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  1. My choices are Maureen’s Laurie’s and Hannah’s. But since the first 2 are not in the running ,
    I would go for Hannah or Targum for best in NC .
    Honey’s costume looks cheap
    Craftsmanship should be included in the criteria for judging

    • @ Fabian Reyes You have a point on craftsmanship. Indeed, these should be good enough to be put on permanent display (Jearson Demavivas’ ‘Bangsamoro socialite’ for Catriona back in 2018 came to mind).

      Maureen’s is a Nick Guarino. That guy’s work is ALWAYS NEAT, always looks professional!

      Some don’t mind the DIY-artisanal ‘cheapness’. A good example is that of a gilded coconut from Mindanao (included in the Top 10). Perhaps it stems from the Japanese philosophy of… I forgot what it’s called, but you probably know about that practice wherein broken pottery are repaired with molten gold as adhesive; you figure out the symbolism. 🙂

      Leslie’s I like because FINALLY we have an honest-to-goodness ‘waling-waling’ on national stage.

  2. These costumes significantly represent Philippine customs, traditions, and history.
    Any can definitely be worn in international stage. Well done. Love all of them.

  3. Though it’s a good idea to include the viewer’s pulse in determining who is the best in a contest but they should not be the sole factor. Because the chances that result is bias on the favorite contestant. The criteria on how it should be judge will not be observed. Maybe it would be better if 20 or 30 percent will be from the viewer’s vote and the remaining is from the panel of judges. I also hope that the line up of judges are the credible one and not because they are a sponsor, popular or high ranking officials. For the national costume maybe someone from the tourism office, from the national museum, from the fabric or clothing industry, from accessories and jewelry makers, from the group of exporters of local products.

  4. I really like Honey’s costume including her execution. I can see it being worn on international stage.

    To be honest, I like most of the costumes. I think it would be amazing if the winner of the best in national costume also gets a chance to either have the actual costume worn or the designer be able to dress up one of the winners internationally.

    • @4M

      I agree… and the Gigantes costume is very historical and meaningful.. the festival originaly started as a kind of protest against the Haciendero owners of Angono who opressed their native farmers… the costumes were originaly giant efigies that they paraded on the streets.. The story of the Haciendero family itself was literaly a dramatic Spanish-era Teleseryes.

  5. How #11, #12 and #32 made it to the Top 10 baffles me — they’re my Bottom 3 in this bunch. Who the heck are the judges???

  6. First and foremost, sana matuloy na ang Binibining Pilipinas!

    Sana hindi na maudlot!

    Sana hindi na ma-postpone!

    Matagal nang “life on hold” ang mga bilat para lang sa patimpalak na ito na walang kasiguraduhan sa kinabukasan nila! Malaking sacrificio na rin ang ibinuhos nila!

    May the best girl win! Wish ko na lang eh sa pagkahaba-haba ng patimpalak na ito eh makapili ang BPCI ng pinakahandang representante ng Filipinas na bagkus na nawala sa kanila ang MUP eh puro wagi naman ang mga kandidatang ipapadala nila sa mga naiwan na titulo sa kanila!

    Maging sunod-sunod lang ang panalo ulit ng mga representative ng BPCI sa mga international competition, masaya na ko!

  7. I think Honey Cartasano’s Gigantes costume is the most innovative… I can’t imagine coming up with a fashionable version of that traditional costume… Her costume should win.

  8. Baliuag and Nueva Ecija?
    I felt bad for those who really put more effort and money like Iloilo Quezon Batangas Bocaue etc

    • @ Fabian Reyes Baliwag?… Bocaue is in – Vianca Marcelo, Bb 11.

      Yup. By Batangas, you probably mean Maureen, not Micca (Agoncillo)…

      Though both are by heavyweights – Nick Guarino for former and Manny Halasan (?) for latter.

  9. Congrats to Binibini for making strides to re-enliven pageantry. Though the production still has its hiccups it could only get better and more creative from here. 🙋

  10. Top 5 for me
    1. Angeles City
    2. Pampanga
    3. Tagum
    4. Cavite
    5. Rizal

    Pero actually deserving lahat yung top 10, sana nga top 15 eh… meron pang mga magagandang costumes na kinulang sa voting. Any of my top 5 will win the National Costume.

  11. Best in Natcos for me is: Carina Carino. She is like a sea goddess. Fabulous!

    • @ serge I would show it in Nowy-Sacz, Malopolska in August. Like a marine version of Janick’s ‘hummingbird’. 🙂


  12. 1. It’s ‘ohn-sohm’. The ‘bl’ is silent. It’s French, chrissakes! 😦
    2. Bakit may werewolf sa soundtrack? BPCI, never again hire that DJ/mixer. 😦
    3. Let’s do this… Next year, try natin’g WALA’NG SHOES. Barefoot lahat. 🙂

    Given this 10-Selection, I would show Guiao’s “Aquaman terno” in Yokohama City later this year, with revisions.

    Put an end to LIMP trains, like those of Lovely (Isabela) and Patrizia* (City of Manila). Trains should be ALIVE, like that of Vianca (Bocaue)!

    My apologies to Nick Guarino (Maureen’s). I thought it was Edwin Uy… But, again we see the MASTERY. It looks good from all directions, even from the back. Unlike that of one of the A&Q bets…

    Jash didn’t need that flame-y back piece anymore.

    And ‘Georgia de Jesus’??!! Really??!! That annotator (who also mispronounced ‘ensemble’, see #1) needs to go back to school.

    Compare the ‘sea’ trains of Princess (Occidental Mindoro) and Carina (La Union). Which do you prefer, guys?

    Compare the ‘kiping’ bundles on Babista (Quezon) and Micca (Agoncillo, Batangas). Prefer which?

    Ngayon ko na na-appreciate ‘yun’g ‘lakapati’ ni Manny Halasan for Meiji. Bravo!

    (* – Patrizia was an early favorite who seems to have lost steam.)

  13. In fairness to Ruth Quin, she had revamped her originaly ugly costume… The newly reinovated design trully desserve a spot in the Top 10… I am glad she listened.

  14. Tbh, sa awra at galawan, kayang ilaban ‘to ni Samantha Panlilio sa susunod na Miss Grand International!!! ❤❤❤

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