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    • @ Diana Hayden Nagtataka na ‘ko sa Paton na ‘yan. Matangkad ba, maliit? 😦

      In any case, ‘di uubra ‘yan’g pa-tweetums niya sa MUP, if ever… Lalo na sa all-female Judge Panel sa MU. Baka ‘di pa siya maka-First Cut… I was expecting more, considering veterana na…

      Kung kukunin ‘to ni Boss ALV, ‘di naman pwede’ng mag-artista’t ‘di tatas managalog. Pero kung sa bagay, si Kelley may serie na… (Kaloka. ‘Di man lang nagpakita after ma-kumpleto ang mandatory quarantine pagdating sa ‘Pinas. Diretso taping. At least may awra.)

      • Kathleen Paton is tall at 5’8″. Her body is well-proportioned. So, she is in it to win it.

        That’s all.

      • Ah, I see. Thanks for that, Tito Norms. Information about Kathleen’s height in some websites are indeed fake news. Anyways, Kathleen still looks tall because of her physique. You can not go wrong with a slimmer body talaga.

        That’s all.

  1. Standouts here are: de Mesa, Krishnan, Paton, Famorcan, Pajares, and Furniol

    • @ serge Have you checked their easy-breezy shots at the Sports/Fitness Fast Track, sir?

      Gwendolyne Fourniol is very girly. Chiara Lyn Markwalder mold! But even fresher. 🙂

  2. Mga Baklesh! Tapos na raket ni Rabiya sa US of A!

    Uwi na siya ng Pelepens!

    Salubong kayo sa airport?

  3. I really can’t get over of Kathleen Paton’s photo above. Her hair and make up, facial beauty, posing, hand gestures, everything… are a sheer perfection. She looks divine and captivating. I have never seen such a perfect headshot of a beauty queen in the last three years since Catriona Gray’s.

    Okay. Facially speaking and basing only on the headshots above, I only have four top stunning beauties in my list, who can potentially run away with the respective titles, in this order:

    1. Kathleen Paton – Miss World Philippines
    2. Tracy Maureen Perez – Miss Hispanoamericana Philippines
    3. Danielle Mayo – Miss Multinational Philippines
    4. Dindi Pajares – Miss Supranational Philippines

    I just hope that Kathleen consistently sports such a stunning look. I know she can triplicate her feat in beauty pageant after bagging Miss Teen International 2017 and Miss Manila 2018. I believe she can bring out her winning magic on the final’s night. You go, girl!

    That’s all.

  4. My Latest MWP Picks (based on the official headshots):

    Miss World Philippines – Anne de Mesa
    Miss Supranational Philippines – Dindi Pajares
    Reina Hispano Filipinas – Emmanuelle Vera
    Miss Eco Philippines – Kathleen Paton
    Miss Eco Teen Philippines – Janelle Lewis
    Miss Multinational Philippines – Tracy Maureen Perez
    Miss Environment Philippines – Asha Gutierrez
    Miss Tourism Philippines – Ganiel Krishnan

    Bubbling Under: Joy Barcoma, Megan Campbell, Natasha Jung, Danica Dilla and Riana Pangindian.

    With right styling and packaging, I hope they will give a chance to Rufa Nava because this is her final year in pageantry.

    • Emmanuelle vera might win supra or world paul galing sa q and a.

  5. I like the headshots. Clean and fresh like their tagline “Fresh Filipina For the World”…hihihihih

    But yes I agree Paton looks great. There are a number of girls too that look pretty. Is Kathleen A&Q?

    Ganiel looks kinda OK. Dindi has a doubleganger in Emanuelle. Janelle looks like Ahtisa. Ilaban sa MI yan…

      • @ Norman Good Tue PM, Sir Ungcle.

        Na-include mo na (pala) ‘ata si Natasha Jung dati sa ‘Gen Z’ episode…?…

        Si ano lang, si… ANN PALMARES.

        So, Ann Palmares, Michelle Arceo, Sherenade, Esel, and Lea. 🙂

  6. Aside from Ruffa and Dindi, meron din pala Megan and Gwendolyne sa Batch na to.

    Kathleen Paton lang ang maganda aa mga pics na to, na over sa projection yung Anne de Mesa,

  7. Numbers: 1,2,7,9,13,15,17,21,23,24,27,30,32,33,34,35,39,41,42,44,45

    May natira pa ba?

    They are all barangay-level lass dolled up to level-up for a national pageant!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson You liked #37 (Rachelle Valera), who looks like a cross between Justine Felizarta and MUColombia 2020 (forgot her name)… Not bad. 🙂

      You didn’t like #23 (Shannen Manzano) and #33 (Angelica Famorcan).

      Shannen was in the ‘Gen Z’ episode of PN’s. GREAT PERSONALITY; gets both my thumbs up! At sabi ni Blogger Norman, matangkad daw. Her Teviant shots are very pretty!

      Angelica is a Pampanga lass and an early favorite from the Screening. She was in a cluster of candidates featured in a past post. Very articulate.

      (If this is what #25 Danica Dilla looks now, sorry I’ll pass… For me, she looks ‘barrio-tic’ here.)

  8. Kathleen Paton is the most gorgeous in these headshots. Pang-Miss Universe ang ganda n’ya, a toss between Oxana Fedorova and Ariela Arida. But of course, she can represent us well in Miss World.

    I can’t take my eyes off of her. Ganda talaga. Go get the crown, girl!

    That’s all.

  9. Very nice. Compliments to Mr. Diaz for this most refreshing take on jasminium sambac!

    #4 Lewis – GANDA’NG maiinis ka kapag sayangin ng international pageant organization! Guys, recall back in 2017 when Popova Palina was being pushed to win? I’m suddenly getting that vibe… THIS is THE FACE of the MWP Class of 2021.

    #9 Pascual – looks like Danica Acuna.

    #11 Campbell – Well, look at that. She resembles Victoria Velazquez Vincent here. Fil-Kiwi’s, ya!

    #14 Fourniol – Ivana Batchelor vibe. Show to Mr. Itsaragrisil, he might like… Cross over possible.

    #17 & #18 – SALAMAT naman at ipinagtabi ang teen queens, Tempra at Austria… I’m sticking with Paracetamol. Tatyana is tad model-ish; kung sa bagay; nag-Supermodel International siya.

    #19 Gutierrez – Could she be viable alternative to Vera for Bolivia?

    #28 Nava – O’, ‘eto na, @ paul! LUMAMBOT na. 🙂

    #30 Tarrayo – Looks like Cartasano.

    #38 Paton – Matapang ang features, puwede’ng make-up model/brand ambassador.

    • Flor I am soo… happy for Rufa Nava. Bumata siya ng 10 taon. Good luck to her.

    • … And if I could choose just one row, it would be Balaoro~Vera~Pascual. 🙂

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