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  1. Flor ano ang gusto mong palabasin magka-batch tayo? Ha, ha, ha… Power of Love by Luther Vandross was released on April 09, 1991. O sige na.

    Ka-edad/ka-batch – Charlene Gonzales, Abbygale Arenas, Hans Montenegro, Paolo Bediones, Isko Moreno, Mikee Cojuangco, etc. Ganun!

    Magandang gabi sa lahat!

  2. Bakit ba kapaag pinapakilala ang merlat na ito pati yung family origin and background niya kasama? Hindi ba pwedeng yung sariling profile niya na lang? Like educational background niya or any achievements? Sabagay, pangkaraniwan lang kasi ang beauty niya. Hindi pansinin. Kaya laging pinapakilala pa yung buong Santamaria clan paraa umingay siya.

    • Correct. Napakaordinaryo ng mukha. Malayo nga sa facial looks ng mga Santamaria. Her father’s family members are Spanish looking. The girl looks like a half Filipino & half ________. Another soon to be HYPED contender from The Camp.

      • @ paul Gud AM, Plantito de Davao. 🙂

        Christelle Anjali Abello was worth MORE than what little hype she got, imho. The other two may eventually fade into obscurity (by choice), but it is ‘Aklan’ that will remain with me forever.

        Now, go over to the post on #TurningPhenomenal10 and see if she is the one referred to. Because I had someone else in mind… But also hail from the same city.

        My take : now that the lady has a (The) Camp, the moment she commits our dear sweet Ungkol will personally bankroll her campaign as AP. But if he does, he may have to decline coverage in the interest of neutrality. If it happens, will we need to look elsewhere for MUP updates on that edition?

  3. I wonder how she is related to primetime telenovela actress Jodi Santa Maria? They could pass as sisters…

  4. I think she previously competed in Miss Paranaque?

    Na-dilute na yung mestiza images ng mga Santamaria! Who is her mother BTW?

    Crush ng bayan yang si Joey Santamaria ng mga Batang 90’s?

    Yung mga tiyahin naman niya favorite ni Rene Salud sa mga Fashion Show here and abroad!

    Meron pa kong isang bet na sumali, anak ni Erica Fife at Chris Garcia, si Tatiana Fife who is currently a fashion model!

      • @ Norman SamSan* has gem-like eyes like Carlotta Ayanna, MTUSA 1993 whom @ serge loves!

        * – SamBer, SamLo, SamPan (Panlillio). I said I’d refrain from the cute names. But I just couldn’t help point out how Philippines pageantry is accumulating Samantha’s recently. 🙂

      • @ Tito Norman

        Is she related to Mary Catherine Elizabeth P. Santamaria, BPI’s SVP in Marketing?

      • @ Tito Norman

        Is she related to Mary Catherine Elizabeth P. Santamaria, BPI’s SVP in Marketing?

  5. She also resembles Claudine Barreto in her teen days. I like her already,

  6. Hindi pang-beauty queen ang kanyang facial beauty. Very ordinary looking in the Philippines and even in the whole of Southeast Asia. Another soon to be hyped contender from The Camp.

    • Paul , Bella is not hyped She has been the best girl for the role since our very first MUP edition . Bella is the only one I can see penetrating top 5 at MU . No one else .

      • Angkol good evening to you in New York. Patuloy ka lang dyan sa lubos na paniniwala mo sa taga-La Salle kahit graduate ka ng UP Manila. He, he, he… Also Happy Fathers Day to you!

    • Credentials impressive???????? He, he, he… Good morning Serge.

      Impressive Academic Credentials: Lizbeth de Padua, Anna Theresa Licaros, Zoraida Andam, Shamcey Supsup, Flor Tula, etc.

      • @ paul 🙂

        (You should see my Transcript of Records, dear. I’ll let it speak for me.)

      • @paul. Patch Magtanong and Jeanne Therese Hilario deserve to be mentioned too.

