8 comments on “Janela Joy Cuaton: To be a Phenomenal Woman

  1. I’m glad that she registered early.

    Napag-usapan na natin noon, how unbecoming it is to do the diva thing and show up at the last minute as though pa-importante or pa-drama-queen. Kawawa nemen the Registration staff. 😦

    I recall back in 2019. Hannah Arnold was the first Bb to show up at BPCI to sign up. She ended up getting a photo op with that lady from MUO that used to oversee the daily comings-&-goings of the MU winner… It was a post in the blog; I forgot that lady’s name. Esther something… 🙂

    How about that! Show up. Sign up. End up. LOLZ.

    The Misses of Masbate are early birds by habit, apparently. They should get a medal or a cookie.

  2. Bb. Pilipinas has STILL the BEST QUALITY of CANDIDATES as compared to MWP and MPE (and most likely the MUP as well).

  3. Compare now with the other. “Hannah Conscencino Arnold, Masbate”!

    Two VERY DIFFERENT ways of seeing the island province, no? Makes me want to google…

    That shot of the coastline where the kids are jumping off craggy rocks into the sea, so Biarritz!

    I feel she might pull in a more decent finish than at MWP. I rooted for her then. It was the year of Lehmann (not Graciella), Thia, and Teresita Ssen. The biggest casualty was Gabriela (not Silang, but the elder sister of Paola) whom everyone thought was the shoe-in for Bolivia. It was the year Andrea Meza visited the country, as ‘Miss World Americas’. A Press Conference was streamed…

    • Flor she started in 2015 – Mutya on to Miss Tourism… But the diction, accent, intonation as well as the voice… Huh! Bakit ganun? Hindi talaga pwede sa MUP.

  4. Janela was the first runner-up to Amanda Obdam in the 2015 Miss Tourism Metropolitan International. Although she garnered one of the three crowns in Mutya ng Pilipinas 2015, her placement was considerably second to that of Leren Mae Bautista’s Mutya ng Pilipinas-Asia Pacific International title. I hope when she joins Miss Universe Philippines, she won’t bag another first runner-up placement.

    Nonetheless, I find Janela stunning. Her beauty is simply captivating and universally appealing. I just hope her communication skills has improved. Otherwise, she would be eaten alive by the kudaera candidates in MUP. Tbh, I find her speaking voice, diction and intonation in the video above horrific. But I know that can be improved.

    That’s all.

  5. Pwedeng sa runners up position ng MUP. Better if she will join (once again) MWP next year and or BPP for higher chances of winning a title.

    • May hawig kay Galeria. So try to look LESS EXOTIC. Also avoid the “bold star” packaging and styling.

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