13 comments on “Pageantry Norms S5E6: The 1st Anniversary Episode

  1. I have to say that Binibining Pilipinas has the best crop of candidates this year. They are all very pretty and diverse.
    MPE has some promising candidates too.
    MWP, I can’t see anyone yet while MUP I believe is struggling to have quality candidates and I heard through the grapevines that they might extend the applications once again. Dios mio! Que horror!

    • haha ano na ngyari sa MUP, ayoko man isipin pero parang di ata umaayon sa kanil ang pagkakataon. Covid happened after they took the franchise, their first queen gave us the lowest placement in 10 years, andaming negativities after they crowned their first winner. Ibalik na lang kaya sa BPCI? after all, Binibining Pilipinas is Binibining Pilipinas, institution na yan. Others may say, change is okay, but in this case, mas applicable ang “dont fix what is not broken”, meaning MUP should have stayed in BPCI, mas appealing pa rin ang tawag na “Binibini” kesa “Phoenomenal Woman”

      • Kung nasa BBP ang Miss Universe franchise, appointed lang MUP 2020? Mag-isip ka nga. BBP is BBP, but at least ang MUP nag push through.

      • Abcde

        Walang masama sa pag prioritize ng safety ng kandidata at nakararami.

      • @ Baby Nica & @ Abcde Guys, tigilan na natin ‘to’ng tug-of-war on the MUP franchise. 🙂

        Let’s work with what we have now.

        Napag-usapan na natin lahat ‘to to death… IT WAS MUO THAT OPTED TO CHANGE PARTNER. Neither party, I’m convinced, wanted to make trouble. Pero siyempre, self-respect is always good.

        Question : will BPCI take back it’s ‘ex’? Answer : T-I-M-E. It is always the best judge of history.

  2. why are they wearing colored contacts all the time ? why do they feel they need to wear colored contacts ? …

    • @ jaretwrightlover The photos might be taken from the Teviant Promotion… Notice that Dindi (left) seems to be holding… either mascara or lip gloss? Baka in-edit para iba-iba kulay ng mata. In keeping with the ‘quintet’ of Tito Norman (there, in gradations of beige, kasi Season 5).

      • (Cont.)

        I am just basing now, on these five faces provided… Am focusing on Ganiel…

        I would like to see an emulation of the Estee Lauder 1988 ‘Future Perfect’ campaign by Victor Skrebneski. Krishnan’s lazy eyes can be edited blue, just as Paulina Porizkova’s.

    • I also hate that too. Okay lang din NAMAN kung bagay pero lens ng lens kahit ang oriental ng looks. Walang southeast asian/asian na may ganyang mata depende na kung may genetic defect ka. Dapat mestizas lang ang naglelens

  3. I believe,the 5’10” Danica Dilla have strong chances,more than those some hyped-up ladies just bcoz those SOME VETERANS are familiar names already.

    • @ Viggo Bjorn Wow! Even at 5’8″, I’d go for her. Fair-skinned Ahtisa mold. But, maybe more tone?

      Your thirst for new faces reminds me of what Karl Lagerfeld said when he finally accepted the job of Creative Director for the House of Chanel. That was in the early-1970’s, a time when a lot of ‘establishments’ were being questioned as to their relevance. He was reluctant. But relented because everyone was telling him ‘not to do it’.

      Isn’t it strange? You agree/accept precisely because everyone was against the idea? Perhaps you felt the need to prove something. To yourself, if not to others.

      “New names were needed. Another #World was being built”.

      • Precisely Flor..there’s really no denying on that urge to ” Counter-flow” on that obviously familiar stampede.
        Just the belief that,every now & then,we do “crack” the proverbial UPSET!— and Voila! an unheard Goddess suddenly rises from utter anonymity,debunking the preferred Norm.( no pun intended!)

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