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  1. Just musing…

    NAPAKAALIWALAS kasi ng fez ni Carina! If she had joined MWP atm, siya agad kokoronahan ko.

    Well-spoken pa. I heard her speak, either sa PN’s or sa Ashtie Nights.

    Parang there’s a part of me that’s saying, ‘HUWAG PALALAMPASIN SI LA UNION’. That if I did, magsisisi tayo… Parang epektibo’ng pangontra sa Mercury Retrograde… 🙂

    Like Cartasano, a safe choice, wala’ng away ang mga bayot. Everyone will agree, kumbaga.

    ‘Eto, trip ko lang…

    BBP-International > Montaigne, ‘coz I’m simply curious what KF can cook up for her at MI.
    BBP-Grand > Felizarta, as she seems to have built quite a following leading up to 11-7 and I want @ paul to be happy.
    BBP-Intercontinental > Cartasano, so @ Closer2Fame’s wish that her ‘Higantes’ be shown on an international stage comes true. And who doesn’t want DaBarkads Paolo to be happy?
    BBP-(The)Globe > Carino, who I think will make great travel buddy with Boss Blogger on the plane to Central Europe. If her ‘sea goddess’ NatCos can be brought along, even better kasi taga-bitbit si Ungkol! 🙂

    1st RU – Mendoza, who can be really strong in case that fifth title is consolidated.
    2nd RU – Dimaculangan, because she is like a fair-skinned Agatha Romero (whom I adored).

    That’s three (3) KF, two (2) A&Q, and one (1) Independent. Puwede na, no?

    @ Fabian Reyes feels Arnold and Basiano should cross over… By ‘semi-finalizing’, 15-7 looks doable… Puwede rin’g 2022 but by then, they might go up against @ Cool Brew’s province-mate and current RU. Imagine that! Gabby, Hannah, and that lady, side-by-side… WOW. Puhon? Hihihihh…

    • (Cont.)

      Come to think of it, with the top two titles in KF’s hands, it’s possible for Maureen and Justine to SWAP NatCos!


      The elegant ‘vinta terno’ may be more to Japanese taste. And surely Angkol will appreciate the Nick Guarino EXPLOSIVE masterpiece.

      Siguro, minor adjustments na lang sa fitting… And good to go!

  2. Maureen’s eyes, just like Greta Garbo’s, are enchanting and mysterious. They stare to you as if they are looking at your very soul.

    • @ serge You, Sir, triggered a song in my mind. One I heard for the first time just hours ago!

      … Look deep into her eyes and you will find the sea, a forgotten road, and the caressing sky. She’s a carioca!

      ‘She’s A Carioca’ – Antonio Carlos Jobim. 🙂

      (For me, Maureen looks a lot like Jihane right now. Which I think is great.)

    • Erratum: they stare at you
      @flor, yes I agree. Maureen really looks like Jihanne. They are like twins separated at birth!

  3. Here’s my question/s, with the respective respondents.

    The five wives and the husband.

    If the road was long and winding,

    1. Where did it take you, Uncle Blogger?
    2. How was the food on the road, Maureen?
    3. Why did you need to stop for a moment, Princess?
    4. What got in the way, Kimberley? And,
    5. When will the journey of a lifetime resume, Dr. Quin?

    And for all, who did you meet along the way?…


    • Boring! You should just be banned from this forum!! Mr Norman up to what time are you gonna allow somebody to disrespect and voice out comments which are great to all these ladies who are giving all they have just to fulfill a dream!!!

      • @ mikama1 I’ve been quarantined many times here. 🙂

        For the record, I no longer watch the series live/real-time; the last episode I took in real-time was the one about MBP, which had three guests. Admin can probably show you the transcript for that.

        I’m sorry if my questions sound awful to you. Believe me, it isn’t my intent. If there’s one thing I learned from watching Pageantry Norms, it is most authentic when it’s casual, not so serious.

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