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  1. I hope BPCI will not invite inexperienced pageant judges this coming July 11th. The 2019 BPP results were so frustrating.

  2. The judges SHOULD BE GUIDED VERY WELL by an expert BPCI pageant director or personnel. And they SHOULD NOT COMMIT the SAME MISTAKES they have done in 2019. Girls were given the WRONG TITLES or the titles (most) were given to the WRONG GIRLS. In that year, ONLY Leren Mae Bautista was given the right title. Ganados, Saeed and Lo DID NOT DESERVE to win titles.

    • Dapat sana ganito ang nangyari noong BPP 2019:

      Miss Universe Philippines – Bea Patricia Magtanong
      Bb. Pilipinas-International – Vickie Marie Rushton
      Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational – Emma Tiglao
      Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Samantha Mae Bernardo
      Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – April Short
      1st Runners Up – Resham Saeed
      2nd Runners Up – Samantha Lo

      • I still do not understand how Resham won with the 50% Beauty of Face criteria

  3. Sir Norms, may idea ka po ba kung pano pinipili ang winners ng Bb.Pilipinas? Meron po ba talaga say si MSA kung sino ang ipapadala kung saang pageant ? Or nagbi-base lang sila sa judges scores kung saan ang may pinakamataas ang makakuha ng highest title and so on?

    • That is when deliberation is important. It could be SMA or another Director of BPCI presiding. If it’s as simple as just putting ladies according to their final scores, then we might end up having representatives who might get disqualified internationally if – for example- she is overaged for a specific pageant. The judges should be guided with such.

      • The judges SHOULD BE GUIDED VERY WELL by an expert BPCI pageant director or personnel. And they SHOULD NOT COMMIT the SAME MISTAKES they have done in 2019. Girls were given the WRONG TITLES or the titles (most) were given to the WRONG GIRLS. In that year, ONLY Leren Mae Bautista was given the right title. Ganados, Saeed and Lo DID NOT DESERVE to win titles.

        Dapat sana ganito ang nangyari noong 2019 sa BPP:

        Miss Universe Philippines – Bea Patricia Magtanong
        Bb. Pilipinas-International – Vickie Marie Rushton
        Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational – Emma Tiglao
        Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Samantha Mae Bernardo
        Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – April Short
        1st Runners Up – Resham Saeed
        2nd Runners Up – Samantha Lo

  4. Basta I want a KF girl in Miss International. Lahat ng girls nila pasok. 2012, 2013,2015,2017 (Miss Indonesia winner, Japan runner up, KF girls). Aces failed twice in 2014 and 2017. Add ko pa si Felicia Huang from Indonesia na runner up from kf

    • But Aces has 1 winner and 1 runner-up + Top 8 placement in the past 4 years. Wala akong pake sa foreign girls trained by Pinoy camps. Si Kevin kamukha ni Karen Ibasco.

  5. Andaming magaganda sa batch na to lalo na mga di popular.
    A lot of them are actually MU material

      • Rosal is two more years eligible for national pageants. As for Marcelo I am not sure if she can still join next year because she is already 27 years old. When is her birthday?

  6. Maureen should be sent to MGI. We should send someone who knows how to please Nawat. I think Maureen can handle him. Haha!

  7. Bb#7 Meiji Cruz and Bb#20 Lovely Mercado are so outstanding, just that there are too few titles to vie for. 👑 Hope BPCI could “win” back the MIss Universe franchise in due time. 🙇🏼‍♀️

    • @ Jmgonzalesme Lovely is Bb. Isabela, indeed! 🙂

      I’ve said so before – like a willowy-dusky-chinita Teresita Ssen. Brings to mind another Northern lass – Noreen Mangawit, MUP-Kalinga 2020 and a young Anna Bayle peg.

      @ Namrata Shirodkar Valerie Hernandez of Puerto Rico won MI in 2014. Year of Guidotti, no?

      ‘AAYYY… Tito Norms, kumusta na si Bianca??!! May baby na sila? Gurl or boi?

