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  1. Mine is the 40th post. Asan ka na Voltaire to defend the “height concern/issue’ of MUP?

  2. Ang masasabi ko lang talaga is malas na or wrong timing na ang pagkuha ng MUP sa mu franchise ngayon na “sunset” industry na ang pageantry. BbP has the MU franchise when it was still the heyday of MU in the 70s 80s and early 90s. I personally think it goes downhill after CBS and Trump bought it in 1995.

    • @Diana: That’s why it is trying to reinvent itself. Leveraging on technology is one initiative. Another is capitalizing on its fan base to win sponsorships from companies who are also looking at the same market base. A lot have yet to be done, but the initial steps are already showing.

  3. Congratulations to Voltaire Tayag! Just like any other businesses, any pageant organization that is serious about its corporate social responsibility should put brand messaging front and center of its public image management. The choice of a respected multi-awarded journalist to handle MUPH’s external and internal communications is one more step towards professionalizing pageantry in the Philippines, a country that is fast becoming to be the epicenter of global pageant industry development.

    A global business whose service is channeled through a platform where beautiful young women can promote their advocacies needs a professional communications practitioner to manage the use of such a branded resource.

  4. I have nothing against gays but MUP should enlist more women in the organization.
    May problema talaga kasi pag puro bakla ang namamahala sa isang pageant org.

    • @ JustPassingBy Beki din sina Bosses M (Marketing) at N (Legal)?


      Look. We have to acknowledge as well na kaya ganyan ‘yan’g set-up is SCHOOLMATES (UP) sila… Siyempre, you tend to aggregate with those with whom commonality is shared.

      Ganito na lang. WHY NOT EXTERNAL PARTIES to ‘liven’ up the brew ? Maybe, different…Country?

      Some local firms do it – HIRE/BRING IN FOREIGN TALENT/EXPERTISE. For a fresh perspective.

      • That is exaclty the problem Flor. Not only in pageantry but also in the whole national system. Nandyan yung classmate, kamag anak, kakilaa ni ganito, nirecommend ni ganito kaya ang bansa hindi umaasenso in the real sense of the word. Look at Vietnam’s trajectory which poised to overtake the Philippines in just a matter of time.

  5. Aside from being a spokesperson of the organization, Ano pa ba job description ng Director for Communication? publicity?

    Anyway, because of my candid opinion which “I don’t have plan of changing” yan si Voltaire T at Adam G ang nam-block saken sa Instagram! Nevertheless, kahit naman mag-audit ng mga opinion both in these blog or in instagram, hindi ko kakainin yung mga pinagsasabi ko because 90% is totoo or nagkatotoo!

    Akala ko mami-miss ko sila pero sa dami ng pageant page sa Instagram at sa dami ng mga repost, mas advance pa nga yung nasasagap ko!

    Good luck to him! May he able to maintain his calm demeanor!

    • @ Fabian Reyes The subject is a good friend of the blogger. Says so at the get-go. 🙂

      What this means for Voltaire is the end… Of freedoms that come with the fellowships of pageant correspondence, now that himself is committed to just one brand. Thought the biggest one.

      It’s like ‘hello, I am so happy for you (see end of same statement)’ and ‘farewell’ simultaneously.

      You probably don’t like him because if I’m not mistaken he was among those who supported Nikita McElroy.

      • @ Closer2Fame ‘Yun nga, ‘eh! ‘Di naman bawal mag-support ng gusto mo’ng candidates, dili ba?

        Although here in the blog at the time, many were saying na below-par ang performance niya sa state pageant ‘ata… But even then I got a sense of race/skin-color animosity.

        (I recall my own turn at expressing support for the dusky-skin-&-frizzy-hair beaucon aspirant. Not here. I got a PALPABLE ICY silence from the group…)

        Mukha naman’g nag-dissipate na ang ganu’ng feeling, if the reception to Skelly and Apriel were any indication… Even at MUT, Sirilux was in some foreign pageant pages’ Top Picks! 🙂

        It wasn’t tokenism that put Skelly and Apriel in the semi’s last year. It was merit. Theirs.

  6. So, I guess this means he is no longer connected to that news organization in any capacity.

    This means we will hear very little directly of Boss MG, henceforth. Aaawww….

    (I think I hear an Imam broadcasting morning prayers, out in the still-darkness…)

    (Chilly start to the day, +8-GMT. But it should warm considerably before too long.)

    In any case, congratulations to now-Boss VT and as MUPO mouthpiece, this Press has questions.

    1) MUPO-Pampanga has put out a Casting for both sashes, prefecture and City of Angels. What sash will now be accorded to Robson?
    2) Two Ashties were reported (article seen in FB page of Ungkol Tinio) in talks with an Iloilo LGU for the latter to host the 2nd edition. Where are these discussions now?
    3) When will Inday Ibyang treat her fans to ‘Balasan’ suman, like she said she would shortly after winning the Nationals?

    • (Cont.)


  7. Well, well! Miss Earth shouldn’t accept candidates who have accountant friends. Haha!

  8. Kaya pala pro-MUP and Ahas and Kweens lagi posts nito sa IG despite the obvious blunders. Hahahaha. We lost objective pageantry people in Tito Norms and Voltaire. Iba talaga kamandag ni Galema Maledictus. Mapanira sa Philippine pageantry. He should look back where it started para makita niya maganda niyang simula. Ngayon? Trash.

      • Nope Team Ahas and Kweens supporter. Pero yun independent. Si Voltaire at Tito Norms, devoid of it na. I admire pa naman both until MUP happened.


        Ah, so mayabang si Mama J & MUP because they didn’t want to be amateur pageant coaches forever & so they took the initiative to go for the Miss Universe franchise because they believed they deserved to be financially compensated for their work in pageantry?

