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  1. I believe she was born and raaised in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija… Aside from being a model, actress beauty queen… This mestiza provinciana graduated w/ a degree in Tourism.

  2. Wala namang masama kung halos lahat o lahat biracial ang sumali sa MUP. Pilipino rin sila. Kalahati ng kanilang dugo at laman ay ang pagiging Pilipino. Majority of the 110 million Filipinos are either MULTI-RACIAL and/or BIRACIAL. Nananalaytay sa dugo natin ang lahi (genes) ng mga Malay, Intsik, Indian, Arabo, Kastila, Amerikano, African, Latino, at iba pang Caucasian galing sa Northern Hemisphere. Walang masama. So let’s celebrate diversity in race and ethnicity.

    Another point, pag biracial or multiracial, most LIKELY matangkad din ang kandidata. He, he, he…

    • @ paul Gud PM. 🙂

      It’s interesting you brought this up. I recall a YouTube video that said the world is coming to a point wherein the number of biracial individuals will match the populations of ‘pure’-bloods.

      I think the REAL issue is RESIDENCY. And possibly to some extent, the medium-term plan of the aspirant. After all, why crown somebody who plans on leaving the country for good not long after?

      ‘Di lahat ng may Caucasian extraction, incredibly matangkad. Marian Rivera is a good example. I think also Maureen Wroblewitz isn’t very tall. But yeah. Height is now immaterial at MUP. But this is looking at it on a facial perspective. Puwede’ng malahian ng height while still retaining the ‘india’ face. Like Julia Saubier, who has French DNA and I’ll go ahead and assume it’s from a tall father.

      Sa boys, Stephen Silva of ‘STARSTRUCK’. Portuguese (Brazilian?) dad and mixed Pinay-Tsine mum. Is he still there in Davao City, fren?

      • Flor maayong hapon.

        1. Not ALL. But many biracial beauties are tall. Some are not really that tall but cannot be also considered as pandak.

        2. Yes, not few biracial beauties look very “foreign.” Halimbawa na ang magkapatid na Assunta at Alessandra de Rossi kasi masyadong malakas ang dugong “native” ng kanilang nanay as compared to their Italian tatay. Solenn also does not look very French compared to the Ruais sisters.

        3. What’s wrong if they go home (to their country of origin) after the reign. The important thing is that they should win an international title or crown for PH. Karen Gallman is happily living in Australia but the GLORY is still with the Philippines. Miss Asia Pacific winners Carines Zararoza, Bong Dimayakyak, Lorna Legaspi and MIichelle Aldana all left the country to permanently live abroad. As long as they are able to FULFILL the MINIMUM residency requirement, okay na. After all only BPP is strict with this concern.

        4. Stephen Silva. I do not have info about him. Sorry. He, he, he…

    • @ paul Now that I’ve thought of it some more…

      SANA MAY MA-RECRUIT NA PINA/OY HALFIE NA BLONDE, to rep us internationally.

      Just for the novelty. 🙂

      What I have in mind exactly is the likes of Mirea Llalaguna and Vicent Llorach.

      (In Madrid Spanish, double ‘l’ – ‘ll’ – is pronounced ‘j’, right? So, Gov. Migz ‘Vi-ja-fuer-te…)

      • Hi flor. That’s almost impossible in genetics. Pwede pa siguro of the mother is mixed herself. If you have a filipina and a european gene mixed, more probably makukuha ang ilong, skin tone and the height. Most mixed filipinos nga don’t have light eyes.

      • 1. Napakadali nyan Flor. DALHIN sa PARLOR. Blondie kaagad. He, he, he…

        2. Nakalimutan ko na Spanish (3 units) ko noong college. Mas may matandaan pa ako kunti sa French 10 ko my dear.

  3. It seems the competition is too crowded for half breed. If they are really intent to include everybody regardless of the sexual preferences, height and shape of their body, and their communication skills. let us bring all deserving indigenous people to the pageant.