  8. Meiji and Laurie will falter at Q and A
    Maureen Hannah Justine Sam P and Jash will be crowned
    Gabby will be up there too .. and maybe Honey.

    As to who will get MI , it’s probably Hannah.. though I won’t be disappointed if Maureen or Justine wins . Remember , Lara Kylie and Bea won MI and they are not necesssarily that kind of beauty .

    • Not so sure with Sam P. and Jash. But Justine and Maureen deserve the titles because both are beautiful, sexy and confident. These two girls have developed well their pasarela and stage presentation skills and also blessed with communication skills. Not to forget that they are already in the ceiling age so cannot join anymore next year, thus the necessity to give them the crown this edition.

  9. It’s going to be interesting how BBP assigns the crowns this year. I dont like Maureen for MI. I actually rather have Hanna, Karen or Gabby for MI.

    Gabby does fit the MGI brand. I think they should go with the performer and someone who can go over the top.

    Karen Laurie is beautiful- I would put her for MIC. Not sure who to place for Miss Globe. hihihih.. Maureen Montagne?

  10. All 6 A&Q Contenders are still eligible to compete in other national pageants for next few years.

    1. Shaira Marie Rona, 22, 6 more years, to MPE, Mutya or balik BPP
    2. Patricia Babista, 23, 5 more years, to MPE, Mutya or balik BPP
    3. Carina Carino, 24, 4 more years, to MPE, Mutya or balik BPP
    4. Cinderella Faye Obenita, 25, 3 more years, to MWP, MPE or Mutya
    5. Karen Laurie Mendoza, 25, 3 more years, to MWP and/or MUP
    6. Hannah Arnold, 25, 3 more years, to MWP and/or MUP

    So still many options for these girls even if they will NOT win on the 11th of July.

    Good morning to all.

  11. Bb. Pilipinas should have “Universe” back.
    It was an institution, a legend and a Bb. Pilipinas is not complete without it.
    There should be a way to make this happen.

  12. Tito Norman I don’t think KF si Justine Felizarta. I guess Independent sya.

  13. Hi tito Norms! We have similar choices. I have Meiji Cruz, Maureen Montagne and Hannah Arnold. But I’d replace Gabby Basiano with Justine Felizarta.

    International- Meiji Cruz
    Grand International- Justine Felizarta
    Intercontinental- Hannah Arnold
    Globe-Maureen Montagne
    1st Runner-up Karen Mendoza
    2nd Runner-up Honey Cartasano

    Gabby Basiano, Patricia Babista, Kimberly Tiquestiques, Patrizia Garcia, Samantha Panlilio, Micca Rosal will complete my top 12.

    It’s so hard to choose! It’s gonna one hell of a blood bath this Sunday.

  14. My Big Four:
    Maureen Montagne
    Meiji Cruz
    Justine Felizarta
    Karen Mendoza

    Francesca Taruc
    Gabby Basiano
    Hannah Arnold
    Patrizia Garcia

    Micca Rosal
    Honey Cartasano
    Patricia Babista
    Lesley Ticaro

  15. Maureen Montagne and Meiji Cruz really performed well during the swimsuit competition so I’m placing them as good reps for Miss International and Miss Grand International. Hannah Arnold and Justine Felizarta for Miss Intercontinental and Miss Globe respectively. As for the runners up, I’ll place Honey Cartasano and Gabby Basiano. 🙂 Possible spoilers would be Laurie, Patrizia, Babista and Taruc. 🙂

  16. Before I go to bed, I wish the girls best of luck. I’d also like to echo the observations of some pageant fans that this batch of Binibini has a bevy of stunning ladies, and the allotted crowns are not enough to have all the deserving ladies crowned.

