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  1. wrong move po para kay Maureen pag sumali siya sa MUP. Pag isipan pong mabuti. ❤

  2. Na shock lang kayo. Let it settle down first.

    She has the proper experience.
    She has proven to win. Watching her at the ASNTM, she has the humility and grit.
    Her packaging just needs to be “realigned” or just “fine-tuned.”

  3. I think Maureen is model material but not pageant queen material. It’s just the way it is sometimes.

  4. She is pretty, can talk, and has good command of English language. There must be something special about her why she won ANTM. I believe she will be a strong MUP crown contender.

  5. Sinubaybayan ko sila sa asia’s next top model. Maganda sya at mabait. For Miss U, kailangan nyang aralin maging energetic.

  6. I like her… Her whole background, her as a total package and backed with a powerfull passport, she is very winnable… She actually has a greater chance of winning MU than Patch or Ahtisa…. All she needs to do now is establish how Filipino she is just like what Catriona did to make her more relatable to the Filipino Audience.. and some top of the line eye make-up trainning to make her face look like Linda Evangelista… What a great transition of Miss Universe back to Asia through a very recognizable winner of Asia’s next top model…. SHE COULD WIN!

  7. I have watched the entire cycle of ANTM in which Maureen won. Maraming problema kay Maureen most specially in terms of PERSONALITY and ATTITUDE. Parang si Rabiya Mateo, HINDI pa psychologically and emotionally mature. Very INCONSISTENT – sometimes okay, many times hindi. Kailangan PA SIYANG PAGALITAN at PIGAIN ni Yu Tsai so that she CAN DELIVER a very good performance. She is NOT engaging and poor in interpersonal and social skills. At yung boyfriend niya parang hindi rin good influence sa kanya. Mag-aral muna siya and finish a course. Mas makabubuti ito para sa kanya.

    • Mas gusto ko pa si Jachin Manere (ANTM Season 6). She is tall at 5’9″, very pretty and charismatic.

    • Paul… What do you mean by attitude?! I saw the whole AsNTM season as well.. She was barely 18 years old and was being bullied by the other girls throughout the competition… If she can handle that 5 years ago as a teenager and win, she can now more than handle Miss Universe!

      • I agree with you. Pinagtulungan siya nung C5. Even her fellow Filipina (Jennica) bullied her. She was able to handle it at 18. Wala siyang emotional breakdown the whole season despite the bullying she experienced.

      • Agree, Closer. Our impression shouldn’t be stuck with the long before ANTM performance. And I know she is aware of this already.

      • @Renato

        Exactly! If she can win AsNTM at 18 then she can definitely be trained to win MU at 22.

  8. After Rabiya, I want someone elite looking, well-travelled, not necessarily with a degree but can be very cerebral, elegant looking in all aspects and above all a good dresser.

  9. As I said before, SHE STILL NEEDS TO TRAIN. That’s probably another year or so, at least.

    2023 siguro, OK na mag-attempt. NOT YET.

    Ang inilalabas ng kampo, dapat ‘yun’g mga nakaraos na ng Basic Training. So, ‘yun’g mga rine-recruit ngayon, pa’ng next year or two pa ‘yan.

    Tulad nina Anne de Mesa sa MWP, malamang sila ‘yun’g mga trainees ng A&Q from 2019~2020.

    So, ‘yun’g ilalabas ng KF for MUP 2021, WOW I’m excited to know who they are! Steffi,… Maybe.

    OK. Since this marks the end of the #TurningPhenomenal Series of Norman’s Blog, here’s my 10.

    Luigi, Leren, Eloisa, Angela, Chella, Ilocos Norte y Sur, Iloilo, the Cebu Pacific FA vlogger, & ….

    … Either Patch or Steffi. Leaning more towards the former. Pang-2022 si latter… KF, easy lang!

    Sorry. 3V, Russell, and Mackey just do nothing for me. 😦

    Possible Tres Ultima – Magtanong ganadora, Gomez Reserva Primera, y Reserva Segunda… Oh, my gosh can’t decide between Falconer and Jaoud!!!

    Robson can be successor to Abello on the GSM calendar. Blogger will raffle copies to lucky readers! 🙂

    Should I be using ‘virreina’, instead of ‘reserva’? Parang reserba’ng gulong ang arrive. LOLZ.

    Ilocos Norte and Iloilo are officially designated na, nothing any of us can do.

    • @Flor

      Maureen was born and raised in Riyadh for 12 years before relocating to Germany after her mother, Marife Pojas Wroblewitz died. When she was 15 years old, she was scouted by a modeling agent on Instagram (she currently has 1.2million followers), and moved to the Philippines to pursue a modeling career. She is currently 22 years old and is currently a resident of Metro Manila for around 7 years. I believe she speaks English, Tagalog, German, Arabic and possibly Bisaya.. Members of the Pojas clan are scattered all over the Philippines but has a high concentration in Central Mindanao.. Her mom coming from “Vote-Rich” Pangasinan could give her a huge advantage.

      • *And possibly Pangalatok/Pangasinense*… Not sure… I hope she learns it to connect with her relatives…
        Based on my research, her mom is native Filipino w/ some admixtures of Chinese and Spanish just like Pia’s mom…

    • Naku Patch has moved on from pageantry and is engaged with a law firm now. Kaya move on narin tayo…

      I agree with you that Maureen is not ready. Modeling is different from pageantry unless talagang nagtrain na siya for it before deciding to join MUP. Also iba na taste level ng MUO so baka we have to lean towards Leren nalang? Beautiful and statusque and very Pinay noh?

      • @ Bert If Atty. doesn’t, then in my 10-Pick up goes Beatrice Luigi Gomez the pecking order to be my winner. 🙂

        I have absolutely no problem with her being a lesbian.

        And if the Millennial tag team of Chella and Eloisa doesn’t deliver, Leren will be ‘Best in 2nd RU”… KASI BIGLA KO’NG GUSTO’NG IPASOK SI STEFFI, who herself will lose her winning streak, lose to a co-Bb Cebu alum, and end up with the silver.

        CEBU FOR THE FINAL TWO. Which is not bad considering last year all three reps stopped at Semis.

  10. I’m withholding judgement for now. The raw ingredients are there. But she has to transform. I’ve seen many magical transformations from Aces & Queens*. Let’s hope she’ll be one of them.

  11. wala akong maramdaman. maganda si Maureen pero parang yun lang. siguro kasi hindi sya masalita or expressive.

    • I love Maureen and I defended her against her haters back in AsNTM 5, but I’m not sure if she’s for pageants.

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