    • Nasa half-half (biracial) talaga nakasalalay ang malaki nating tsansang manalo. Magandang halimbawa: Pia Wurtzbach, Catriona Gray, Jamie Herrell, at Karen Gallman. And even Ahtisa Manalo. Okay naman IP (o lumad tawag namin dito sa Mindanao). Pero mukhang MAS mainam kung “halfie” rin siya like half Bagobo-half German or half Mandaya-half Dutch or half T’boli-half English. Dapat ang HALF Caucasian talaga para maganda ang resulta. Ganun dapat.

      Kasi kung puro siya mukhang MAS bagay siya sa Hiyas ng Kadayawan and other similar ethnic pageants in the country. Yun lang po. Magalit man kayo sa akin ito ang katotohanang kailangan nating tanggapin sa kasalukuyang estado ng pageantry sa Pilipinas man o sa buong mundo.

      Magandang hapon po sa lahat.

      • I kinda agree.. Historicaly.. 85% of Miss Universe winners are mixed-race, usualy Caucasians mixed w/ other races and vise-versa, even the black girls… Only a few could be considered as pure… The last non-mixed girl who won Miss U was Rio Mori but she was raised in Canada and has dual Citizenship…

        If we want a greater chance of winning Miss U.. We need to send a Filipina w/ a mix of Asian(Indian &/or Chinese) & Caucasian w/ Spanish, English, Portuguese, & German heritage with a very powerful passport…

        Maureen Pojas Wroblewitz’ multicultural background, speaks at least 4 languages and has a very powerfull german passport fits the bill perfectly…

      • Correct C2F. Magkasundo tayo ngayon. He, he, he… Maayong hapon diha nimo.

      • Fyi @Closer2Fame Riyo doesn’t have dual citizenship ( how old was she when she competed?) Japan doesn’t allow dual citizenship for 22 years old above.

      • @Namrata

        Rio was 20 years old when she competed at Miss Universe.😊

      • @closer2fame I think technically Iris Mittenaire is the last non mixed winner. She is just a brunette white french woman. As to winners from Latin America, like 2014,2013,2008,2009,2010 expected NAMAN talaga na mixed SILA because of latin america’s history. But I think Ximena Navarette is a criollo, even Dayana Mendoza.

      • @Diana

        I did not include Iris because according to Ethnicelebs website… She is French-Belgian…

      • @Diana

        That is like saying a Filipino-Chinese is not mixed because they are all Asians… Anyway, Rio Mori’s ancestry on all sides are all Japanese from ancient Shoganates of Japan..

      • @closer2fames you can’t compare French and Belgians to Chinese and Filipinos because it’s incomparable. Filipinos are Austronesians and Chinese aren’t. They’re mostly Han. Belgians and French are caucasians. And btw they share the same language and border too.

      • @ Diana Hayden Could you clear this one out for me, please?

        The French side of Belgium is Flanders, speaks Flemish? The German side is Wallonia, right?

        @ Blogger Dude (aka, Norman) Were you able to ask Baeyens and Amelinckx where they trace roots? Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, or Bruges? I am spelling everything correctly, right? 🙂

  4. I ran into the blog end of 2015, kaya ‘di ko na nahalata ang ganaps nu’ng taon na ‘yun. WOW, I missed a LOT… Not the least of which was Pia’s crowning as MUP (I’ll use the term, not BBPU).

    I just found out yesterday after googling some old Missosology articles that Parungao’s batch mates included apart from Tiglao, Telle Abello and Vianca Louis Marcelo. 🙂

    And there I was earlier this year saying I want MUP-Aklan to be the next MWP. LOLZ.

    Via was one of the KF girls that arranged for a Meet with pageant press-&-media (others were Meiji and of course SamPan). For some reason, her look/face stuck with me so that at the NatCos video of BBP 2021 I immediately recognized, despite not knowing the number assignments and not hearing/seeing her name…

    Dami’ng Fil-Kiwi. But THE ONE that TRULY MATTERS is nowhere… Kahit siya pa i-appoint ni Boss ALV for 22 August in Malopolska, I won’t oppose. Na-interview na siya sa PN’s. 😦

    • (Cont.)

