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  1. Gab does look like an even more modelesque version of Kylie Versoza… And definitely the prettiest of this year’s batch of Binibinis… Hannah is also equaly beautiful facialy but Gab beats her when it comes to body… Kylie may have the facility of the language but Gab is not far behind..Gab tends to speak redundant at times and gets lost for words but that would be an easy fix for the trainors of Binibini. Regardless, Gab is the prettiest homegrown Filipina and none of the other front runners are at par with that…

    • @ Closer2Fame May public speaking trainors pala ang BPCI? Dale Carnegie, ‘yun’g nag-train kina Nicole Cordovez at Nelda Ibe?

      Last we heard concerning Gabby’s – ‘actually, to be honest, honestly speaking’ – sina RL na daw ‘ata bahala… Na, they already know her areas for improvement in that area… My redundant bad, lolz.

      (I mean no disrespect with the statement above. It was one speech mannerism of hers we readers pointed out before. May this be taken constructively and we hope for the best!)

      Hannah may be better in expressing her thoughts, though… In any case, Mias Pilar-Alcantara is all set to take her in. 🙂

      Bakit nga ba hindi mag-offer ang mga tulad ng DC at JRP* ng ‘pageant module bundles’, given that these are essentially personality coaching services? With their global name recall, they could easily bring in partners who could co-brand… (* – John Robert Powers)

  2. it may not be that apparent at the moment but there is something about her that whispers Bb Pilipinas International 🤷🏼‍♀️🙆🏻💆🏻 Let’s just leave it to the pageant gods to decide. There are a quite a few morena stunners to upset the current frontrunners. Hopefully it doesn’t just take a strong padrino to grab a title 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


  4. I think she is perfect for Miss Grand….
    She is gorgeous… I hope she joins either A&Q or KF so she could get trainned well…

    • @ Closer2Fame If I’m not mistaken, she was rejected by A&Q… But her MPE stint was with KF.

      The Miss Friendship International stint was already under RL Lacanienta’s supervision, I think…

      I guess she’s made the rounds as far as THAT is concerned. What’s crucial now is REFINEMENT as it’s clear she already knows the technique. As in most cases, hahanapan na lang ng PAK.

      • I don’t know where you get the “rejected by A and Q” eh mas maganda at matangkad si gabi compared to some aces girls .

      • @ Closer2Fame & @ Diana Hayden I saw a video clip of her screening at A&Q. Matagal na…

        Bata pa siya nu’n… I, too, don’t know what happened at ‘di siya pumasa. You’re right. How could someone of this stature not be accepted. A member of the Panel asked about her status at the time, and she said she made some sacrifices to not miss the chance to be part of the camp (my take)… Parang naiiyak nga siya nu’ng time na ‘yun… 😦

        But that’s all in the past now. And it’s quite clear Gabby has moved on. 🙂

        Good night, guys! Tomorrow again. Lipad na ‘ko (lolz).

  5. Hindi ko masyadong bet speaking skills nito. Saka hindi rin siya ganun kaganda sa candid photos niya. Nakakabother yung nagdodoble ang baba niya saka masyado ring matapang ang mukha. Pwede na sa kanya ang Globe crown kasi maahilig naman sa matatangkad ang pageant na yun.

  6. My mgip.
    american ethnicity pala as per ma diana hayden(commenter) I was thinking Gab have Romanian ethnicity due to the fierce gaze

  7. May bukol sya sa last picture

    First Trans to vie for a Binibini Crown


  8. THERE IT IS. The real ‘no-filter’ photo. With Dad. 🙂

    ‘Eto’ng si Gab, parang si Anne de Mesa. GALIT NA GALIT SA MATA. Lagi’ng EYE SHADOW.

    When she was crowned 1st RU at MFI was her prettiest onstage so far, imo. And I recall her departure look – a vision in white.

    (Reading her statements here, I see issues in terms of verbal delivery discussed in the blog before, persist. Sa ‘tin’g mga Pinoy, OK lang. But to foreigners, might sound odd. Hope this helps…)

    • (Cont.)

      What might also help not just Gabby but all Bb.’s is a color scheme for evening dress that might suit the taste of the Japanese right now.

      There is a YT canale called ‘Japan Backpackers Xpress’ which for a recent episode re-featured a garden park to show a collection of ‘Kamo’ hydrangeas. THE COLORS ARE UNBELIEVABLE and I think can resonate with the hosts whether evening cocktail formals or a casual stroll through markets. 🙂

      (Incidentally, the more brightly/deeply/intensely-colored ones on the central staging are begonias. But these were the stars last year… And now take the sidelines to give hydrangeas center stage.)

    • (Cont.1)

      Jewel tones. At MI, I’ve seen dresses of the most delicate-yet-stunning colors! 🙂

      I watched the 2015 edition crowning moment again… Here are some hair style suggestions…

      4th Runner-up Lindsay Becker (USA) – Karen Laurrie, Maureen, and Meiji, I saw.
      3rd Runner-up Pham Hong Thuy Van (Vietnam) – why am I feeling this for Hannah? Or, similar look?
      1st Runner-up Jennifer Valle (Honduras) – Francezka, Gabby, and …Carina, came to mind.

  9. I have a bad feeling that regardless that she’s deserving, she will not be given a crown because she has no proper connections in BBP.

    Also, she’s 1/4 White pala. I really couldn’t place a finger on it but her features show that she has something mixed in her.

    • That would be a blessing in disguise
      That means there is a bigger crown waiting for her

  10. The last photo is badly edited – left lower limb seems to be wearing hot shorts. She’s supposed to be wearing a high cut swimsuit. (Not her fault, though)

  11. She has a crush on Piolo Pascual?!..
    No wonder gay dudes love her….

    With more squats, deadlifts and core workout…
    She could easily become a Victoria’s Secret model…

    Gorgeous gorgeous and very lovable.

    This year Miss Grand…

    Next year, Miss Universe!

    • A big homophobic
      C2f, this is not the right blog for you
      Maybe you need to look in the mirror and ask yourself who (m) you’re throwing stone at ???

      • @Fabian

        I myself has a crush on Piolo… How the hell am I the Homophobe?! I’m just surprised that a girl like her has a crush on him regardless of the well-known “unoficial fact” about him..

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