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  1. This is the 50th post. Habang wala pang bagong magandang post is Norman dito muna ako magko-comment.

    Dapat ibigay na ang korona kay Hannah Arnold, Gabrielle Basiano, Justine Felizarta at Maureen Montagne. Si Karen Laurie Mendoza pwede pa bumalik sa BPP next year or sumali sa MWP. Half of the KF girls should also try MWP, MPE and Mutya Pilipinas in 2022. Good luck.

  2. Binibini just might crown new types of queens and throw off pageant analysts with their current selection of strong contenders. 👑 There were some very notable and standout candidates in this swimsuit preliminary which deserve careful attention.

    • We will see those dark horses in the pageant finals. As long as they are truly deserving of the titles, WHY NOT? Might be a problem – judges who do not know how to judge a beauty pageant.

      In 2019, they (the judges & the organization) MESSED UP with the right placement of the girls. Ganados should only be a runners up because she did not answer the question. She just gave a memorized answer not related to the what was being asked.

      Resham Saeed was not also fit for the title because she lacks the charisma and inexperienced in modelling and showbiz skills needed for Miss Supranational.

      Samantha Lo? Do I need to explain further?


      • I do agree with you totally on Lo and Saeed , they should have been Sam and Aya , … but given Sam’s success of late, perhaps some almighty intervention were at work …

      • Aya is soo PANGIT my dear. …not knowledgeable and weak in communication skills.

        Ganados – kulang sa ganda at katalinuhan, fake accent and pretentious.

  3. top top 5 no particular order

    Arnold 17
    Montagne 10
    Basiano 19
    Dimaculangan 23
    Felizarta 14

    bottom 5 top 10 no particular order

    Cruz 7
    Mendoza 15
    Rosal 31
    Babista 8
    Cartasano 25

    • Excellent choices. Mendoza is oftentimes tentative on her movements on stage as well as her facial expressions. Something is holding her. Parang si Rabiya may kulang lagi.

      • I love Rabiya’s face and body , miles miles away from Mendoza. After seeing her actually compete and move, I think Mendoza’s prior photos were photoshopped … at least , they looked photoshopped

      • BOTH Rabiya and Karen Laurie Mendoza need further honing in pageantry. More training, exposure and experiences in modelling, showbiz and other allied fields. Both may try MWP in the next two years.



    • If I were to rank the 5 –

      1. Kimderly Tiquestiques
      2. Justine Felizarta
      3. Graziela Lehmann
      4. Meiji Cruz
      4. Honey Grace Cartasano

  5. IloIlo is the best in this segment followed by Felizarta and Valenzuela. Stop over-hyping other candidates. maging objective kasi baka nganga na naman dahil sa kakaover-hype. #realtalk

  6. Mi – Maureen vs Hannah vs karen
    Mgi – Gabi – confirmed by insider na tiko (tiko is slang of thailander) bet ni angkol since wala na sa age requirement si maureen. My day appearance 2x
    Intercon – mau vs hanah vs karen
    Globe -justine or meiji
    First ru justine or meiji
    Second ru gusto ko si tiques tiques or si tagum

  7. @ Fabian Reyes Yes, Justine HAS joined a camp (KF). I also thought similarly initially, that she was Independent… Then, Mr. Tinio clarified.

    BUT, bear in mind that ‘Independent’ can mean ‘neither A&Q nor KF’. So, Gabby of RL’s Angels is ‘independent’ though not in the strictest sense. Perhaps Lesley Ticaro is more, as she merely has a ‘team’. Honey Cartasano has Paolo Ballesteros; could that be ‘independent’? I have no info on Badando (Bb#4). These are the four ‘independents’ this year. 34 less 4 equals 30…

    Maureen? Might as well have her sent to MI, para matapos na… I don’t know how she’ll exceed Patch’s performance but if she makes the Cinco Ultima with a “coronita” then her defection to KF and the ruckus she caused at MWP after declining the Eco-International job would have paid off.

    @ paul Again, SamPan is not niece to Uncle Norman. It’s just that he has Panlillio relation. 🙂

    • Flor napaka-strict naman ng definition mo ng PAMANGKIN. Anyone who is younger and a very distant relative can still be considered pamangkin or niece.

      Samantha Panlilio has toned body but I do not like her physical structure. Mas bagay siya sa body building competition. I think she is tad OVERRATED primarily because of Norman.

      Patricia Babista is liked by straight men because she looks neneng-nene (or virgin na virgin) at yung parang hindi pa nakaranas ng pagkasawi sa pag-ibig. How about you Flor, nasaktan ka na ba? Char! She also needs to workout to improve her physique.

