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  1. Patch my dear June 24, 2021 ang deadline sa application ng MUP. Don’t forget.

    • @ paul Loco ka! Mali pa’ng date binigay mo… Ikaw pa magigi’ng dahilan ng kasadlakan niya.



      Enjoy the mid-week.

      • Thank you Flor. He, he, he… Sana may maglagay ng tarpaulin sa harapan na bahay nila encouraging her to join and reminding her of the deadline. Maayong hapon sa imo Flor.

  2. Just train (very well) and push Patch to become a fierce and competitive candidate.

  3. Now it makes a lot more sense why Patch was sent to MI. She is a type B personality that really suits the Japanese brand. If only they made her a bit fresher and carefree in the styling during the finals night then she could have had a chance to get a coronita at least.

      • No,as much as a I love Patch, we need someone who can be sweet with a bit of palaban attitude for MUP. She does not tick the palaban box. She could be just another Rachel Peters type personality. MI was her destiny. Let’s not push her to do something that will be entirely out of her comfort zone in terms of personality.

        I like Nicole’s personality despite the fact that she looks attention grabbing sometimes but in this casual talk with patch, she’s very friendly and has good comedic timing without putting Patch in an uncomfortable situation.

      • Mine is the 40th post. Kailangan lang ni Patch na PIGAIN ng A&Q at ni JG para maging PALABAN. Ha, ha, ha…

  4. Bea Patricia Magtanong is still my TOP choice for the 70th edition of MU in Costa Rica. She is tall, beautiful (& beauty transforms depending on make up & styling), intelligent, nice & personable, and communicates well with people. Patch is also not intimidating to other candidates, so I am pretty sure she will do well with other contenders, the press and pageant fans.

    My TWO other alternates are Ahtisa Manalo and Steffi Aberasturi. Sila lang dalawa at wala ng iba. Ano tingin mo Flor? He, he, he…

    • Para ALL STARS in the coming MUP, these girls should join:

      1. Ahtisa Manalo,
      2. Steffi Aberasturi,
      3. Mary Emma Tiglao,
      4. Leren Mae Bautista,
      5. Michelle Dee,
      6. Cynthia Tomalla,
      7. Kelly Day,
      8. Diana Mackey,
      9. Samantha Bernardo, and
      10. Bea Patricia Magtanong

  5. It is fun to watch these 2 future sisters-in-law having enjoyable conversation.

    • Not in the near future (2 years) Serge because Patch is still going to represent our country in Miss Universe.

      • @fabian, As i analyze Patch’s line of thought, it seems she has no definite plan yet. Let me put it this way, as long as she is still qualified and until MUP releases its final roster of official candidates, nobody can say with finality that she is retired from pageantry.

      • Angkol Fabs ikaw lang ang ayaw sumali sa MUP si Patch. Ha, ha, ha… How is summer in New York my dear?

      • Tama ka Serge. Nakikiramdam lang si Patch sa mga nangyayari sa loob ng Philippine Pageantry for her next move. He, he, he…

      • @ serge There is NO assurance Patch will win MUP. She could lose it all in the end. If that happens, will we as fans be at peace with a Runner-up finish?

        At yaman rin lang at ganito ang magigi’ng galawan, aba ‘eh I might as well join my voice in convincing another 27 year-old BBP alumna to give it one last go. Alleged attitude notwithstanding.


        I really am not too crazy about an ‘all-stars’ edition playing out. But if it will help pull in revenue for MUPO and retain valued sponsorships, I guess I’ll just have to eat my fried… hotdog. With 2 eggs.

        Basta. My initial 5-Pick consisting of LLEAC stays. Kung gora si Patitay, i-add ko na lang siya.

  6. Still Ysabel Roxas Ysmael,24 , Philippines !!!

    MUP , you have already found a gold . Take her ! Take her ! She’s the rightful successor , anyway.

    • I just find her head a bit big for her body frame in several photos and videos.

    • Ysabel Roxas Ysmael, 24, Miss Paranaque Marshland!

      Bea Patricia Magtanong, 27, Philippines!

  7. Patch is a lot prettier without her pageant make up on
    I wonder where she went to high school. She sounds very classy … unlike Gazini Rabiya etc who look very provincial.

  8. Sana mag-try pa sya sa MUP while she is still eligible. At para hindi mabigyan ng chance ang mga pandak!😀😂😁

  9. I think kailangan niya lang nang kaunting PILIT from A&Q. Pilitin siyang sumali para masaya (at exciting) ang labanan sa 70th edition ng MU sa Costa Rica. Ganyan lang siya pa-hindi-hindi, low profile muna. Anyway, she is still eligible until next year kung hindi pa siya mag-aasawa.

  10. I think Ms Magtanong would fit a Miss America type of pageant. 👑

  11. I think Patch was sent to the wrong pageant. MI is looking for a conservative soft-spoken marm; MU is looking for a liberal outspoken empowerment advocate. If she were sent to MU that time, she would have given Zozi a stiff competition on the Q&A. @Flor, I didn’t see any trace of shyness in her during the interview, but humility especially in the candid conversation with the elder sister of her boyfriend.

