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  1. The video montage urging us to ‘re-travel’ the country was a GEM.

    Here are just a few of my thoughts.

    1) I didn’t know there was a dam in Arayat, Pampanga! Probably at the base of the mountain?
    2) In relation to #1 (above), I am VERY HAPPY that FINALLY ‘Arayat’ was prominently featured. Imo, it can outdo the ‘Beautiful Maiden’ further south in terms of photogeny… The SINGLE MOST iconic feature/literal landmark of the vast Pampanga plains.
    3) Pair put out the BEST ‘Cebu’ intro vid I’ve seen recently! Not even combining the efforts of Smith, Perez, and Piczon last year (at the other ‘selda’/parlor, as some of us like to say) can come close. HERS WAS THE FORGOTTEN NATCOS – immaculate white top neatly-subtle-y studded with pearls paired (pun very much intended) with the flowery full skirt (I remembered the finale look at the D&G 3-day event in Firenze September last year).
    4) Tiques(2x) MUST S-M-I-L-E. 🙂
    5) Ticaro is the quintessential 15/16-year old spirited away by a model scout to Paris; no looking back. Imo, she could have caught the eye of Ralph Halston or Elsa Peretti. I didn’t know there were so many parks in Tagum City. I was there for five (5) days and not one was I able to see. 😦
    6) Mindoro Barat (tamaraw) & Timur (Lake Naujan) will probably never again be represented this well – Guanzon and Lehmann, respectively.
    7) THAT was the Nueva Ecija I know! Carabaos, rice fields, and tilapia.
    8) What was that watercourse in Valenzuela City? River? Tributary? Catchment basin for rain as local water supply supplement?
    9) I didn’t know the ‘Monumento’ in Caloocan City had the eight rays of the sun of our flag with the names of the eight ‘provincias’ to revolt against Spain.
    10) Blogger Boss, umamin ka! ‘Yun’g parang ‘nest’ na vantage point sa Tanay, ‘di bala may Profile dati ‘yun’g BFF mo sa Rappler/MUP du’n? Sabihin mo, ibalik niya kahit ‘temporary’. At na’ng…

  2. This is the 40th post. I hope this year the organization will crown the rightful winners. And not like in 2019 in which 3 of the titleholders did not deserve the crowns. …so Arnold, Felizarta, Montagne and Basiano should be crowned. Runners up – Mendoza and Tiquestiques.

    Good morning to all.

  3. Mag-12 na ng tanghali wala pa ring bagong pasabog si Norman. Boring na masyado ang blogs site na to. So ganito na lang, dapat kasi noong 2019 ito ang mga titleholder:

    Miss Universe-Philippines – Bea Patricia Magtanong
    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Vickie Ruston
    Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational – Emma Tiglao
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Samantha Bernardo
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Hannah Arnold
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Leren Mae Bautista
    1st Runners Up – Resham Saeed
    2nd Runners Up Gazini Ganados

    Ano tingin mo Flor at Serge? Right di ba?

    • @ paul Good Tue noon.

      Tumpak! Ta’s, na-retain ng BPCI ang MUP franchise. Nag-pandemya… Gazini appointed to go to Hollywood, Florida (recent). O’, ‘di bala??!! 🙂

      Dong, may Jag Jeans na. Magtiyaga-tiyaga ka lang sa YouTube.

      Check mo na rin ang Maganda’ng Filipinas. Vote on their IG! For now, I like Midsayap, Iligan, Bohol Province, and Agoncillo, Batangas.

      One of these days, I wish to share my thoughts on how the MUP franchise transferred to Jonas G. And how the relevant personalities and entities might have played their respective roles. Plus some insights on Maganda’ng Filipinas as side dish. With the right post to prod me, I will bare all (except myself, of course).

      • Hindi pwede si Gazini Flor. Magtayo na lang siya ng sar-sari store at karinderya sa Talisay, Cebu. Mas makabubuti to sa kanya.

    • (Cont.)

      Dong, may Silka na rin!

      I love their papaya soap (in orange packaging). ‘Di masyado’ng mabango. Parang watered-down na Heno de Pravia, but STILL lingers… 🙂

      It’s a brand of Cosmetique Asia Corporation. I was at their manufacturing facility at the FBIC (First Bulacan Industrial City) in Malolos City when it first opened some years back. No, I was a visitor…

    • All the “halfies” did not deserve the titles – Gazini, Resham and Samantha Lo.

