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  1. Malaki chance ni Hannah to win MI
    I hope the judges stand up for Hannah like how they did it for Cat who won all the major awards even those that she clearly did not deserve. Talagang di nila pinakawalan si Cat.
    However , I’m ok if Maureen gets it . I just wish Maureen joined MUP instead .

    • @ Fabian Reyes If you saw Lavinia’s recent updates, Maureen really would have wanted to go for MUP. Pero, ‘inalat’… Just watch for yourself, so you won’t need to take my word for it.

      Inilihis ng tadhana si Maureen from her original path. A detour… Let’s see where it takes her. 🙂

      (I had several ‘detours’ in my own life. None do I now regret! All, I am eternally grateful for.)

      And if her voting at the national elections next year is any indication, Ms. Montagne seems serious on proving naysayers wrong of her intentions when she said at the last PN’s episode, ‘the Philippines has so much potential”!

    • “Clearly did not deserve” – Ipipilit na naman ba natin si SamBer na ang pageant patty ng lakad?

  2. 1. Boy Abunda remains the undisputed king of talk. He is an excellent public speaker. Afterall, He is not the king of talk for nothing.
    2. Boy Abunda’s q and a tips to the girls are very helpful. However, they are easily said than done. Girls have to regularly practice how to handle q and a. Regular Practice makes perfect and it pays during nerve-racking situation such as q and a.
    3. The art of repetition is powerful, said Boy Abunda. Paul would strongly agree to this. Right Paul? Ha ha ha.
    4. One of the girls got emotional while describing the image. Boy’s advice to her was just to continue talking. It is ok to be emotional during q and a. This reminds me of Evangeline Nacuspag during 2008 Bb Pilipinas q and a. Evangeline is a product of broken family. She became emotional when asked by Chris Tiu as to what for her is a perfect family. Though teary-eyed, she managed to go on with her answer. She ended her answer wit a very touching statement ” though we are apart, we still manage to love one another in a very special way, and that for me is a perfect family”. Evangeline went on to place 2nd runner up. Whatever happened to her?
    5. Here is my latest picks after the q and a exercise
    Grand International- Basiano
    Intercontinental- Montagne
    Globe- Mendoza
    Tourism- Cruz
    First runner-up- Carino
    2nd runner-up- Tampon

    • Correction: with a very touching statement
      Addendum: almost all the girls did well during the q and a exercise. This would probably be the scenario during the coronation. To the girls’ advantage, actual q and a will be less nerve-wracking with limited audience.

      • Correction: here are my latest picks
        Addendum: almost all the girls did well during the q and a exercise, but for me, it is Mendoza who performed exceptionally.

    • Serge, I believe you are referring to Elizabeth Jacqueline Nacuspag, the 2008s 2nd runner up to Barrientos. This was the time of the infamous Janina San Miguel’s so sorry I told you Im bery konpident because Im only 18 years old hahhaha

      • I tot Janina is only 17 years old that time? … my pamily…my pamily..😂 she is indeed conpident.😂

      • @ JustPassingBy What made Janina infamous were her allegations of … at BPCI… I recall even Voltaire came out with a video asking the news outfit which made that documentary on the ills of Philippines beauty contests to ‘know the other side’, too (be impartial, unbiased)…

        If anything, her eighteen year-old confidence would have delighted my dear sweet Angkol. 🙂

        Sa kabila’ng selda/parlor, ang tinedyer na confident ay si Shannen Manzano. Same Guidotti zest!

        (Btw, I was thinking last night, what if Anne de Mesa were sent to Poland? She has Schengen na?)

      • (Cont.)

        Crap! Our passport just tanked to 82 from 62 rank. 😦

        (Shi-nare nu’ng FB fren ko. Does this mean mas mahirap na mag-travel at -work abroad?)

      • Miss Tissa, I believe you are right she was 17 back then. I can’t remember.
        What I clearly remember is “my pamily they was were, my pamily is are hahhaha”

    • Basta ikaw Serge – agree. Mabuti at nag-post ka ulit nang mahaba-habang reaction. Salamat sa iyong mga pageant kaisipan. He, he… Go, go, go tayo kay Arnold for MI. Magandang umaga.

  3. It will be between Hannah Arnold and Maureen Montagne for BBP MI
    If Hannah Arnold will win MI, Maureen should be sent to Grand Intl.
    If Maureen wins MI, Hannah should be sent to Globe and we will surely have our 2nd Miss Globe crown.
    Justin, Laurie, Meiji should be crowned too.

      • Oh my bad.. the she must win MI 😂😂
        She was the best in this Primer after all.

  4. I’ve not seen anything more (here, anyway) of Pair and Tan, Mercedez and Bellatrix. Forgotten…

    Were they THAT bad? 😦

  5. Remind ko lang mga vakz ang criteria for judging ng BBP. Half is for beauty of the face.

    Beauty of Face – 50%
    Beauty of Figure – 30%
    Poise & Personality – 10%
    Intelligence – 10%

    And I thank you.

    • @ MissPluto Baka makausap mo, dear, si Mercury… ‘Ka mo, calma lang. Re : 2021~5 Retrograde. 😦

      Saan papasok ang ‘pasarela’? ‘Di naman ‘beauty of figure’ ‘yun… ‘Poise’ is more of composure than mere posture.