    I still believe she would be our best hope to reclaim the MU crown back to the Philippines in the December MU edition, and rekindle the pivot-to-Asia that has been gainng momentum in the past years.

    • @ scorg & @ Closer2Fame

      In any case, at least Patch got an easy assignment (Nicole said so, that MI was peanuts for someone like Atty.) and she enjoyed her time in Japan. Better, MIO seems to have had a good impression of her (the post-pageant sponsor visit with reps from Finland, France, Hong Kong, and Singapore); after all, you don’t send over someone who could cast the brand in an undesirable light. Point is, Patch is NICE.

      It’s very clear she’s immersed in study now and pageantry has taken the ride to the sunset. “Naiinggit nga ako tuwing nakikita ko ‘yun’g mga kasabayan ko… Nauna na sila”.

      I have to agree with @ Fabian Reyes. Atty. has moved on. Let her be.

  12. Naalala ko tuloy, nu’ng 2019 BBP, sinasabi dito sa blog na dapat si Patitay ang ipadala sa MU kasi nga lawyer siya and she could bond easily with Cheslie Kryst and the other attorneys-at-law competing. Now we find she is shy. ‘Eh ang MUSA, very loquacious. ‘Di kaya nasindak din? 🙂

    That she enjoyed Japan means she got the right assignment. Her ‘not A, but B’ personality was just perfect for that literal and figurative walk in the (Ashikaga) park. I’m convinced now that sending her to MU might have pressured her unduly. The ENTIRE time she competed at MI, she was RADIANT, as though no care in the world could bog her down. She was lucky!

    For MI 2021, we need to find the one who will allow the events around her to influence her thoughts in a positive way. Definitely NOT the ‘full-of-oneself’ type!

    Atenista si Nicole, no?

    Josh must be REALLY tall, considering he was also a PMAP model and Patch is herself on the tall side.

    I’ll take this opportunity to repeat my request for the return of the ‘good old times’ – crowning in one-piece swimwear, with cape. Cape with bespoke t’nalak print along the edge. PLEASE. Kahit wala na’ng flowers.

    Are Angkol and Mdme. Tere coming? I suddenly miss Lala Guedes… And will Ivana Batchelor try pageantry again? If I’m not mistaken, the Guatemalan is only 18 or 19… Anybody with info? Thx!

    • She’s not shy…. she’s just quiet in the company of her boyfriend’s family that is all… 🙄🤪

      • She knows when to be shy. But on stage I do not think she is shy. Go Bea for MU!

  13. This interview is really crucial.. I can’t imagine being interviewed by my future sister-in-law to be posted on social media..

    She did not like Business Economics and yet she graduated Cum Laude at UP?! Whuuuuuttttt?!!!!!! E paano pa pag gusto nya course nya?!!!

    I agree w/ Nicole.. Patch’s answer- Angelina Jolie was so much better than if she answered Ruth Bader Ginsburg… It made her more relatable.

    I love how she’s motivated by things that she struggled with…. The kind of person who’s up for the challenge of reclaiming our powerhouse title even if the odds are against her… She is our Miss Universe!

    I admit, medyo hindi ako natuwa dun sa answer nya about her ideal leader… Halatang-halata na history is the least of her interests… Nway, sana malaman mo yan in time kasi baka ako pa mismo mang bash sayo. 🙄

    • @ Closer2Fame Competence, integrity, vast knowledge, promises kept.

      These are the ‘four winds’ of Atty. BPM’s compass. Her galleon will go far. 🙂

      Sir, kayo po ang dalubhasa pagdating sa NatCos. You saw Ticaro’s (Bb32)? WOW. May ‘reveal’ pala ‘yun’g ‘waling-waling’! I liked that the ‘throat’ of the flower was in plain yellow. And the petals bobbed playfully as if jungle breeze was passing through. Looked good in motion, too. Winner.

      @ paul I’m afraid Mercedez Pair might have discontinued… Kaya, 34 na lang from previous 35. 😦

      All in all, I liked how the NatCos Showcase panned out. Starting with Bb1 Sam P.’s ‘motherland’ to Bb34 Honey P.’s ‘warrior’, it started and ended STRONG.

      Mendoza’s ‘bulalacao’ and Montaigne’s Edwin Uy should face off in an online superhero duel!

      Wise move on Cinderella’s part to have her ‘goldfish’ preview right at the margin of the Rio de CDO.

      Because she withdrew, we did not see Hazel Ortiz’s (own) Edwin Uy revelation. Cenarosa of Pototan, Iloilo was an early fave of mine for the ‘terno’s’ weave effect, fishtail hem, and correctly-used ribbon but yeah she, too, was among the ‘casualties’.

      • Flor I hope Mercedes Pair will devote her time to her ailing mother. She can come back next year or when the pandemic is over. Good morning to all.

  14. she’s joining >? … I thought she wants to focus on her legal career
    I am so eager to know what is up with her !

    • Tahimik muna si Patch. Bago ang pasabog nang pagsali niya. Wait lang muna my dear. He, he, he…

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