    • @ paul Dong, may Petron din! 🙂

      BIG ang sponsors ng BBP, as always.

      I liked the concept – nag-‘crudo’ sa gas station. I saw just a few, liked those of Karen Laurrie and Taruc… I am reminded of Madonna’s music video for ‘What it Feels Like for a Girl’, where she whisks off a red Pontiac (?) Firebird and blows up the place so the owner/driver doesn’t catch up…

      For Jag Jeans, my Top 5 in increasing order are Stampon, Panlillio, Cinderella, Dimaculangan, and … Babista. Marcelo is my Honorable Mention; she is TOO SWEET for this kind of job.

      Gazini is still on the young side. How about AsNTM? Or, Miss Friendship International? Or, CTS?

      • Hindi pwede si Gazini sa ANTM or CTS dahil tumaba na siya at muka ng nanay. Frienship International? Hindi naman siya friendly. Nagmaldita nga sa mga MU fans.

  4. This the 30th post of mine. Hanggang nagyon wala pa rig pasabog si Norman. Soo… boring na. Kahit pangit na pictures ni Abesamis, Galeria, Medina, Ganados atbp. para meron tayong balitaktakan kaaagad.

    Patch Magtanong, 27, Philippines.

  5. Rodgil Flores should have transferred half of her girls to MWP, MPE or even Magandang Filipinas. Napakasayang nng panahon nila sa BPP. Mahigit isang taon na.

  6. It’s the right time to give Hannah Arnold the title of Bb. Pilipinas-International 2020/21.

    Then to Justine Felizarta either the Bb. Pilipinas-Globe 2021 or Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International 2021.

    Send Maureen Montagne to Miss Intercontinental.

    Others have more years to join national beauty pageants.

    • Ano na ba ang ganap ngayon sa Binibini? Bakit wala pang bagong post ni Norman? Tuesday na ngayon and so boring. Natutulog lang ba ang mga candidate? He, he, he…

  7. Dito muna ako magko-comment dahil WALA pang bagong magandang post si Norman.

    Leren Bautista was the best performer in 2019 with 2nd runners up finish in Miss Globe. Patch Magtanong followed as she entered the Top. Emma Tiglao was (I believe) underrated as she only reached Top 20. Gazini made it to the Top 20 as one of the wild cards. It means that she was chosen by the MU organization and not by the judges. Resham Saeed only made it to the Top 25 primarily because she did not smile (a lot) and lacked charisma. Only Samantha Lo did not make it to the semifinalist position for obvious reasons many pageant fans know.

  8. I just hope that the BPCI will invite COMPETENT judges for the pageant finals so that the truly deserving girls take home the titles. Baka maulit na naman yung nangyari in 2019 in which they crowned THREE WRONG GIRLS – Ganados, Saeed and Lo. Patch Magtanong should have been the Miss Universe Philippines.

  9. Felizarta and Montagne should be given titles because both are ‘ripe’ and and (almost) at ceiling age.

  10. Additional Notes on Bb. Pilipinas Swimsuit Presentation

    Flor napaka-strict naman ng definition mo ng PAMANGKIN. Anyone who is younger and a very distant relative can still be considered pamangkin or niece. Samantha Panlilio has a toned body but I do not like her physical structure. Mas bagay siya sa body building competition. I think she is tad OVERRATED primarily because of Norman.

    Patricia Babista is liked by straight men because she looks neneng-nene (or virgin na virgin) at yung parang hindi pa nakaranas ng pagkasawi sa pag-ibig. How about you Flor, nasaktan ka na ba? Char! She also needs to workout to improve her physique.

    The Soverign likes a LOT the swimsuit performance of Ms. Tiquestigues. With these adjectives she used – gorgeous, confident, sexy, etc., indeed, the swimsuit presentation of Kimberly is really pang-MU level. She has this Amelia Vega’s vibe – very tall, mahaba ang mukha, so energetic and lovely with her presentation.