      The Soverign likes a LOT the swimsuit performance of Ms. Tiquestigues. With these adjectives she used – gorgeous, confident, sexy, etc., indeed, the swimsuit presentation of Kimberly is really pang-MU level. She has this Amelia Vega’s vibe – very tall, mahaba ang mukha, so energetic and lovely with her presentation.

      Justine Felizarta is ripe for a title. Wth her nice lean figure, lovable morena beauty, competitive pasarela & stage projection, and very good communication skills, I hope the judges will give the nod. Same with Maureen Montagne who is an experienced contender and nearing the ceiling age.

      It is also about time to award a title to Hannah Arnold either the MI or Mintercon so that she can move on to other national pageants in the next two years. Same with Karen Laurie Mendoza and Gabrielle Basiano, I think they have a good future in MWP. MUP is a very TRICKY platform to join. Alam mo na.

      I believe HALF of the 22/23 KF girls SHOULD TRY their luck in other national pageants next such as MWP, MPE and Mutya Pilipinas. They are Sharon Tampon, Patricia Garcia, Vianca Marcelo, Alexandra Rosales, Erica Quin, Lovely Mercado, Noriza Valerio, Jashmin Dimaculangan, and Graciella Lehmann.

      • @ paul Sorry for misspelling… Lagi ko’ng template for the ‘ey’ is Guerlain, so ‘Mohn-tahn’. 🙂

        Ang sa akin lang, BASTA GUSTO KA NG MIO (like they did Rushton, Magtanong, & Tiglao), G.

        To be fair to Maureen, the fierce melts away when she smiles. In this regard, she’d probably do better than Janick, whose face is just plain stuck… I think the key lies in Maureen’s ability to make her eyes smile… Which MUPeru simply can’t pull off for some reason even with servings of yummy Pinoy food.

        Besides, I’m confident with KF’s experience in this pageant (Lubina*, Liliana, & Hwang) they’ll be able to work wonders and move mountains for Mohn-Tahn. Bon success! Konnichiwa!

        * – My ‘dream goal’ (char lolz!) is for Philippines to bag Perfect Body. Lubina was prime candidate for it; her soft curves at the 2015 Final was KNEE-WEAKENING. But, of course, Edymar OWNED.

      • Wonderful observations on Maureen. Okay ah. Thank you Flor. Good morning to you.

    • @ paul Good Sun AM, dear. Happy Dad Day there… 🙂

      Now that you mentioned it, SamPan seems MUSA mold. Or, if it fancies her, why not try CTS, which is a corporate pageant and maybe she will appreciate the ‘A-UpperB crowd’ it targets?

      Kimberley Tiquestiques was an early fave of mine, also an early feature here in the blog leading up to BBP 2020. Hers is a STRIKING-STRONG face… I’ve lumped these candidates (Kimberley, Patrizia Garcia, Meiji Cruz, Gab, & Karen Laurrie). I think only one might crown, the best among them.

      Hannah. You & @ Fabian Reyes are in the same boat as far as wanting to see her cross over. But, that is facilitated if she gets nothing, precisely because it will spare her from contracts… MWP is only feasible kung OK lang sa ‘yo mag-artista. Which requires commitment to reside in Philippines long-term.

      BBP-International > Montaigne
      BBP-Grand > the best among the striking faces (above)
      BBP-Intercontinental > Babista
      BBP-(The)Globe > Felizarta (I know the H2H will be peanuts for her and being Canadian emigre will work in her favor as Mdme. Mias is herself based there. Besides, if Ungkol Tito will serve on the Board of Judges, Justine and himself can go there together…)

      • Flor hindi bagay si Montagne sa MI. She is too aggressive on stage. Subtlety, restraint and sweetness are the keys in winning the MI crown. Bakit laging may ‘i’ ang Montagne mo? He, he, he…

  8. Norman The Sovereign DOES NOT LIKE the swimsuit performance of your pamangkin – Samantha Panlilio.

  9. I think KF has just made a super strong case for Maureen as a viable MI representative . Oh She looks very pretty and classy ,
    Though Hannah is the safest bet for MI, I think Maureen can pull off a Lara Quigaman or Bea Rose .

