16 comments on “No hands and left leg? No problem. Victoria Salcedo is showing us how

  1. What is beautiful? Victoria puts the the most basic issue in pageantry front and center. Is it having complete body parts? Is it being an integral being despite being defined through our work, cultural identities, artistic creativity, religious and spiritual practices, and relationships with our families, our communities, and all of humanity? The Bible says: “For every creature of God is good, and nothing is to be refused if it is received with thanksgiving”. (I Timothy 4:4). If in pageantry this is an issue of inclusivity, in God’s eyes, this is all about integrity of creation. God bless Victoria’s candidacy and advocacy!

    • @ scorg Now that you mentioned it, came to mind those Greco-Roman statues of Venus with limbs gone… Still put on display in museums as testament to an elevated civilization. 🙂

      By the time you read this, it would be morning where you are (if you are still where we think you are…). Hazy conditions in Manila atm, but ideal for creating golden skies!

      • @Flor, it’s morning here. Good morning. Yeah, she indeed looks like a Greco- Roman statue in her pics.

  2. I hope she gets prosthetic arms as well…. In the future when robotics is at it’s peak… We wouldn’t even know if a girl is an amputee.. At our current technology, she is trully inspiring… Her joinning could help lead us to that ideal future.

    • what if robots become eligible to join … I wish I don’t get to see that day …

      • As long as that robot is confidently beautiful with a heart, I don’t see any problem at all.

  3. beauty will be judged in the eyes of the beholder panel of judges …

  4. Bawat organisasyon o kumpanya ay may kanya-kanyang standards kapag naghahanap ka ng trabaho. Until now hindi pa din klaro kung hanggang saan o kung ano ang limitasyon ng sinasabi ng MUO na “inclusivity”. Tbh, magulo…magulo siya sa aspetong gusto ng MUO na mapag-usapan at maging relevant ulit.

  5. She is beautiful. Her courage makes her even more beautiful. So inspiring.

  6. Her candidacy is an eloquent testimony to the changing global concept of beauty Just who is beautiful in today’s world? Someone with complete body parts? Someone compliant with standard Western body measurements? Or someone whose inner core speaks the true, the good and the beautiful on this earthly existence? Is pageantry to be eternally a display of creatures to gawk at, or a showcase of humans to draw inspiration from?

    • So if a person is inspiring, has the heart and soul of a winner and yet is missing the ideal genitalia… Should that person not be allowed to join?

  7. Beauty wise she reminds me of Tovar. She seems charming and very positive about herself which is already commendable. I would be open to her being a candidate but as Thomas alluded to earlier, there is still the “best girl” who can represent her country. And that is why we have judges. I myself would be open to this idea. I think she would make a good poster child for inclusivity of disabled women in pageantry. After all, she still ticks the beautiful face and body in looks department.

  8. This post reminds me of this Indonesian woman with many, many moles of different sizes, textures and colors all over her face and body, who applied a few years ago as a Putri Indonesia candidate.

    I am all for equality and representation, but it has to stop somewhere. When does it become gimmicky and wanting to appear progressive for the sake of appearing progressive?

    On one hand, It is not within the control of any organization who will apply as candidate. Even if they don’t want to appear gimmicky, they can not shun away applicants, can they? Demanding specific requirements (ex. with hands, with legs, born female, not more than 120 lbs , no excessive facial moles, etc) will be ridiculous and will only put them in hot water.

    The key lies with the organizers and judges themselves.

    ANYONE CAN apply, but they MAY NOT be chosen.

    The girl who will best represent the country, who will fit the ideals of a specific international pageant should be chosen.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas On your third paragraph, that organizations cannot prevent who wants to turn in an application, also MUO cannot prevent their ND’s/franchisees from sending over whomever they want to field. That’s how Ponce got to IMPACT back in 2018. And with MUP, the junking of the height threshold is the equivalent discussion.

      Naalala ko tuloy si Miss Grand Scotland, who had multiple sclerosis, whom Angkol wholeheartedly accepted… 🙂

      But don’t you think it might happen that inclusivity morphs into tokenism? 😦

      I, for one, think either a Runner-up finish or ambassadorship can be a great way to bind these unique individuals in furtherance of a pageant brand’s prestige. If they win, that’s a bonus.

  9. Oh, my… Hendson Baltazar has nothing on her. 🙂

    Mister Spain had a similar candidate in the past, I think… Less an arm.

    Seems Latinos are very open-minded after all. Let’s see how she fares. Interesting!!!

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