    I am pretty sure that those who won’t make it will push their luck to a bigger pageant. That’s the beauty of having three other separate big pageantries in the country. TBH, I find Gabrielle Basiano a strong contender for MUP title. She is soo tall, fierce-looking, beautiful, and statuesque. But, she has to soften her facial features a bit. That is perhaps what JustPassingBy noticed of her that he wanted to comment about. It has to do with her nose bridge and the positioning of her eyebrows in the center. They are too close. Botox will help relax such feature. She also has to learn how to smile without her eyes wide open.

    Body-figure wise, I like Justine Felizarta. Unfortunately, her nose enhancement did not do well for her. She should consider undergoing nose enhancement in Korea or, if she has budget, Venezuela. Honey Grace Cartasano is a dark horse. If she won’t make it, I advise her to try showbiz.

    That’s all.

    • Gabby Basiano needs to lighten up & flatten (make the arches lower) her eyebrows. Play with glittery and lighter eye shadows to make her look less kontrabida. The nose bridge does not need all the dark definition from heavy nose lines.

      Justine Felizarta sometimes looks like Georgina Wilson, but the nose job is too distracting. It was done in poor taste. All bridge with no consideration of angles and nostril shape.

  17. Definite titleholders:

    >>Maureen Montagne
    >>Justine Felizarta

    Highly possible titleholders: ( more than 75% probability)

    >>Gabrielle Basiano
    >>Hannah Arnold

    The other bottom 4 would love to surprise on FInals night

    >>Jasmine Dimaculangan
    >>Micca Rosal
    >>Patricia Babista
    >>Karen Mendoza

  18. I don’t like MM for Miss International as well. Para siyang Bianca Guidotti or Mariel de Leon na really not pretty at all, product lang ng hype. Arnold or Mendoza for me.

    • Maureen Montagne can sometimes look off. It’s the exaggerated arches and the kontrabida vibe a la Maggie Wilson. But Maureen does deliver pasarela- and Q&A-wise. She also has a nice body and a beefy pageant resume.

      Hannah Arnold is exactly what the Japanese find to be beautiful. BUT Hannah seems to rely solely on that, after all the months that passed, we still see no tone and definition on her body, no energy and rhythm on her pasarela, and no substance in interviews. We know she’s tall and lithe and sweet and smart, but we are yet to see a good execution on stage. Nonetheless, I believe that if Maureen and Hannah received the same training and gave the same level of effort, Hannah has higher chances of winning the MI crown for the Philippines.

      Karen Mendoza, despite the Vicky Rushton resemblance, is not like Vicky at all. She’s too fierce, too angular, too strong, compared to Vicky’s angelic, virginal, goddess-like qualities that the Japanese like. The veneers or whatever dental work was done gave her an uneven bite which makes her look like she’s always smirking. If she’s gunning for the MI crown, she should soften up her look (lighter makeup, hair, wardrobe), gain a little weight, and just overall be less fierce. It’s, however, too late for these tweaks, and I therefore assign her to MGI instead where Gabby Basiano is the strongest competition.

  19. Sa mga hindi agree sa prediction ni Tito norman especially Maureen being in MI, tigil tigilan nyo yang protype2 ninyo. A person from MI personally said na that’s not true. And about the spa endorsement thing , Kevin Lilliana actually is their last endorser. Bayad siya don. The spa chuchu has no bearing na from then on. And just look at MI winners from the past 20 years and look at them kung pabebe soft ba sila. 2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015,2018 are all glamazons. Bye

    • it is because they are all BEAUTIES – facially beautiful, that is kahit yung mga glamazon na sinasabi mo, they are facially beautiful. This is still a BEAUTY contest, not just confidence contest. Sige nga, itapat mo yang fezlak ni MM sa previous winners from 2000. Waley talaga.

  20. Congratulations on your new task, Tito Norms! Rappler is one of the news online platforms I have been following, notwithstanding it’s hard-hitting content and weird preface (I hope Rappler reconsiders changing it).

    Anyways, since I have been busy doing a lot of my consultancy stuff, I would just give my prediction without any justifications as follows:

    1. Hannah Arnold for International
    2. Gabrielle Basiano for Grand International
    3. Maureen Montagne for Intercontinental
    4. Karen Laurie Mendoza for Globe

    That’s all.


