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  1. This is a good step in furthering acceptance of ALL our fellow human beings. Kataluna identifies as female and so she should be treated as such.

  2. If a transgender can join a beauty pageant intended for genetically born woman,

    Can a genetically born woman also join a pageant intended for the transgender?

    Yes or No? Why or why not?

    • Yeah, why not?! If they think they are transexual .. Then nobody is stoping them.. There are actual natural born women who are either a Chimera or has a hormonal imbalance who could technicaly be considered as trans… If you are talking about real NORMAL women who wants to join a trans pageant then there is still nobody stopping them.

      • Miss Transwoman International 2021 – If you are genetically born woman, would you join this pageant?

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson A BIG male international pageant has publicly/officially opened its doors to transgenders… In fact, one of the country reps is… Kaya lang, 173 cm lang ‘ata (height). Pero, my goodness, lalaki’ng-lalaki ang arrive!

  3. What makes one a woman? Is it the genetalia? The mindset? Kataluna’s win puts the burning issue of gender identity front and centre in pageantry.

  4. United we stand, divided we fall… In the future utopian society, beauty pageants would be judged based on the individual’s capability to inspire regardless of race, color, status, sexuality, gender, etc. Diversity and inclusivity is what would lead us to progress.

  5. Sige. What if MU puts up its own international derby for transgender women?

    Would the MU brand’s prestige be sufficient to pull applicants in, and away from competitors like Miss Tiffany and Miss International Queen?

    Kasi, if this business model proves incredibly profitable, then just maybe Paula Shugart should give it some brain time… 🙂

    Does ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ attract HUGE GLOBAL advertisers? If so, G.

    (I don’t watch… Btw. I simply take the news in, then switch the ‘tube’ off. ‘Tube’ betrays how old I am. LOLZZZZ.)

    • (Cont.)

      And as this Pride Month wraps up, good morning Ungkol Legend but you have not revealed yet this year’s roster for MrGWP, like you did before… 2016 was a great year, no po? 🙂

      Up went the post, and came flooding in comments as to how handsome the candidates were. ‘Yun’g ‘Batangas’, Pinoy beauty at na-develop pa ‘ata sila nu’ng winner from ‘Baguio City’ for the duration of the pageant. It was amusing the whole thing kasi there was a conventional/traditional-straight male pageant concurrent at na-invite pa teams from both sides for some ‘friendlies’ at a TV game show (channel 7 ‘ata, and Arnold Clavio was a host if I’m not mistaken). Ta’s, panay bayot daw nanood sa straight pageant, at sa gay pageant naman puro babae and audience with straight pageant kings like NP, CD, & CW* serving in the Board of Judges.

      (* – CW has gone back to his home country, I presume. Kumusta na siya? Did he marry his Pinay GF?)

      I once followed that ‘Mr. Fahrenheit’ page and one day ‘pag tingin ko I was already diverted to some HVAC company in Australia… LOLZ… Maybe their Admin didn’t like me… Anyway, I think it will add to their revenue if they put up a pay-per-vote Popularity Poll, like what ‘Mr. Lebanon’** did (via SMS ‘text’ vote).

      (** – ‘Mr. Lebanon’ is straight pageant. In fact, one of the most prestigious and internationally-decorated male Nationals ever.)

    • (Cont.1)

      … And ‘Christian Lacsamana’ used to reply to comments. Very friendly. 🙂

      (I really liked his Introduction Video in his Malta internationals… He was traversing a bridge, sash fluttering in the brisk wind. Educator, he was, he said. And visited an orphanage.)

      Pero just for me, the reigning Kody Macayan is our handsomest bet yet.

  6. The thing is why do we need to identify whether this contestant or that is a transwoman or a natural born woman … this is what is causing the “unfairness” because they are getting much more publicity

    For me for this particular MUSA 2021 candidate, judging her as anybody else, I think there are a number of delegates already crowned from other states who are more deserving of the MUSA crown

  7. I still believe that transwomen should not be allowed in pageants for natural born women.
    This is not the real equality! This is actually unfair for women.
    Transgenders have their own pageants anyway.
    A lesbian is more acceptable than a transwoman in pageants for real women.