    Justine Felizarta is ripe for a title. Wth her nice lean figure, lovable morena beauty, competitive pasarela & stage projection, and very good communication skills, I hope the judges will give the nod. Same with Maureen Montagne who is an experienced contender and nearing the ceiling age.

    It is also about time to award a title to Hannah Arnold either the MI or Mintercon so that she can move on to other national pageants in the next two years. Same with Karen Laurie Mendoza and Gabrielle Basiano, I think they have a good future in MWP. MUP is a very TRICKY platform to join. Alam mo na.

    I believe HALF of the 22/23 KF girls SHOULD TRY their luck in other national pageants next such as MWP, MPE and Mutya Pilipinas. They are Sharon Tampon, Patricia Garcia, Vianca Marcelo, Alexandra Rosales, Erica Quin, Lovely Mercado, Noriza Valerio, Jashmin Dimaculangan, and Graciella Lehmann.

    • @ paul 34 less (4 Independents and 6 A&Q) is twenty-four (24) KF’s. Nabawasan na ‘yan sa lagay na ‘yan kasi nga the likes of Gila Salvador and Vickie Rushton withdrew. SamBer and Rowee Lucero, of course, we know pursued the prize more assiduously, so to speak. 🙂

      MWP atm already has Tarrayo, Vera (?), and Krishnan, among others. MPE, practically KF kaya? MF, Tito Rodgil was part of the Selection along with Mdme. Eva AND ONE OF US HERE. So, I don’t know sa’n pa mai-da-divert ‘yan’g mga sinasabi mo. ‘Eh, parang wala’ng Mutya this year given nag-announce na sila’ng wala muna’ng MAPI, so no point having a Nationals. 😦

      If Maureen is a sure KF crown, and assuming one crown each for A&Q and an Independent, this leaves but ONE (1) KF girl an assured win.

      The way things are panning out now, JUST ME, I think that other KF girl is yours, from Padada…

      Davonna Finley, yes she approved of Kimberley Tiques(2x). But her top pick was Honey, Paolo’s!

  11. There are FIVE (5) queens in the Front Line. I will take this to mean that fifth crown/title is imminent. Gazini will probably crown the ‘Pariwisata’ titlist Blog Master mentioned…

    I hope Bint can grace the Final. 🙂

    … Because if Bint can make it, no reason Mr. Nawatt can’t. Even better if Abena!

    • (Cont.)

      Cartasano will be the one we all will be very happy for if she is included in the Court. She will unite. She will not polarize. Her celebrity manager will be so happy, another show business story to create buzz around. THE ONE COMPLETELY SAFE BET THIS YEAR.

      • Sino o ano yang pariwisata na sinasabi mo Flor? Indonesian based? Please elaborate on this my dear. Thanks.

      • @ paul Kunbanwa… (Night mode pa utak ko atm. LOZ).

        By ‘pariwisata’, I mean to say the ‘BbP-Tourism’ title that Ungkol Norman said usually becomes a tool to lock a potential contender for a title still-under-negotiation. As what happened with Parul; she ended up being BPCI’s first dispatch to Grand.

        Again, I am confident a fifth crown is in the works.

        Kung mag-sho-showbiz si Honey, I want her to be the female adaptation to Cesar Montano’s “Muro-ami” (which also starred the probably even hotter Jhong Hilario). I’m sure you’ve seen that film. I have in mind the women subsistence (?) divers of Okinawa (Japan). But nothing melodrama.

      • Okay Flor, So Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism. Reserved for a franchise the BPP is still looking for or currently under negotiation.

        Ya I’ve watched Muro-Ami. The final scene was so homoerotic with Cesar Montano cuddling Jhong Hilario in the middle of the fire on the ocean. He, he, he…

  12. Preliminary Notes and Observations after the Binibini Swimsuit Presentation

    1. All the candidates have practiced very well their swimsuit pasarela and presentations. No one was bad. But one surprising lady was Kimberly Tiquestiques. Her performance was one of the best if not the best among the candidates. She has the face and the body fit for MU. She has the Amelia Vega’s vibe. I just hope she can improve on her communication skills.

    2. Candidates 13 to 20 (Rosales, Felizarta, Mendoza, Tiques2x, Arnold, Quin, Basiano, and Mercado) who belong to the taller SET of girls have better proportions because they have long torso and legs. Height DOES really matter.