  21. What are the possibilities that no one from A&Q will win the crown.

    MI = Basiano
    MGI = Cruz
    MG = Montagne
    MIntercon = Cartasano

  22. Miis Tinio, I like your prediction. Swak na swak. Good that you have the excellent and classy forecast still even if youre so engaged with the other pageant organizer. The Biinibinis are a pretty batch.

  23. Sorry to digress, but Bb Pilipinas should not have changed their classic theme song drastically. For once, I will turn in a negative comment: I hope it gets booed 👎🏻 on pageant night. It’s equivalent to sacrilege. 🙇🏼‍♀️

  24. Reactions to Norman’s Rappler Binibini article.

    1. The face of Maureen Montagne is too strong/fierce for Miss International. I think she is also very sophisticated for the Japanese judges’ taste. Remember the Miss Int’l. proto-type, the likes of Miss Indonesia in 2017 and Miss Thailand in 2019. She is a LOT better for Miss Globe or Miss Intercontinental.

    2. Hannah Arnold and Karen Laurie Mendoza are the best contenders for MI. Both have doll like facial features, calm/serene, sweet, and lovely on stage. The pair possessed the qualities of many former Miss Int’l. winners. I am just a bit concerned of Mendoza’s comm. skills.

    3. Justine Felizarta is excellent either for Miss Globe or Miss Intercontinental. She has well polished her stage presentation and pasarela skills fit for the aforesaid pageants. And Justine has excellent communication skills to back her up in the Q & A segments. And didn’t we learn that Justine is liked by the BPCI staff?

    4. Gabrielle Basiano (as we have learned also) got the attention of Angkol for his MGI. But she needs to do well in the speech delivery and Q & A portion to secure the MGI representation. Very good Alternates to Gabby for MGI are Meiji Cruz and Kimberly Tiquestiques. Justine Felizarta is as well apt for this title.

    5. For the 5th title if it is true, the ladies who have very good chances are the following: Honey Cartasano, Sharon Tampon, Jashmin Dimaculangan, Alexandra Rosales, Patrizia Garcia, Meiji Cruz, and Micca Rosal.

    My TOP 12 are Arnold, Basiano, Carino, Cartasano, Cruz, Dimaculangan, Felizarta, Mendoza, Montagne, Rosales, Tampon, and Tiquestiques

    Excellent Alternates: Babista, Marcelo, Quin, and Rosal. Thanks a lot.

    • Nandyan na NAMAN tayo sa stereotypes nang winners. How about Edymar, Elizabeth Mosquera, the last puerto rican winner even Mariem. Lahat sila fierce.

      • True. Maureen actually reminds me of Edymar
        Enough of the prototype thing

  25. Good choices. I would switch them up a bit, though. For Miss international, I feel that the easiest to doll up and fit the Japanese taste would be definitely be Arnold. For Miss Grand International, in term of being a stage performer with a huge presence, we can give this to Montagne. Basiano fits Globe while Mendoza for Intercontinental.

    I want Babista to join MUP next year. The girl is drop dead gorgeous but not fit for any of the BBP crowns.

  26. I like the predictions! I hope each girl will do their best and A game. Can’t wait for Sunday OMG!!!!

  27. Pwede ring ganito.

    Int’l: Arnold
    Grand: Basiano
    Intercon: Montagne
    Globe: Felizarta

  28. My prediction:
    International- Arnold
    Grand International- Cruz
    Intercontinental- Montagne
    Globe – Mendoza
    Tourism- Carino
    First runner-up- Basiano
    2nd runner up- Felizarta

  29. Not sure with Maureen as BbP International. I prefer Karen Lauree Mendoza over her. But if Maureen will be choosen, it’s ok with me.
    Gabrielle Basiano on the other hand is perfect for BbP Grand International.
    Any of these girls: Hannah Arnold, Francesca Taruc, Meiji Cruz, Honey Cartasano can be BbP Globe, BbP Intercontinental and runner ups.