      Or, is ‘pasarela’ the showmanship that whips the faneys up to crazy frenzy? Kasi, one of us commented noon na, at least nu’ng ‘old normal’ pa, Mdme. SMA takes the audience response into consideration when deliberating… 🙂

  6. My favorites:

    Gab Bassiano – beautiful
    Honey Cartasano- I see how much she wants this regardless of the heavy accent… Very charming…
    Karen Laurie Mendoza- well trained…
    Hannah Arnold- so Sweet and pretty…
    Maureen Montaigne- well experienced

    Justine Felizarta
    Franchesca Taruc
    Meiji Cruz

    Patricia Babista
    Patrizia Garcia

  7. My money is still on Monique M. and Justine F. for sure wins on two of the crowns on Finals night

    Jasmine D. has such unique face and unique beauty that I really think she’ll do well in Bb-MUP and she has really good speaking voice that I think a likely big surprise spoiler on finale night might occur…

    • Monique M. will not win since there are no Monique M. in the line up.

      • Lols
        Dami kong tawa dito.
        We need comment like this once in a while here at Norman’s blog.
        I just noticed that the comments here lately are too serious that remind me of a masteral students’ library atmosphere.
        It’s not bad to loosen up sometimes.

    • Ang layo naman ng Monique sa Maureen! Sana Montagne na lang hihihi.
      Laurie, Gabrielle, Hannah, Honey, Justine, Meiji, Francesca, Maureen.

  8. Eto kaya and totoong reason bakit hindi nag Boy A. si Rabiya at hindi ang pag alis nya ng maaga for Florida. Dahil si Boy A. ay sa BBP talaga.

    • True enough, Binibining Pilipinas has shown that it is the country’s premier beauty pageant. Ang daming magaganda as I have observed during the launch of 40 finalists.

      So here is my fearless forecast of crown contenders:

      International: Basiano
      Grand: Felizarta
      Intercontinental: Taruc
      Globe: Arnold
      5th crown: Cruz
      1st RU: Cartisano
      2nd RU: Babista

  9. Not powerful???
    Don’t expect anyone to talk like Netanyahu
    Maureen did really well!!!

    • Kol kulang pa siya sa karanasan. Parang hindi pa nasaktan sa pag-ibig. Chos! Angkol kumusta ang summer sa New York?

      • @ paul Maayo’ng aga, friend! 🙂

        Nakita mo ‘yun’g bago natin’g commentator dine, si @ paui? Akala ko, ikaw… Anyway,…

        I WANT BABISTA TO GET THE JAG JEANS AMBASSADORSHIP. THAT is THE FACE that will sell thousands of pairs of denim pieces!

        Do you know what happens when a heart is broken?

        It unleashes enough energy to either cleave a diamond in one stroke. Or create a black hole somewhere in the vastness (for that matter, there must be now PLENTY of ’em out there.)

      • Maayong aga Flor. Mis ya.

        Akala ko nga may bago na naman akong katauhan dito. he, he, he…

        Pwede si Babista balik BPP next year. Yung medyo hinog na siya at may dagdag ng karanasan sa buhay at pag-ibig. Iba na pag nasaktan Flor, PALABAN na talaga. Actually, bagay siya sa Miss International NEXT YEAR.

        Thanks Flor for your wonderful thoughts (on hurting/being hurt).

    • True, but I do agree, she seem too young and inexperienced to have the drive and personality of a winner… but she does tick all the other boxes- beauty, height, background, etc… She got the goods.

    • Angkol akala ko Bella Ysmael is the rea b… beach beauty!. He, he… Magandang gabi sa yo kol.

  10. After watching the BPP Primer, I am MORE convinced that Hannah Arnold is the BEST GIRL for this year’s Miss International. Calm, serene and lovely in delivering her answer (or speech), she is the kind of delegate that MI judges are looking for. And we cannot deny that she is really facially stunning with her doll like face and very statuesque. So my latest BPP Picks:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Hannah Arnold
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Justine Felizarta
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Gabrielle Basiano
    Bb. Pilipinas-(5th Title) – Karen Laurie Mendoza

    Runners Up & Top 12: Patrizia Garcia, Carina Carino, Czarina Guiao, Honey Cartasano, Shannon Tampon, Micca Rosal, & Kimberly Tiquestiques

    • Yeah, I think that Hannah A is still clear on the running for MI given her overall performance. Maureen M also a shoo in because both of them were trained to study MI org criteria of choosing the winner.

      Gabby is an MGI rep for PH no doubt but yes, Justine F and if I may add – Honey C can also grab that spot if they exude more showmanship 😁

      For Globe org, I am certain that they are still unto Hannah A and she will do really well. I am inclined to Tito Norman’s review on this aspect.

      Shannon Tampon can be a surprise spoiler among the contenders

  11. This workshop seals the deal!

    Gabrielle Basiano should be crowned Miss Grand Philippines!

    Spontaneous sumagot! Maganda ang tindig! Facially beautiful!

    I can’t choose which one is for Miss International! I don’t follow the template na kailangan doll face because MI is focused more on personality and mahirap mag judge ng tao na hindi mo nakahalubilo although slightly maaaninag mo based on their words, expressions, mannerisms, etc.

    • Claire si gab bet ng angkol at sya lang pwd mag fierce and sweet

  12. Maureen will always sound good given her background but the content of her answer is not that powerful and personal.

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