7 comments on “Roni Meneses for Miss Philippines Earth 2021

  1. After MWP Screening, interviewing MPE candidates naman. Thanks to ‘jabs’, Herr Norms can resume his ‘flights’. 🙂

    Guy in suit, with cropped mane, is La Sallian?

      • @ Norman Master, mawala’ng-galang (ulit). Pero, I don’t think it was a wise move to post that pep.ph article on your FB page, po.

        (Unrelated to MPE. So, OT.)

        Paano makaka-move on, kung repeatedly avenues are provided for sentiments such as that?

        Yes, she is very much loved and she is not barred from enjoying her sisters’ journeys. But she is worth some respectful silence and distance. That’s hard to accomplish if fans are not reined in.

        We have to start letting go. It’s almost mournful, the reaction. And that’s counterproductive. More stoicism will be good at a time like this. If everybody’s crying, we’ll all drown in tears. Someone needs to man the life -boats and -jackets. The whole point is to SURVIVE. And forge on/ahead.

        To get you into the mood, listen to Destiny Child’s “Survivor” and “Bootylicious”.

        Enjoy the weekend. The Independence was hard-won. And that’s why I love her, Miss Independent. That’s Ne-Yo, btw.

  2. I don’t know if it’s a good thing, but she looks like past winner Karen Ibasco

      • Did you mean my comment was cheeky (showing a lack of respect or politeness in a way that is amusing or appealing) or that she has cheeky cheeks?? Both lol..

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