6 comments on “Magandang Filipinas Official Candidates

    • @ Mik Hi, po! 🙂

      May nag-comment du’n sa video niya’ng inilabas recently… Para ano daw ‘to’ng pageant na ‘to.

      Mag-reply ka naman, na ‘di naman sapilitan ang pag-support sa mga pageants. Kung ayaw niya, Mdme. Eva and team/org will do perfectly fine without him. He won’t even be noticed. 🙂

      I think the point is to have a Nationals prestigious enough so that competing abroad is just a bonus. Examples are MSA*, Miss Russia, Miss France, Miss Polski, Miss Lebanon, and of course those in India because the REAL prize is to penetrate the lucrative ‘Bollywood’ film industry.

      * – Guys, nemen! We all saw the prizes Shudu got.

  1. Yaaahuuuuuu….!

    King of Blog, is Sheika ‘Manglicmot’ synonymous with ‘Calapatia’ of Agoncillo, Batangas?

    Micca Rosal is also ‘Agoncillo, Batangas’ sash? They have the same manager/handler, po?

    Is Sheika somehow related to Modesto ‘Mody’ Manglicmot, THE bonsai ‘sen-sei’ of Philippines??!!

    @ bonsaihater, you want to say something, po? 🙂

    Katherine Topsnik of ‘Province of Bohol’ sounds like some really formidable pageant halfie. Which one is she in the photo grid?

    The ‘eager beaver’ finally resurfaces. Sina Pojas of PMAP at Marie Que na lang. No, King of Blog?

    • (Cont.)

      A pageant bubble in Panglao is possible. PLAN NOW. @ Cool Brew is based there. 🙂

      OF COURSE, a ‘no-filter/beauty-of-face/no-make-up’ Preliminary MUST be the first order of the day. Isn’t it, after all, ‘Maganda’ng Filipinas’?

      A standard shoot format under natural mid-day (maybe, 0700~1000H) sun, with candidates fresh out of the breakfast buffet of the host hotel, in organization-provided ‘uniform’, in groups of 6, for 5 group photos total. Those individually-provided photos just don’t do the job, prone to ‘cheating’.

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