      Master Blogger, surely with all these AP’s acting as de facto head hunters for Boss Jonas, ask them to locate someone who resembles strongly Charlotte Ayanna (MTUSA 1993, born ‘Lopez’).

      Watch Ricky Martin’s music video for ‘She’s All I Ever Had’. Juice me! Her eyes, like GEMS. 🙂

      We saw Boss Comm’s new Instructions. Parang free-for-all ang mangyayari… Fans would be given a say, though very nice gesture, seems chaotic… Pa’no, for example, several applicants from Mandaue City even though in principle that sash is already reserved for Aberrasturi? Ka-buang! 😦

      Ta’s, what about ‘yun’g castings ng KF at A&Q? Hiwalay pa ‘yun? ANG GULO.

      • @Flor. I love Charlotte Ayanna. Her story is very inspiring. She had spent most of her teenage life in foster homes. Her foster parents were watching from the stand while she was crowned Miss Teen USA. What an emotional moment. She has been a spokesperson for fosterchildren since then.

      • @ serge That would make a good topic for discussion among beaucon candidates.

        If you were orphaned, would you rather an orphanage? Or, a family to adopt you, or a foster home arrangement wherein you move continually from one family to another?

        That’s three options. If the pageant organization can invite a speaker from the Social Welfare Ministry to break all that down… Just thinking out loud; no bearing on Diana Mackey. 🙂

      • @flor. For me, I prefer to be adopted by a family than to move continually from one family to another. As compared to fostering, adoption provides an environment where there is deeper emotional attachment, stronger sense of belongingness, and more genuine commitment between adoptive/foster parents and foster/adopted child

  5. Sapat kaya ang drive ng mga halfies to win an international crown?
    Ang dami na nila at karamihan talaga ay umuuwi sa Pinas to compete dito.Ayaw nila sa kung saan sila lumaki.

  6. My favorite to win MEP in 2015
    Still , Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, 24, Philippines !!!!
    Janine has spoken
    MJ and Shamcey need to follow suit .


    • Mukhang may katotohanan ang sinasabi mo Paquita X. Magandang umaga sa lahat.

    • They were enlisted as Bb Pilipinas Universe & A&Q alumnae to be part of the judging panel at MUP 2020, so this really isn’t a revelation. Geez.

    • @ PAQUITA X, @ paul, & @ SQ And apparently, kailangan cowboy ka, like MJ…

      Cowgirl. 🙂

      (Tama ‘yun’g sinabi dati nu’ng isa sa ‘tin! Imagine kung either Bella or Mitch were sent, ta’s ganito ang mangyayari… the ‘gallivanting’… Who among us said ‘gallivanting’? ‘Sus. Baka kay Bella pa lang, mapahiya na sila. I’m sure her family can very easily manage things on their own, MUPO’s help unnecessary.)

      (But that being said, it’s also possible Boss Jonas needs someone who can resonate with the Fil-Am expatriate community… Perhaps they are an integral part of his success, his plans. Auguri!)

  8. Sali kayong lahat sa MUP. Para making palabigasan kayo ng mga PATAY GUTOM.

  9. Perfect for MI. Wag ka sa MUP girl. Masasayang ka. Chakarot org na walang integrity.

  10. She had a (national) pageant experience and it seems she has learned (based on the video) many good things from joining the said contest. Then her showbiz exposure must have helped her with stage and camera projection, in developing her confidence & interpersonal skills, and working with different types of people in (relationship) the allied industry.

    As shown in the video, Diana is very comfortable facing the camera, very conversational with her online audience, and appears to be relatable. So I think she is an excellent candidate for the next edition of Miss Universe Philippines.

    Good luck!

  11. Wow… she looks like the sister of the Venezuelan Holywood actress- Patricia Velasquez…

    The semi-finalists of this year’s MUP would surely be star-studded! If it’s not Patch Magtanong or Ahtisa Manalo… I don’t know who’s gona win…. 😱

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