8 comments on “Pageantry Norms S5E4 Teaser: “The Dutch Misters”

    • @ Bert Berting Handsome, truth! Some of the most memorable Europeans in male pageantry in recent years were. 🙂

      Paul Luzineau (here), Cris Veltkammp, and Ennio Fafieanie. And by all accounts, mabait sa fans!

      Ennio, in particular, had a most interesting time after finishing well in Supranational. ASEAN admirers hosted his eventful work-holiday in the region. Then, just as he was getting ready to rep Netherlands at Mister Global, he came down with a parasitic infection which landed him in the hospital. It was surmised he picked the bug up at some point in that time he was ‘tripping’. Last I read/heard, he was recovered and strength regained. But I don’t think he will continue with the Global campaign, as the latest promotions do not feature him. (Php bet is Mico Angelo Teng)

  1. Cheese? Edam. Aka, ‘queso de bola’ in our part of the world. ‘Marca Pato’ (Duck Brand) is known.

    Master painters? Johannes Vermeer. ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’.

    Canals of Amsterdam? Comes to mind music video of “5 o-clock” by T-Pain, Whiz Khalifa, and Lily Allen.

    In Utrecht and The Hague, I think, are some one-of-a-kind botanic collections, @ paul. 🙂

    In fact, ‘yun’g venue niyan’g Finals, parang greenhouse… I saw the videos. Very fraiche and lush!

    Fil-Dutch? Erik Visser… Boss Norman, wala pa ba update kung kailan at saan, po, ang laban? 😦

    ‘Ay. ‘Di kasama sa guest line-up si Robin… ‘Di bale. Kasama naman si Batman. I just hope DNMO* gives him the Nowy-Sacz assignment; I will assume DNMO holds the Supra franchise.

    TANGKAD ng pambato nila sa MHI! Matangkad pa sa reigning titlist. But I doubt a b2b is possible.

    If MotW-Belgium makes it to the Finals, he will be the European-to-beat. Though I think the crown will stay in the Asia-Pacific for reason-we-all-know-too-well-by-now… That being said, Tjardo has an angelic face!

    One of us said she/he doesn’t like ‘flood pants’ (here). Please acknowledge, sino ka man, po.

    * – De Nederlandse Misters organization.

    • (Cont.)

      Guys, while you’re at it, try to catch the Scarlett Johansson film of the same title.

      (I was thinking she was Dutch… Danish pala, lolz.)

      And another music video – a nine(9)-minute PACKED saga by JT, about Lady Justice catching up.

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