  30. Hmm why was my comment deleted on the previous post?


  31. Congratulations on your new assignment. You will definitely be an asset to Rappler.

    Having said that, I respectfully disagree with your choice of Maureen Montagne getting the highest crown. There is something so fake and fabricated about her face that is quite alarming. From her styling to her posing. She looks unnatural, glassy, frozen, mature and yes, scary. Why the forced pouty lips that looks unnatural and painful? Why the disturbing glassy looks? Lol.

    Even when scrutinizing their natural faces above (the one they are wearing black) : Basiano girl looks beautiful and natural with nary a make-up. The scary , lumpy eyelashes of Maureen, coupled with her duck lips do not do her any good at all.

    And the boobs again, are those natural? I hope those are just outputs of over zealous photo shoppers. It is really bothersome to see boobs reaching the neck. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • So you’re thinking again of the MI stereotype na dapat pabebe beauty. I agree with Normans prediction with Maureen having the MI crown. She’s the best girl in BbP actually. Top 15 miss USA, 1st runner up miss world America, 1st runner up miss eco International. I don’t want a pabebe queen to be crowned miss international.

      • I am sorry that your reading comprehension is not good. Not once did I say that she doesn’t fit the MI stereotype. I said she looked mature, scary and fake (paper white-glutathioned glassy skin).

        World Peace.

    • I agree with Norman’s top 3 choices.
      From the very beginning, I thought of Maureen, Karen and Hannah as possible BBP MI winners.

      @Thomas, you have valid points about Maureen but I usually visit the candidates IG accounts and look at some candid or not overly made up photos. Maureen is not as bad as your description in her candid photos. It would be fine for me if she wins BBP MI. I mean any of the 3 mentioned by Norman would be fine for me.

      There is something about Basiano that I don’t like but not sure what it is.
      I like Felizarta for Grand International instead.

    • @ Thomas Yeah, that glassy-frosty look on Maureen looks unreal in a creepy sort of way…

      And I think her natural eye color – grey-ish? – adds to the ‘witchcraft*’.

      KF might be overdoing her…?… Perhaps more tan to the skin, kasi sometimes she looks pale as cold marble. A Stephanie Valle (MI 2015 1st RU) peg might help.

      Btw, would you know if Bint will grace the 11-7 Final?

      * – Nu’ng kapanahunan ko, ‘broom Hilda’ ang turing sa babae’ng antipatika. Not MM. Just sharing…

    • This is what I’m trying to say. Nawala yung freshjess niya nung lumipat siya sa KF. Ang trying hard ng fierce face niya sa photos, masasabi mo talaga na pilit.

      • Parehas lang naman yan si Jonas Gaffud at KF, ang hilig mangoverdone at puro paretoke ng mga girls 😂

  32. Mr. Tinio, bff Voltaire is ‘your predecessor’? HE HAS LEFT RAPPLER FOR GOOD??!! Akala ko, gratis lang ‘yun’g trabaho niya sa MUP…

    Which means,… DOMO ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU on your new awra! 🙂

    And all the very best to Mr. Tayag, whom we hope to see/hear again soon with you on PN’s.

    Ang super-busy-hectic mo na. Pa’no na si Pacific Islander? 😦

    Hannah, well Mdme. Mias has effectively claimed her anyway. Lolz. May VISA ka na? In-process?

    ‘Ay, sige si Meiji na lang sa Intercon. Para matuloy ‘yun’g date niya with sa isa’ng pageant Admin.

    • Erratum Omedatou. Sorry.

      (@ Diana Hayden Puerto Rico’s Valerie Hernandez won in 2014. I recall… Found out the results in the newspaper. But what struck me was the 2nd RU – a Thai, Polfah Punika Kunsorntornrut. I don’t know that Edymar was F-I-E-R-C-E. But if you like, let’s say she’s ‘sakto lang’, sweet yet spicy.)

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