    • Mas bagay si Maureen sa MG or Miss Intercontinental Kol. Age wise parang hindi na rin siya pwede. He, he, he…


  11. Vahket Wala c Ticaro Auntie N😳
    Malakas pa nman daw Ang sex appeal nya hihihihi 🙂
    Sayang Yung Miss Davao del Norte noon parang 2018 Bb Pilipinas yata na batch at Semifinalist pa🙂
    Sana join sya uli kung less than 27 pa age nya😆

    • Ito cya. May potential. 25 pa sya now. Train lang ng mabuti and gym kailangan. So far Sya pinakamaganda from Davao del Norte na sumali.

      • BONG murag ikaw jud ang mo-train niya para maging pasabog siya on stage. He, he, he…

    • @ bong700 The requisite HUNGER is not there, fren. Like she said, she only did it for experience.

      Similar mold and spirit as Weam Ahmed. I wonder now if DavNor is predictable like this…

      I am reminded of my own past faves like Alannis Binoya (now in Dubai, I think), Agatha Romero, and gosh-I-recall-the-face-but-not-the-name. But 2018 had Galleria Sorsogon, too, and that other dusky looker from Caloocan City (kulang sa height). Also, Shane’s last try at BBP. 🙂

      • (Cont.)

        Now I recall the name to go with that face – Sophia Baino. 🙂

        If I’m lucky tonight, by tomorrow morning I’ll also remember ‘Ms. Caloocan City’. She was lumped together with Galleria and Dumaguing as the ‘Pinay beauties’ for their ‘kayumanggi’ comeliness.

  12. if only for the memories it bring ( of Bb Plipinas editions/winners present AND past ) listening to the BBP theme song IS always a joy… the fever is on!! 😂😄😉👍

  13. 8 8 8 8 8 8 !!! I will wager my d’ck … send her to MU.. yeeeehaw 💪🖖

      • @ B Nakuh, kung magkataon we could expect a STRONG Quezon contingent! That’s a very active, well-organized, and extensively-networked pageant cluster to rival those of Laguna, Cebu, or Pampanga. Taga-riyan si Shane at Ahtisa, lest we forget. 🙂

        ‘Quezon Province’, ‘Lucena City’, ‘Lucban’, ‘Sariaya’, and ‘Tayabas’ are the sashes that come to mind.

        If the likes of Micca and Maureen are indication, ‘Batangas’ should step up – ‘Province’, ‘Lipa City’, ‘Batangas City’, ‘Tanauan’, and ‘Nasugbu’ can be… But even ‘Sto. Tomas’, ‘Lemery’, & ‘Taal’.

      • @ Chezka Mareh, easy lang. 🙂

        At this rate, you’ll turn us all into hermaphrodites. Recall ‘tutubi’?

        Enjoy your weekend!

      • Hay ewan. Si number 8 kailangan pa ng mas maraming karansan sa life. Neneng-nene pa. And she badly needs go to the gym to improve on her physique.

  14. Maureen is the classiest
    Hannah is the prettiest
    I’m ok to have either one of them win MI .
    Basiano , I am a little disappointed . Same with Justine as she looks too severe . She needs to join a camp.
    Jash Dimaculangan is the biggest surprise . She is the prettiest among the pure Pinays .

    I don’t know why Babista and Taruc made Tito Norman’s list . Garcia is ok to be there as she has among the best bodies
    I like Panlilio because she sounds really good . But she looks too short with her little tiny scrawny legs.

    • I agree with your comment. Tito Norms is a good pageant analyst but sometimes, his friendship with some of the girls cloud his judgment. That is why I love The Sovereign. She is unbiased and unapologetic.

  15. Ilan ang gumawa ng subtle hair flip or hawak buhok pose ala SAM B.? hahahaha! Tapos na ang haplos hita move. Hahahahaha!

  16. After watching the video, I just appreciated SamBer’s performance in MGI even more. Not that the girls did bad, but the bar was already set so high for a Filipina beauty queen.

  17. Changes in my Binibini PICKS after the swimsut presentation:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Hannah Arnold or Karen Laurie Mendoza,
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Gabrielle Basiano or Justine Felizarta
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Hannah Arnold /Justine Felizarta /Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Maureen Montagne or Karen Laurie Mendoza

    Runners Up: Patricia Garcia and Samantha Panlilio

    TOP 12: Micca Rosal, Meiji Cruz, Honey Cartasano, Kimberly Tiquestiques, and Alexandra Rosales.

  18. Well, I looked at C-U-R-V-E-S. C-U-R-V-E-S SELL. The ladies slaved for months to get them. 🙂

    Blogger, STILL very conservative. STILL gravitating around the SAME cluster of candidates, you’d think he was getting paid…

    I have to agree with most everyone else (here)… BBP STILL HAS THE BEST GIRLS. PERIOD.

