, and a heavy toll on their careers, health and beauty regimen, family relations, love life, and yes— personal finance. As only 4 or 5 will be crowned in this contest, the rest of the pack need not despair. The Filipino nation already knew what stuff they are made of—the true Filipino spirit of resilience. They have eloquently demonstrated that in the face of extreme challenges, it is stamina over stagnation that prevails.

    • Moreover, since this particular contest’s judging criteria reportedly favors physical beauty over intelligence and core values, the rest who do not measure up to this yardstick can definitely revalidate their true worth in other contests that tilt more for the more forward-looking, inclusive, diversified, universally-accepted holistic beauty standard.

      • In other words, BPP losers move on to Miss Philippines Earth and Mutya Pilipinas next year (just like Karen Ibasco).

        Ganun lang kasimple ang ibig sabihin ni Scorg sa kanyang 2 mahabang paragraphs.

        Welcome back. He, he…

  2. Now these interviews are very analyzer-friendly in seeing up close their personality and projection…

    For me, the best projection and personality is Basiano

    You may say there are other factors such as authenticity, energy, …

    For authenticity, it is Felizarta and for energy, none, but at least Arnold put effort on details in her talk…

  3. Some girls are like Monet paintings. From afar, they look OK, but up close, they’re one big heap of a mess—to paraphrase a quotable quote from. Alicia Silverstone

  4. In 2019, BPCI committed GRAVE MISTAKES by, FIRST, crowning the UGLY & BOBO Ganados as MUP, SECOND, choosing the UNCHARISMATIC/BORING Saeed for Miss Supra, and THIRD, giving the BP-MGI title to Lo who was an ‘ATTITUDE’ girl and not fit for MGI.

    Magtanong was the MOST deserving girl to win MUP and Tiglao should have been the Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational. Samantha Bernardo should have been assigned for MGI and Vickie Rushton to MI even if they gave weak answers. AFTER all, Ganados DID not answer the question and gave a memorized lines unrelated to the question. I would have loved also if BPCI gave the BP-Intercontinental to April Short. So this year NO ROOM for errors, SO DAPAT GANITO MANGYARI: (char! he, he, he…)

    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Hannah Arnold
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Justine Felizarta
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Karen Laurie Mendoza
    Bb. Pilipinas-5th Title – Gabrielle Basiano

    Runners Up & Rounding up the Top 12: Cruz, Tampon, Dimaculangan, Tiquestiques, Rosal, Cartasano and Patrizia Garcia.

    Maayong udto sa tanan.

  5. As we near the coronation night and since the highest crown is Miss International, let me attempt to summarize the preferred winner for the MI crown. You are free to build on this post (copy and post your MI winner prediction).


    A) For Maureen M.

    Flor Tula
    Just Passing By (only because MM will be overage for MGI crown(
    Diana Hayden
    Miss Tisa

    B) For Hanna A.

    Ana Winturland

    C) For Basiano


    Let us make this prediction more interesting by penalizing the losing Team.

    Option 1: The losing team will post their face pic on July 12 on the comment section of this blog.

    Option 2: The losing team will not post any negative comment or bash the eventual MI winner for one week.

    Option 3: The losing team member will contact privately one winning team member and send grab food delivery to his/her/it house worth P500.

    Option 4: ?



    • Ha ha ha. Nakakaloka ka Thomas. But Yes, your suggestion is indeed interesting. And you murder my name! Ha ha ha.

      • @ serge ‘Yan ang tinatawag ng mga Aleman na ‘wie das melken einar maus’. 🙂

        (‘O, ano Admin? Epic save, ba? Lolz.)

        We commend @ Thomas for his diligence. Talaga’ng gi-tally ang preferences natin dire.

        OPTION 4 – Link their Norman’s Blog account with their socmed… Patay ako diyan. Admin, gawi’n mo lahat para manalo si Maureen. PLEASE. 😦

    • should team hanna loses, PAUL WILL SURELY BREAK THE RULE UNDER OPTION 2.. hE HE HE.

      • TUMPAK SERGE! Pag hindi makuha ni Hannah Arnold ang MI…. Chos! Gagah ang may-ari ng na si… Ha, ha, ha…

    • @ Thomas Regarding Option 2, one week lang? Longer, para masakit. 🙂

      And, starting when? Immediately (upon coronation/results)? Or, leading up to MI 2021 para ‘all clear’ ang hangin para sa kandidata natin?

      ‘Yun lang. Tiba-tiba si Admin sumala sa mga comments… Parang nu’ng not-too-long-ago, a very popular candidate, you could sense there was a real-time/active effort to quarantine/block comments critical of her… It worked! Nanalo.

      (Feel that censure again once MUP 2021 kicks in. I’m almost certain it will be palpable this time.)

    • My dear Co-Apostle Thomas,

      Option 1: Ready na ang akong picture.

      Option 2: I will break this rule RIGHT AFTER the announcement of winners.

      Option 3: Ikaw Thomas at si Ana Lund-Winterland ang magpa Grab food delivery kasi MAYAYAMAN kayo.

      Thanks my dear. Maayong udto sa tanan.

      • A Letter To Paul from St. Thomas:

        Dear Paul,

        Come to think of it, regarding option 1 (posting your photo ) : I think that instead of penalizing you for losing, readers of this blog will be penalized upon seeing your photo. So Option 4 ka na Lang kaya : Leave this forum forever? Lol

        World Peace.

      • @Thomas and Paul. God will go crazy with both of you as his apostles. Nakakaloka. Ha ha ha

    • Thomas, I never made my final prediction yet.
      I said it’s a battle between Arnold and Montagne for BbP MI.
      I will make my final prediction an hour before the finals

  6. Carina and Hannah are very attractive. Upclose, They become even more attractive.

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