9 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2021: The Start of Lock-in

  1. I love their outfits, especially Jash’s. It is efforless yet striking.

  2. Gab Basiano should be mgi ph. Ang fez fez.sabi Ng mga kachokaran ko na taga tuk Kung gusto daw talaga natin manalo w toying send gab

  3. Good luck to all the girls!

    Tigil-tigilan na rin ng Binibini ang pagiinarte nila kay Norman Tinio!

    Come finals night, I’m expecting the respected blogger to be panned by the camera on the front seat!

    • Wala ata audience, paano makikita si Sir Norman eh wala naman audience?

      BPCI at Production lang nasa Venue to witness a very Historic coronation night

      Pati nga daw si Madam Stella hindi pupunta


  4. Are Maureen’s trousers recycled from Eva Patalinjug’s departure outfit?

  5. Prettiest is Gabbie followed by Justine then Faith
    Classiest is Jash
    Ultimately , it will depend on who gives the best answers to the Q and A so I expect Maureen Justine Sam Panlilio Hannah and Jash to do really well.

  6. ‘Yan’g kay Lois Badando, sa Farmers’ Market plant shops area (adjacent parking lot and market)? Bagsakan ‘yan ng suculents at cacti! There I found my favorite, which I immortalized with my user name… 🙂

    Jash looks like a seasoned globe-trotting socialite. Very Cruise.

    Carina reminds of Asya Branch when the latter checked in at Hardrock Seminole. Still, PRETTY.

    Dra. Ruth and Cinderella can be sisters. Magkahawig.

    Maureen’s top is what happens when Iris Van Herpen finally does pret-a-porter. Btw, the 2021~2 Fall-Winter HC is meh, save for that technique that looks like Cinderella’s ‘Kuyamis’ NatCos – overlapping (fish) scales.

    My favorite over-all look is that of Meiji. Bow ribbon is genius!

    My favorite piece is Alex Faith’s cut-out brocade (?) jacket.

    Danica is from Romblon, pala. Ungcle Norms, kumusta na si Sacha Tajaran? Tuloy ang laban?

    (Couldn’t resist commenting on Czarina. I said I’ve decided to ‘blanket-ligwak’ the Region 3/Central Luzon cluster para wala’ng tampuhan blues. But here I’m reminded why in that pack she STANDS OUT; Tiques(2x)-Quin-Taruc-Garcia quintet will not be able to fell her tree. The red Chanel… If that had a long chain for a strap, puwede sa guys kasi ang uso ‘ata ngayon among dandy dudes in Shanghai and Gangnam ay ladies’ bags in signature label, na nakasukbit.)

    • (Cont.)

      Blogger, bakit nagbago ‘ata ihip ng hangin sa BPCI? Pati mga may sala – SamLo at Ortiz – nagbalik (the latter, part of a ‘parangal’)? Rushton at Cenarosa, you understand kasi nga naman ‘di nila kasalan na nag age-out na sila… Gila, well understandable kasi negosyante. 😦

      Why so conciliatory all of a sudden? As if nothing happened.

      (Rowee,… She is ‘special case’? Not included…)

      Sabihin mo kasi sa BPCI, they can vastly minimize potential problems by being pro-active. Tulad nu’ng kaso ni SamLo,… (Passport issues… etc… etc…). I’m sure kung maayos lang sana docs niya to begin with, none of that round-the-world drama leading up to Caracas would have happened. They’ll say, “well, their passports are not our problem…”. Basta, ang akin lang, after more than fifty years of doing national pageantry, they should know MUCH MUCH better. 🙂

      • Flor, yung kay SamLo being included in the photoshoot in Pampanga was a personal move of the 2019 winners para may reunion. BPCI did not have a hand in that since Emma Tiglao organized most of it herself.

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