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  1. T2 Norms, humanap ka ng halfie na hawig ni Liv Tyler.

    Go watch Aerosmith’s music video for “Crazy”. The raven-haired babe. 🙂

    • (Cont.)

      Nadya Hutagalung (predated Donita Rose at MTV Asia), I’ve said here before, looks like Liv Tyler. I am repeating what Mike Kasem said at the time… Anak ni Casey Kasem of MTV USA. 🙂

      Nadya is Dutch-Indonesian. Refer to post on the Dutch Misters. But yeah, Indonesia was colony.

      Also Dutch-Indonesian is Intan Aletrino, who if I’m not mistaken finished better than Eden in Supra.

      Intan Aletrino looks like… Katy Perry with some Aurra Karishma mixed in.

      I want Tarrayo for Nowy-Sacz. Am not convinced Pajares’ Armed Forces reservist status will resonate with Boss Gerhard. But, should get attention at an India-based pageant; they’ll dig her!

      Now, as for the three Fil-Kiwi’s, I am getting the most connection with ‘Nueva Ecija’. Least with 3V, whom I find too editorial with her somewhat weird face. Russell, generic ‘mestiza’ beauty in these parts but elsewhere would not warrant a second glance. BUT, 3V with her alien-almost look, could and for that very reason! Boss Jonas can send her to Supermodel International; Thais can appreciate the edgy.

      Speaking of Boss Jonas, hope he already found another good Fil-Am to rep us at Manhunt. Kasi otherwise, ‘yun’g panganay ni Marina Benipayo ang ma-a-appoint, as next in the titular hierarchy.

  2. Pseudo Pinays applying in Pinoy pageants:
    “Oh I’m very Pinay, I love Pinoy food. I love lompya and pahnseet.” 😶

  3. halfies candidate must lived in the Philippines atleast 75% of their life time. this is to ensure they know our language, history, heritage, and culture.

  4. Stop supporting these kind of candidates. They don’t know anything about the Philippines or anything about the culture or language. These kind of girls are just there to get exposure and take away the opportunities from the rightful candidates….Karen Gallman at least know how to speak her dialect. Her accent speaking it is so cute and authentic. Not sure about Catriona, but that girl did her homework and research. So I do respect those two girls!

    • Number in the list of this type of girls is Celeste Cortesi. HAHAHAHAHAH. The audacity of her fans to push her to join BBP or MUP.

    • @ Ver Karen is Filipina by birth – in Ubay, Bohol.

      Both formative and elementary school years here. Went to Australia for secondary & tertiary educ.

      Similar trajectory with Justine Felizarta, though she is ‘pura’. Padada, Davao del Sur born and raised. Accent is Canadian English.

      I’ve not heard Justine speak in ‘Mindanao Cebuano’, but I’ll assume she is just as adept as Karen is in Bol-anon. Our @ paul is the linguist; he explained this stuff before. He’s Illonggo, but as we see he’s the life of our parties and himself the local expert in the Davao Region pageantry scene.

      Quite a number of us here are Ilocana/o, apparently.

      Catriona came here after modelling in Thailand in her teens, ‘ata. Has been here since… Then, went to Berklee College in the USA for Music Theory, came back, then MWP, etc. etc. Correct?

      Catriona speaks Tagalog like a native. Complete with sward lingo. 🙂

      • Cool, that I did not know, but still admire her and Cat for knowing the culture/learning it.

  5. Even the caliber of our filler queens have definitely leveled up! Gorgeous.. NEXT!

  6. Hindi na naman Pilipino. Uuwi lang dito para sumali ng pageant tapos sasabihin Pilipino. After ng pageant, babalik na uli ng bansang pinagmulan. Tigilan na natin pagsuporta sa mga ganitong oportunistang pageant girls na gusto lang gawing pamunas ng kahirapan ang Pilipinas.

  7. Hard to consider anyone claiming to be Filipino if they cannot even speak Tagalog or any Filipino dialect fluently.
    Language is one of the key factors that represents a person’s culture.
    Kung mahal mo ang kultura at lahi mo, aaralin mo ang lengwahe mo.
    Mas diretso pa mag Tagalog mga puting missionaries na kilala ko sa kanya.

  8. Uma- awrang Oxana ang Gandahh!! But am getting some Bratty- Citygirl- vibe ala Sandra Lemonade!!
    ..who seemed to be both eternally attached to their iPhones like its their Umbilical cord to Fame & Monetized- Fortune!!.. and may i say she only stands 5’5″!.. Indeed,Maria Thattil has got some Cherifer Wannabees rightafter her plausible MU Top 21 soireè.