  8. She is undeniably gorgeous. She just needs quad workouts to tone her thighs

  9. Their pageant, their rules.
    If you have a problem with that, then do not watch Ms. Universe.
    Back up your transphobic words at ‘wag niyo na po suportahan at panoorin ang Ms. Universe ha.
    Kaya niyo ba? ‘Wag all bark no bite.
    Pero kaming mga open-minded, manonood kami.
    Ms. Universe will survive without the transphobic pageant fans.

  10. Their pageant. Their rules.
    If you disagree with their rules, huwag na po kayong manood ng Ms. Universe.
    Take a stand, huwag niyo na po suportahan ang panoorin ang Ms. Universe ha.
    Back up your words.
    ‘Wag kayong all bark no bite.
    Pero kaming mga open minded, manonood kami.
    Ang tamaan sa sinabi ko at maoffend, kayo yung taong cannot take a stand and will still watch.
    Hypocrites! 😂

  11. Ginagalang ko ang pagbabago ng MU, wala naman akong issue kung papayagan nila ang trans na sumali…but I have just a cent here – parang walang equality – kasi hindi naman pwdng sumali ang naturally-born woman sa isang gay pageant:)

  12. Allowing transgenders in MU is not ‘inclusion’ and ‘equality’ per se. This is hypocricy and an insult to the real women. Naturally born women and transwomen are not equal and can never be equal because they are simply not. Reality is, even if a transgender win a crown, one cannot look at her and say she’s 100% woman. She will always be a transwoman. Instead of them stepping into the world of women and proving they can also do what real women can, maybe it would be better if they show what a TRANSWOMAN can and will do to improve the world, the universe rather, under their own platform. They should stay away from the shadows of women and define what good a transwoman is instead.

  13. Im sorry to say that the trans community should have learned their lessons through 2018s Angela Ponce that in an herd of beautifully furred sheeps, the undulating artficial fur of a goat will always show and differ no matter how hard they try to fit in.

    As for this one, she already competed in an international pageant meant for males like her.
    My stand on this is firm; transwomen should not be allowed to join pageants that are historically and categorically intended for real women as this I think alleviates the prestige and credibility of a female beauty pageant such as Miss Universe.

    They have the place in this world but asking for their inclusion amongst naturally born females is too much. There must be some kind of boundaries and if you believe that you don’t differ at all then this only proves that it is something related to mental illness.

  14. Matutumbok rin lang. I’ll go there. I’m so bad. 🙂

    What are Keylyn Trajano’s chances of bagging the Costa Rica assignment for Philippines?

    Right now seems to be a dynamic time in pageantry… Notice how not a few organizations have re-branded one way or another (could we thank the Bug#19 pandemic for this?).

    Last year, I said that with Apriel and Skelly we had an opportunity to FINALLY send a black barbie-type Pinay to MU.

    Guys, Mercury Retrograde and Telemundo notwithstanding, if we want to be audacious now is the time to do it. We’ve worn the ‘universal beauty’ business model to the bone. Only one way to find out…

  15. Congratulations!
    Good luck sa Miss USA pageant.
    She needs to work on her public speaking skills, it’s not spontaneous.
    Bet the transphobes are grinding their teeth or their dentures 😅

  16. Honestly, she can give a good fight in Miss USA!! That swimsuit performance may not be perfect but she’s oozing with confidence and has a great stage presence. The evening gown performance was a the bomb for me. It was definitely a RuPaul moment but subtle which suits the event. Her communication skill is decent – it just needs a little bit of refining. She started with such an impactful statement and her message was very personal – you know she speaks from the heart.

    I’ll follow Kataluna’s journey! She’s very interesting and I believe she can be Miss USA.

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