  19. it’s very obvious why Arnold is never going to be good fit for MU , her body is just not the MU type of body … she will be good for MI or Globe

    Dimaculangan , who followed Arnold , looks tall and leggy and she did much much better. Her face and body and legs , they are much much more MU type than Arnold’s

    What happened to Felizarta , why is she not in top 10 , I remember her being very fierce , tall and having long sexy legs in her prior stint in BbPilipinas …

  20. I like that BAsiano girl fierce looking! She can definitely compete against the latinas. Didn’t she win a 1st runner up title international years ago? What is her ancestry? She looks also half?

  21. Sometimes, It takes a covid pandemic to bring out the best in beauty pageant. This is the best pre-pageant swimsuit presentation in the history of Binibining Pilipinas. Just like MGI, it has all the ingredients for a successful swimsuit show which include long runway, flight of stairs, beautiful swimsuit design, upbeat music, and great showmanship of the ladies. I appreciate that each of the reigning queens was given spotlight. I love that the official Binibining Pilipinas theme song was played. The show was spectacular! At this point of the competetion, here is my latest pick:
    International- Arnold
    Grand international- Mendoza
    Intercontinental- Montagne
    Globe- Carino
    First runner-up- Cruz
    2nd runner-up- Basiano

    • After a long hiatus, The ladies and reigning queens deserve a very good show and BPCI did not disappoint.

  22. I also only watched Hannah Arnold and Gab Bassiano…. their faces are pollar opposites… Hannah’s was naturaly sweet so its interesting when she gives that fierce look… Meanwhile Gab’s face is naturaly fierce…. she needs to smile more often during closeups to make her not look mean. And look more endearing.

  23. Preliminary Notes and Observations after the Binibini Swimsuit Presentation

    1. All the candidates have practiced very well their swimsuit pasarela and presentations. No one was bad. But one surprising lady was Kimberly Tiquestiques. Her performance was one of the best if not the best among the candidates. She has the face and the body fit for MU. She has the Amelia Vega’s vibe. I just hope she can improve on her communication skills.

    2. Candidates 13 to 20 (Rosales, Felizarta, Mendoza, Tiques2x, Arnold, Quin, Basiano, and Mercado) who belong to the taller SET of girls have better proportions because they have long torso and legs. Height DOES really matter.

    3. Those who have pretty faces are Sharon Tampon (VP), Vianca Marcelo, Alexandra Rosales, Erica Quin, Jashmin Dimaculangan, Noriza Valerio, Micca Rosal (VP), Karen Mendoza (VP), Hannah Arnold (VP), Gabrielle Basiano (VP), Carina Carino, and Honey Cartasano. VP for very pretty.

    4. Those who have exotic faces are Graciella Lehmann, Alexandra Faith Garcia, Honey Parenas, and Lesley Ann Ticaro. Justine Felizarta and Franchesca Taruc are also a BIT exotic looking.

    5. Not so tall ladies who have very good figures include the following: Meiji Cruz, Maureen Montagne, Honey Cartasano, Jashmin Dimaculangan, and Patricia Babista.

    6. Of the six girls from A&Q, FOUR (Arnold, Mendoza, Carino & Babista) are most likely to enter TOP 12.Three independents: Felizarta, Basiano and Cartasano. From KF Camp are five girls which include the following: Maureen Montagne, Meiji Cruz, Micca Rosal, Patricia Garcia, and Samantha Panlilio.

    7. The following (alternates) have also excellent chances of making it to the Top 12 if they perform well on the pageant finals: Tampon, Marcelo, Rosales, Tiques2x, Quin, Mercado, Taruc, and Valerio. I think HALF of the 22 remaining KF girls SHOULD have RATHER enlisted/transferred to MWP this year.

    Thank you. And good evening to all.

  24. I only watched Basiano’s performance on youtube, and I was disappointed. Are the others that bad for you to still include her in your top 10? Not a rhetorical question. I just want a quick overall assessment of all the ladies in their swim. Sorry, but I just don’t have the patience to go through all 34. Low EQ.

    • Si Basiano ang gusto ni Angkol para sa kanyang Miss Grand International. Wala tayong magawa. Sundin siya para may placement tayo. He, he, he…

  25. Hi Norman I like your list but I see 2 girls trying their best so they will be only considered for MI (clue younger than the other Bininbinis
    I lalso like Graciella Lehman who reminds me of La Clenci
    The lady fr Tagum reminds me of the Binibini 90s abbigail arenas days
    I also like KimberlybTiques tiques
    Sure crown Maureen and Gab Basiano

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