15 comments on “Bench Body Swimwears for Miss World Philippines 2021

  1. tito when po ang press presentation? im sure you are already know that sir. and alv will not drop you out if you splook the date. care to share po? hihi

      • @ Norman And please tell us, po, that the guy appointed for the Poland campaign would also be presented to the pageant media on that day. 🙂

        Magugulat na lang kami…?…

        Four (4) more episodes for PN’s S5. Then,… when to resume for S6? First week August ‘ata ang MG. You plan to have ‘eager beaver and friends’ over for a chat before then? Grabeh, hectic!

  2. Bench as swimwear provider for MWP candidates ! Wow! Beach beauty challenge will be exciting!

    • @ Jonalyn Hernandez Wow!!! Thanks for this, po. 🙂

      That’s just five years away… I take it to mean a lovely Pinay lass now in her mid-teens will be a STAR by then. You just foretold her medium-term, friend. Headhunters, begin the search, please.

      I’ll look to the heavens for some cosmic harbinger in 2026 – conjunction, supernova, comet, etc.

      (A few examples of ladies who were ‘plucked’ at that age bracket were Mimilanie Marquez, Naomi Campbell, and the LEGENDARY Porizkova Paulina.)

      • @Miss Flor Tula- yes po. Sa ngayon mejo bagets pa ung susunod sa tadhana ni Megan Young! ❤❤❤

      • @ Jonalyn Hernandez If I’m not mistaken, that was a sixteen(16) year-old Naomi Campbell in Michael Jackson’s music video for ‘In The Closet’.

        Ang babae, by 15~16, makikitaan na ng potential… Guys, later pa. By 18~20, siguro.

        In France, I read an article long ago that set 15 as the minimum that girls could model professionally. Problem was, girls as young as 13 were being passed off as 15… 😦

        Parang ‘yun’g kontrobersiya’ng kinasangkutan dati ng Pilipinas sa Little League Softball. Seems some of our boys were mis-declared as rank teenagers, when in fact they were already in their late teens~early twenties. ‘Ayun. Binawi ‘yun’g gold medal natin. 😦

  3. ‘Ay, WOW! May pa-‘special effects’ ang pag-present sa faces. Nice. 🙂

    OK, so I guess iba pa ‘to sa loot bag na makukuha nila from Artopian… I see ‘Bug Away mist’, lavender ‘Castile soap’, Bench alco-gel, up there what appear to be pull-wipes… Others, I can’t…

    Swim Prelims are now the new normal of Philippines pageantry. YAY. Ungkol Boss, sino-sino ba VA-VOOM sa mga kalahok ngayon’g taon, po? Will Sir Chan put the best in a calendar, too?

    Ba’t kayo lang, po, this time? ‘Yun’g kasama niyo’ng pageant media din nu’ng Screening, a’san?

    • Dindi Pajares was devastated in 2017 when she failed to make it to the first cut in Binibini. I thought she retired already from pageantry.

      Now she’s back and being packaged like a sophistocated version of Dindi Gallardo.

      Dapat Ruffa na lang peg nya, wag na si Dindi Gallardo, di naman nka place yun

      • Hi Baby Nica,
        As a person, I love Dindi Gallardo (not Pajares)
        I thought so too her and Ruffa Nava (not Gutierrez) have retired from pageantry.

      • JustPassingBy

        Dindi Gallardo is pretty but a bit timid for MU.

        Maybe Ruffa N. and Dindi P. are giving it one last try.

        Di ko lang kinaya ang pagiging bomba star ni Dindi G. dati. Hubad kung hunad si ateng

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