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  1. ASEAN studies o Asian Studies? Pilit kasing pinapaganda pagpronounce nagsosound mali tuloy. Kaloka.

    • @ NAWAT GAFFUD Open University* (OU) program, daw, ng UP. Malay natin, baka mayro’n. 🙂

      (* – If I’m not mistaken, it’s an online graduate school based in the Los Banos campus.)

      May ‘Asian Centre’ sa Diliman… For ‘Asian Studies’, obviously. Napasok ko na nu’ng undergrad ako kasi I did some research for a Humanities class I took. Our group was to make a presentation on KOREA, and I found a wonderful wealth of information in the library. LOVE their pottery tradition! If I ever go, I’d probably just spend time in an atelier, watching the masters mold the pots much as you would await Murano glass artisans complete your bespoke piece when in Venice.)

    • Hi! Iska here. UP Open University offers a Master of ASEAN Studies program. The blogger is correct.

  2. Oh wow! A Lakan Dula and Don Gregorio Manabat descendant! A pro-active charitable UP graduate!.. Smart beautiful gorgeous! A future national title holder!

  3. Parang Maine Mendoza / Michelle Aldana combined!

    Bakit kaya dream come true sa mga fresh graduate ang maging flight attendant? Free travels in exchange of serving coffee or tea?

    Well, ako rin naman after graduating from college while waiting to take my board exam, yan din ang una kong in-apply from the defunct Air Philippines! Unfortunately, ligwak sa final cut dahil lang sa hindi ako ngumiti! Then relegated as Ground Steward! Ayoko nga!

    Sa totoo lang mababa ang tingin sa mga working in the Financial Industry who call themselves Financial Advisor or Financial Writer? Why? Because for me, for as long as, suelduhan empleado ka pa rin, you don’t fit the bill to provide financial advise to another person na isa ring suelduhang empleado! Those who can only provide financial advise to the mass market are those who have proven track record! Magkano passive income mo? Magkano investments mo sa Mutual Funds? Sa Treasury Bonds? Sa Real Estate? Sa Stock Market? Kung seven figures lang yan, don’t count yourself as an advisor, classify yourself as whiner! Unfortunately, those with proven track record will not fit the profile from the standards of the mediocre worker! Automatic ligwak ka!

    Charot lang!

  4. Kung MATANGKAD nga (AT LEAST 5’8″ barefoot and not tiptoeing), I would divert to BBP.

    If MUP and MPE will specialize in the shorter set, height would do her no favors at these.

    I saw Evelyn Namatovu! Magpakalbo siya.

    And at 23 now, the Japanese lean towards younger, ‘ata.

    LET’S DO THIS. 🙂

    • Flor HINDI tayo pwedeng magpadala ng pandak sa Costa Rica. Baka mapagkamalang PA or yaya ng mga kandidata sa Latin America. The taller, the better. 5’8″ dapat ang pinakamababa. Hayaan mong sumali ang libu-libong pandak, after all, we ONLY NEED ONE TALL, PRETTY (& sexy) and intelligent candidate to the 70th edition of MU.

      • @ paul Speaking of tall, in 2019 a comparatively short Puteri gave Indonesia* its best finish thus far in MU. Yup! Fred Cull, whom Pinoy fans affectionately referred to as “Ka Freddie”. 🙂

        And for this 70th edition, some Thai fans are clamoring for a relatively short 2020 semifinalist (I think she’s even shorter than Amanda!) to try again. What’s your impression of Emy Kym Sawyer?

        Kung hindi mag-pa-pageant ang TPN this year, tall Praveenar might be appointed. Punika (2nd RU) is over-age… LOVELY Praeww, too… Alexandra Haenggi (3rd RU), willowy-petite like Jehza.