    • No no girl. Sandra is not bratty. Bulok lang MUP at di siya makasalita because of the NDA. Kaya it appeared na bratty siya. Kalokang mga bekle. Fake glitz and glam ang betchina.

  9. Maybe for other pageants such as Bb. Pilipinas (good for MI & MGI) or MWP (good for Eco, Multinational or RHA). Not yet for MUP this year.

  10. WHY?

    At first I was captivated simply by the beauty of her face. But then I watched the vlog and checked out her Instagram. I’m only getting pretty-young-thing vibes which works for influencers but definitely not beauty queens.

    Flor brings up a good point regarding the commitment of some of these biracial beauties to the country…

    Other thant that, Steffi A. seems to have confirmed her participation in this year’s MUP with her latest IG post.

  11. Oh, here we go again with Pinay biracial beauties with perhaps questionable commitment to the country…

    Franki Russell, Victoria Velasquez Vincent, Kim Layne… I’ll even include Maureen Montaigne*. Hannah Arnold if I wish to twist my own arm, lolz. But at least these latter two have an edge because pageant bosses have at one point or another expressed interest in them (Angkol and Mias Pilar-Alcantara, respectively).

    It felt clearly genuine with Catriona and Karen Gallman. Their circumstances were more grass-roots and tangible/tactile. 🙂

    I doubt MU would buy the argument of these ladies being effective in terms of articulating Filipina-ness beyond having the extraction. Their strength is that here they are adored as glamor pusses, which is indeed cool; I wouldn’t mind the attention and affection. But as ambassadors, I don’t know. Issue still boils down to sufficient residency, whatever and however the relevant laws prescribe.

    (Si Mau Wrob ba, laki’ng ‘Pinas?)

    I’ll still go with a clear local! Leren, Luigi, Angela, Eloisa, and… One more from this series, coming.

    (Kung sa bagay, puwede’ng panlima ko ‘yun’g mystery hopeful na ka-siyudad ni Blogger. Pero mahirap na, kasi ‘di ako 100% sure na siya nga… I hope siya nga but even then ayaw ko ma-pressure, kaya I would postpone her participation until at least AFTER the Telemundo deal ends.)

    (And if it turns out I was dead wrong, and I find no one to my taste hereon, Chella. Though Chella does sound somewhat not having spent formative years here, I’ll assume she’s been around long enough considering she was Runner-up to Chelsea Fernandez at MBP 2020. Besides, I’m a huge fan of Misamis Oriental!)

    (Now I’m vacillating… Swap Angela for Chella. At least I have a Mindanaoan in mi cinco ultima.)

    (Or, kung i-po-postpone ko rin lang si “PCity”, ‘eh ‘di might, as well, go L-L-A-E-C. Yown!)

    (* – Puwede na rin siguro for MI, BASTA magustuhan ng org. Let it come from the org. Their indulgence.)

    • Flor, can we still count on Leren? Didn’t MUPH say “under 28 years of age”? Tito Norms, kindly clarify this for us.

      • @ Madame X Says so on the flyer. Refer to previous post on Height Requirement scrapping.

        Ngayon, kung December/year-end ang MU, and assuming waived nga sa August deadline for name submission by ND’s ang ‘Pinas, at OCTOBER para exacto one year since crowning nina Rabiya (going by a standard one-year contract),… kailan ba kaarawan ni Leren? 🙂

        Jeanette Akua and Estefania Soto were 29 in Hollywood, Florida, but both placed still… So, I’m not too worried with the age thing kung placement rin lang habol natin.

        Joanne Flores was ‘Laguna’ last year. I wonder if she and Leren have the same manager/AP. But I can imagine at least three HUCC’s as additional participants – Cities of Calamba, Sta. Rosa, and San Pablo. In fact, parang nga’ng may ‘San Pablo City’ last year. ‘Di ko lang maalala kung sino.

      • Leren Mae Bautista does NOT the suited “personality” for MU. Ahtisa is FAR better or even Steffi Aberasturi.

      • correction: does not HAVE the “APT personality”

        She is too boring and reserved like Maricar Balagtas in 2004.

    • @Flor

      Maureen was born and raised in Riyadh for 12 years before relocating to Germany after her mother, Marife Pojas Wroblewitz died. When she was 15 years old, she was scouted by a modeling agent on Instagram, and moved to the Philippines to pursue a modeling career. She is currently 22 years old and is currently a resident of Metro Manila for around 7 years. I believe she speaks English, Tagalog, German, Arabic and possibly Bisaya.. Members of the Pojas clan are scattered all over the Philippines but has a high concentration in Central Mindanao.

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