    3. Those who have pretty faces are Sharon Tampon (VP), Vianca Marcelo, Alexandra Rosales, Erica Quin, Jashmin Dimaculangan, Noriza Valerio, Micca Rosal (VP), Karen Mendoza (VP), Hannah Arnold (VP), Gabrielle Basiano (VP), Carina Carino, and Honey Cartasano. VP for very pretty.

    4. Those who have exotic faces are Graciella Lehmann, Alexandra Faith Garcia, Honey Parenas, and Lesley Ann Ticaro. Justine Felizarta and Franchesca Taruc are also a BIT exotic looking.

    5. Not so tall ladies who have very good figures include the following: Micca Rosal, Meiji Cruz, Maureen Montagne, Honey Cartasano, and Jashmin Dimaculangan.

    6. Of the six girls from A&Q, FOUR (Arnold, Mendoza, Carino & Babista) are most likely to enter TOP 12.Three independents: Felizarta, Basiano and Cartasano. From KF Camp are five girls which include the following: Maureen Montagne, Meiji Cruz, Micca Rosal, Patricia Garcia, and Samantha Panlilio.

    7. The following (alternates) have also excellent chances of making it to the Top 12 if they perform well on the pageant finals: Tampon, Marcelo, Rosales, Tiques2x, Quin, Mercado, Taruc, and Valerio. I think HALF of the 22 remaining KF girls SHOULD have RATHER enlisted/transferred to MWP this year.

    8. Girls who are most likely to bring home titles are Arnold, Basiano, Mendoza, and Montagne or Felizarta. But also expect few dark horses to come out on pageant finals.

    Good morning to all.

  13. The swimsuit design and print are unflattering to almost every contestant. The “wings” are tacky, distracting, and very old fashioned. The women tried their best to shine in spite of their awful swimsuits but sadly most of them were unsuccessful in making it work. The show became an infomercial for cheap fabrics. These women deserve better! Please give them better swimwear for the finals.

    • Team Ahas and Kweens spotted! Rather be bitter, congratulate niyo na lang si Rabiya and focus on improving MUP. You can start with having a values seminar for Galema Maledictus and Team Patay Gutom sa US. You are welcome.

      • Correct ka. Bakit ang daming reklamo niya sa buhay. Wala man lang siyang makitang maganda at positibo sa swimsuit presentation ng Binibini. Hay naku!

  14. Of the five Binibini beauty queens –

    1. Gazini tumaba, lumaki ang waistline at mukhang may anak na;

    2. Aya Abesamis – the ULTIMATE P______ and the kasambahay look;

    3. Leren Bautista – sana sumali siya sa MWP this year dahil 28 na siya;

    4. Emma Tiglao has until 2023 to join MWP, MUP & MPE; and

    5. Patch Magtanong – nice lean figure and VERY FRESH LOOKING, pretty, charming and intelligent – -pang Miss Universe talaga!

    Right Flor & Serge? Good evening to all.

      • @ Abcde Anything that stirs excitement down to the ‘barangay level’ ATTRACTS SPONSORS.


        That’s the reason why a certain ‘alpha pageant’ is determined to keep that link with the masses, the ‘jologs’ demographic.

        Unless you want to end up like other brands which insist on the high-end business model, ending up unknown for the most part as a result.

        Pero, kung sa bagay, kanya-kanya nga naman’g trip… But I, for one, think we have been focusing on that one brand for far too long. It’s clearly now a mere shadow of its former grandeur, has seen much better days.

        I’m sticking with my dear sweet Angkol. With him, you see where the money goes. Added value!

        New names are needed! Another world is being built. (KL+)

  15. I like these girls:

    Justine Felizarta
    Hannah Arnold
    Maureen Montagne
    Patrizia Garcia
    Honey Cartasano
    That girl from Iloilo

    • Very good top 6 – 4 titleholders and 2 runners up.

      Hannah Arnold – Bb. Pilipinas-International
      Justine Felizarta – Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International
      Maureen Montagne – Bb. International-Globe
      Karen Mendoza – Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental
      1st Runners Up – Patrizia Garcia
      2nd Runners Up – Honey Cartasano

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