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  1. Congratulations to Binibining Pilipinas. The upgrade in content and production values is apparent in this one. 🙋🏼👑🙋🏼‍♂️

  2. Bakit idinaan pa sa online voting? Paramihan ng fans? Ganern? Kahit di kaaya-aya ang costume basta madaming fan vote makakasali na sa top 10? Kawawa naman yung deserving na kokonti ang fans!

    • @ miss tissa The problem, kasi, with having a ‘Panel of Experts’ to select the winner is the possibility of either bias or ending up with something too cerebral the fans won’t get it. 😦

      This way, we can be sure the audience will be satisfied. After all, it’s STILL A SHOW. 🙂

      The WIFI here where I am is most erratic on weekend evenings… I was only able to watch the Top 10 NatCos from the Poll. Maybe, in eight hours if I’m awake by then, the Internet situation improves and I can watch the full length program and the PN’s S5E6 videos… Until then…

      But the Top 10 looks good, nemen. And kung popularity/paramihan ng fan vote ang concern mo, well, the ‘calesa’ of ‘Borongan, (Eastern) Samar’ which was widely perceived to be the runaway winner isn’t in… Hhmmm…. Bakit nga ba wala sa Top 10? Don’t get me wrong. I’m very happy for the ladies who made it… Pero,… ‘Yun pa ang wala sa Top 10? Kung fan vote lang… Weird-ish lang.

  3. 7640 islands…7640 thrills! When will covid pandemic end? I am dying to travel again!

    International: Arnold
    Grand International: Mendoza
    Intercontinental: Montagne
    Globe: Carino
    Tourism: Meiji Cruz
    First runner-up: Felizarta
    2nd runner-up: Basiano

    • One of the best tourism promotional videos for me is “Island Philippines” featuring Agot Isidro.

      • @ serge GLAD you brought Bb-LU to the spotlight. Siya ‘yun’g what one pageant vlogger said has a beauty that while indeed very commercial-acceptable-universal but perhaps for that very reason mahirap hanapan ng pageant na tutugma… 🙂

        When I think about it now, the Kylie of this batch is… (drum roll)… Babista. It’s in the G-A-Z-E.

      • @flor. Her face is mesmerizing. She is tall. For me, She is suited for Miss Globe

  4. Tito, I have a question about the NatCos…

    ‘Yun’g video collage, were the individual segments shot by EACH Bb BEFORE being advised to come to Manila for the Raymond Saldana shoot? Kasi ang entiende ko, narito na sa Manila ‘yun’g mga costumes, tapos ipinauwi para ma-shoot ‘yun’g kanya-kanya’ng segment, ta’s ngayon kanya-kanya’ng effort/expense to bring it back to Manila for the show tomorrow… Doble bitbit! 😦

    Those videos could have been shot WHILE HERE in Manila. While it’s understandable that having the costumes ‘in their natural habitat’ places them in the proper context and makes them more meaningful, this isn’t a virtual MPE…

    (And let’s admit. The Raymond Saldana job was forgettable.)

    And why do that video collage in the first place kung may live runway rin pala bukas? After all, we just want to see them in motion, and this is what happens on the runway.

    In any case, kudos to the ladies for their efforts, patience, resilience, and strength. 🙂

      • @ Norman Boss of Pageant Blogs, I recall last year nu’ng Throwback series niyo, po, may na-feature kayo’ng taon ng BBP that had a Spanish-Filipina ‘mestiza’ from Zamboanga as our country’s rep to Maja Internacional… And did you say (or one of the readers say) how beautiful she was? Would you be able to track her down? Then, a solo guesting in a future episode? 🙂

        I’m frankly surprised that of all the countries in Europe, it was Poland (Supranational) that recently picked up once more on the bankable prospects of international pageantry. Or, is Spain so liberal now that they think it’s archaic*?

        Whatever happened to that organization that used to mount this pageant?

        Are Reina Cafe and Reina Cacao attempts in Latin America to revive that tradition?

        * – credits to @ Fabian Reyes for using this term to refer to how pageants are now seen in parts of the world in which they used to be much more popular-if-prestigious. Then, @ scorg came in with analysis associating the decline in interest to an increase in economic opportunities for women.

      • @ Norman Good Monday AM, Tito.

        Delightful S5E7! 🙂

        I wish to travel with/to… #5/Occidental Mindoro. Watch that segment again (here) and be WOWED.

        (I want a miniaudiere with Mangyan beadwork embellishment! In red, white, and green.)

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