      • Thank you Serge. I am a BIG Fan of Jeanne Therese Hilario (nakatago pa yung cover siya ng isang fashion magazine way back in the early 90s0 and (of course) Patch Magtanong.

      • @ paul You want to know the first two numbers of my SN, dear?

        Go look for the album, Power of Love, by Luther Vandross. Hidden therein.


      • Try ko Flor. He, he, he… How about ang college mo Flor? Parang BS Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (MBB) ang course mo pag nag-uusap kayo tungkol sa Biology ni Chezka. Ha, ha…

  7. She is still on a heavy side pa, needed an over-haul para pumayat, ma tone down ang body, and to have a killer abs, let’s face it, last Miss Universe ay labanan ng super fit bodies plus abs. Di ito aabot for this year, probably a year or two years from now. At the moment, Mariel De Leon pa ang peg body wise!!!

  8. Wow! I love love love the credentials…
    After checking her IG… Beauty, Fitness, Modeling & Projection-wise she has a lot to improve on BUT BUT BUT… I see the gigantic potential…. Currently I already see a mix of Chat Silayan and Lalaine Bennett… w/ a couple of years of intensive hardcore top-of-the-line trainning & transformation, she could become a well-loved international title holder. I trust that she has the personality of a winner. I’ll keep a very good eye on her.😉

  9. Tito Norm’s, parang naka-scoop ka dito, ah. I have not read any article featuring this girl’s entry in the world of pageantry. Even the girl’s social media accounts are silent on this.

    Bigla akong na-excite kase nasa The Camp s’ya, and knowing this team’s credibility pagdating sa pasarela training, mukhang mahahasa si girl.

    Hindi pa s’ya mukhang beauty queen sa ngayon, pero once na maturuan ito ng beauty pageant make up, aarangkada ito. Effortlessly beautiful s’ya at walang bad angle. I am loving her. Aabangan ko talaga ang transition and transformation n’ya.

    That’s all.

  10. Sam has blossomed into a fine lady. Her look is universally appealing. Definitely no bad angle. As I stalked her IG, I would dare say that she has resemblance to Wendy Fitzwilliam. Beautiful. I just hope that she has already toned down real quick before she gets screened in MUP. I can see much potential in her. She can well represent our country on an international stage.

    That’s all.

    • Ana and Manang Flor, there were hypes about Maureen and Beatrice of Cebu as frontrunners by many but I say that Victoria Vincent is a fresh face for MUP that can catapult against Latina reps.

      In my opinion, Sam also has a fresh face but I am inclined toward her doing modelling rather pageantry, don’t you think? Wendy won MU but I am unsure if her win benefited MUO in terms of popularity – this is because by 2000s and onwards, it was dominated by Latinas.

      I miss the MUO before wherein they have interview segments during the finals night and you could really see who have the beauty and brains (MUO attempted this during the 2010s pero no bearing on the scores). Bob was an energetic host in spite of his age (kaya it is exciting to see Steve Harvey do it again)

      Why can’t MUO just use the old format and then just jazz up the production to ride with the times? Vintage but with modern twist? Just sharing my thoughts 🙂

      • @ Bert Maureen Wroblewitz just signed up with 2. I am inclined to think her joining MUP has something to do with it… In any case, for sure mga bosing ng Dos at MUPO ang mag-uusap! 🙂

        Sam (here) is groomed by The Camp. Maybe they won’t field her yet. So, sige! Model-model lang.

        ‘Vick’ is presumably here in the country atm. Join lang. BASTA, MAY TEAM/CAMP SIYA.

        (At the rate these halfies keep cropping up, I won’t be surprised if MUPO allows/adopts ‘Fil-Comm’s’ as AP’s. That way, the residency technicality can be conveniently bypassed, if not made altogether moot. In any case, it’s additional revenue; more franchisees, more fun in Philippines! And Kim Layne of Idaho can come over once her studies are done.)

        I don’t know if Telemundo likes that little chat MU pageant used to do. But I liked it, too!

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