        * – Would you know why the ‘DKI Djakarta’ sash has 1, 2, 3, & 4? For example, ‘DKI Djakarta 4’? Do the numbers refer to districts of the city? Or, simply a way to denote that as a major capital it is entitled to more than one representative? Imagine ‘Quezon City 1’, ‘Quezon City 2’, etc. etc….

      • Flor here are my answers to your concerns:

        1. Kaya nga hanggang Top 10 lang si Frederika Alexis Cull. Kasi nga she is relatively short and petite in frame. Same with this Miss Australia’s case last May.

        2. Emy Kim Sawyer is too young. More experiences in life LIKE kailangan niya munang makaranas ng pagkasawi sa pag-ibig.

        3. Praveenar kung hindi pa siya magpapakasal this year. Engaged na siya Flor. Yung 2 pang runners up na sinasabi mo baka pwede. Anyway, napakaraming Thai “halfies” na makikita nila.

        4. Djakarta not familiar (& enamored) with that capital city. I am more interested in Bangkok, in particular the Silom District. Joke! Ha, ha, ha… And Cities like Pattaya and Phuket. Char! Ang alam ko lang sa Djakarta MAS malala pa ang traffic congestion sa Metro Manila, marumi and sinking. Kaya ililipat na ang capital city ng Indonesia.

        Maayong gabii sa tanan.

    • @ paul I’m unsure if this year’s crop is particularly tall. Last year were Mitch, Zandra, Paola,…

      The mystery hopeful that’s Mr. Tinio’s city-mate might be tall. Surely Victoria Velazquez Vincent.

      I consider the ones featured in this #TurningPhenomenal series… I think Kim Layne is tall-ish, no?

      Of course, si Atty. 🙂

      BUKAS NA DEADLINE NG APPLICATIONS. HUSTLE! HUWAG mag-attitude. Register/pay early.

      • Okay na ako kay Mirjan Hipolito. She is tall enough and very promising. Kailangan lang further honing to become stellar.

        That VVV parang may attitude, parang may nafi-feel akong nt so good vibe.

        Kim Layne’s priority right now is her studies. Let her finish. She is more than ready naman to go to the Philippines when her studies are over.

        Deadline na bukas. Pipol PLEASE REMIND Atty. Magtanong. He, he, he…

        Thank you.

    • Erratum.

      My GREAT apologies to Evelyn. I meant Eunice Onyango…

      Yeah. Mirjan STILL needs to have all her hair shaven off!

      The hairstyle with everything to one side, like Rebetswe Sechoaro, might work for whoever gets the BBP-International 2021 assignment. 🙂

  5. I can feel the vibes of Miriam Quiambao, Janine Tugonon and Venus Rah combined in her. She is tall and a very pretty morena beauty. It seems she is also a good talker (based on the video) aside being a good writer (current work).

    Her academic credentials are truly impressive and far better that than of the Paranaque girl. Agree, Flor and Serge?

    I am more excited for Mirjan. With her candidacy, I am okay if Patch and Ahtisa cannot join this year’s MUP.

    • She will be a precious gem of MUP if she will sign up. She is pretty, intelligent, has good communication skills, and appears well-proportioned. I absolutely agree with you, Paul, her credentials are impressive.

    • If she is 5’10 , 5’9 , then she has strong possibilities … tall tall tall & leggy with small waistline …

      • Yup..i just hope she is 5’9″ atleast! She has this Pinay na Pinay aura!

      • some abs like Australia 2020 abs will not hurt either … not too much that can turn masculine , but just the right amount to be sexy still feminine …

      • Okay lang NAMAN kahit 5″5.5- 5″7 basta lean. Mirriam is actually 5″7 lang. And si Diana yung Spain na kalaban nya is shorter than Mirriam pero lean.

      • with someone like her of ‘exotic looks’, a taller , curvier , lean beauty look is going to be a sure winner

        if the beauty is more on the pretty , lovely , perhaps mestiza type (like Karen Galman, Vicki Rushton), a shorter height 5’5 or 5’7 would be fine and workable

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