        So in order to avoid being mayabang, dapat alamin natin ang lugar natin & remain employee/volunteer forever?

        Mayabang din ba si Cory Quirino when she took the Miss World franchise from BPCI? And Arnold Vegafria when he took Supranational from BPCI?

        Make it make sense.

      • How dare you compare THE Cory Quirino to the evil witch. Hahahahahaha. SQ, halatado ka na. DDS lang ang peg? Nothing wrong seen with Team Ahas and Kweens and Galema Maledictus? Kahit isa wala? Invalid lahat ng criticisms? That is excatly the problem. They do not listen and see what is wrong with them. That is why we want them to look back sa dating passionate and full of integrity na Team Aces. Haaaaays. MUP! Inuna pa pag-appoint kay “di na objective” Voltraire kaysa pag-congrats sa sinayang nilang si Rabiya. Hahaha. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE, Ms/Mr PRO-CORRUPTION na Team Ahas and Kweens supporter/member.

  9. Kaya pala he’s been defending the org from the likes of Titas. Lol!

    • Diba? Hindi lang pala ako nakakapansin. He also shares the same view as regards Miss Earth. Minamaliit nila ni Galema porke di manalo-nalo sa patimpalak. Madam Loraine can see through kasi his greed and kahambugan.

      • Well, I also do not like Miss Earth. Haha! A friend of mine joined when Karen Ibasco won and we found out that Lorraine Schuck gave Karen a perfect score in the face department, despite the bako bako face. The biggest joke of all time!


        So if we repeat unsavory allegations against Miss Earth or KF or BPCI, kelangan ng higher burden of proof (from the SGV, no less) pero if you say that Mama J, A&Q and MUP are mayabang and corrupt, we’re suppose to just take your word for it?

        Ok. Noted.

      • SQ, evidence abound. Please lang. And sorry. Dont equate the two. Tirahin niyo ang Miss Earth or any other org all you want but as regards actual scores, I demand higher burden of proof. Those are tabulated by SGV and covered by non-disclosure agreements.

    • I know right? Can you imagine holding your pageant at the Baguio Country Club? The height of cheapness. I mean, the Cubao neighborhood is so high-end & exclusive it makes London’s Knightsbridge & Paris’ Saint-Germain-des-Prés & New York’s Upper East Side look like the Dharavi slums of Mumbai.

      And don’t we all miss Cumbia couture? World-class designer clothes at its finest (although, let it be said that I hope Rain x Em will never “style” another MUP representative).

      And honestly, I’m impressed that BPCI winners all receive a car. MUP winners would never!

      As for the fact that MUP finalists live in a condo in BGC, well, everyone knows that BGC is a dump compared to the incomparable chic & opulence of Cubao.

      I really miss the drought years at the alpha pageants brought to us by BPCI before A&Q came along.

      How dare Mama J & A&Q produce a Miss World, a Miss Universe, & Miss International for the country in the last decade?

      Who do they think they are, bringing pride & honor to the country?

      • Gurl, what did I post about his beginnings? He was good until lumaki ang ulo at yumabang. Nawala ang kagalingan.

        Baguio Country Club? Hahaha. Sorry. BBP does not deal with corrupt politicians.

        Sorry. Di kami nakukuha sa pa-bling bling. Performance performance. Current. Not the past ones na product ng passion and vision na wala na sa iyo ngayon Galema Maledictus. Magbago na kayo Team Ahas and Team Patay Gutom sa US.

        Na-karma ang mga naninira kay Cat. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

      • Wow minaliit talaga ang Araneta Center and Cubao. Nakapag BCC kase of pulitiko not because of Jonas Gaffud’s wealth 🙄🙄🤑🤑🤑🙄🙄🙄. And FYI mas ideal ang Cubao as a business center compare to BGC when you say mass transport ang paguusapan. Gagawa pa sila ng train pa BGC.

      • Bakit may defensivenesss….san nanggagaling? As a fan, i really don’t care kung sino ang org at the end of the day, Philippines sash. Ang sana lang MUP should not be closed minded the way we perceived madam Stella before kasi hindi malayo na malolot ang sa Top 21 ang Philippines sa sunod na edition so please……………we should not rest on laurels. Personally, super tayong pina excite ng MUP sa gown, pero myghad, kasehodang si Furne or couture whatever but have you seen the gown of THAILAND, VIETNAM, INDONESIA AND MYANMAR NA NAWALA ANG GOWN IT IS ALOT BETTER THAN THE GOWN OF THAT MUP PLEASE WE SHOULD ALWAYS BE FORWARD LOOKING!!!! MUP should be humble enough to collaborate with other camp and open with their ideas huwag nilang i-exclusive sa ACES because why? Nasaksihan natin what happened!!!!

      • Yumabang na kasi Madam. And that is my point. Look back sila sa pinanggalingan nila. I do not discount their achievements. What I criticize is what they have become, Team Ahas and Kweens headed by Galema. Saaaaaaad.

      • @SQ, I don’t know who you are but I know you are a die hard Aces and Queens supporter or a Jonas Gaffud supporter. You appear to be very sensitive when something is said towards A&Q, MUP or Jonas Gaffud. You know exactly what happened with Rabiya and it boiled down to the mishandling of evey aspect which should serve as a humbling experience for the MUP people specially Jonas Gaffud.
        Sometimes it pays to be open-minded and listen even to the ones perceived as irrelevant people. It does not hurt to ride your horses low sometimes.

  10. Good. As they grow bigger and more detractors go after them, they need that level-headed person to put out the fire….. Obviously Lola J and Shamcey do not have the expertise to do it. I think Voltaire will help tremendously.

    Hopefully he has a say on social media communications too.

    • Galema Maledictus is the fire itself. Voltaire will only become one of the fire that needs to be put out because of this appointment. Hahahaha.

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