5 comments on “Pageantry Norms’ 1st Anniversary Episode

  1. This is one of the most entertaining episodes of PN. I enjoyed listening to the girls’ stories. All The girls have engaging personalities. I was amused when Ganiel introduced the show ala TV patrol lifestyle segment.
    Norman: NSBSB: Char! He he he.
    After this episode, here are my latest choices:
    World: De Mesa
    Supranational: Pajares
    Eco International: Krishnan
    Eco teen- Austria
    RHA- Pagantian
    Tourism: Vera
    Multinational: Paton
    Environment International: Famorcan
    First runner-up: Martinez
    2nd runner up- Perez

  2. Paton, I was hoping would emerge from her past forays in pageantry more SOLID. Nope.

    Juice me! She wins Miss Teen International in Thailand. Ta’s, she greets her Thai fans with ‘po’??!!

    And giggling-giggling… My goodness. At ba’t kailangan’g ‘mahuli ang kiliti’? So, may attitude? 😦

    My apologies to Sarge Dindi. Air Force, not Navy. To our cool troops in arms, peace in strength!

    Guys, masdan niyo’ng mabuti si Pajares. HAWIG SILA NI ATTY. PATCH. Ganyan pala hubog ng mga magaganda’ng mukha sa Bataan. EVEN THEIR VOICES ARE SIMILAR, lolz.

    Gud Mon AM, Uncle Blogger. Which version of ‘Dindi’ you prefer, po? Jobim or Gilberto?

    Perez looks good to go. ‘Apaka-pleasant nemen ni Trisha!… Ganiel, lahat naman ‘ata ng reporter, nagsisimula sa police beat… It’s training for coverage at war zones. Consult with Sargeant Pajares.

      • @ Norman T2 N, S5E8 I assume will be for another batch of MWP 2021 candidates.

        ‘Di niyo ‘ata nasabi towards the end of the BBP last batch episode (yesterday) kung ano’ng next topic, which you usually do just before wrapping up… Or, bingi lang ako kanina?

        Is this line-up feasible, po? 🙂

        Lea Macapagal (lone RL’s Angels bet), Natasha Jung, Michelle Arceo, and the last two na lagi’ng huli sa pila – Sherenade (#44) & Esel (#45). Tia!

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