11 comments on “The Search for Mr Gay World Philippines 2021

  1. I thought Mr. World Philippines really broke the glass cieling last time… But Mr. Gay World exceeded that by allowing midgets to join.. Ground breaking!🙄

  2. So the duration of reign of Mr Gay-World 2020 will be only 1 week. So short.

      • @ serge Sir, that’s two virtual pageants each one week long and separated by a week-long break. Hence, three (3) weeks ang ‘suma tutal’ na BUZZ. ALL WITHIN A MONTH.

        But, that’s the International.

        The article does not say the duration of the LOCAL/Filipinas National. Basta by 20 June, received na ni Boss Wilbert ang applications… BAKA MAS MAY GANAPS PA ‘YUN’G NATIONALS! 🙂

        (I hope my WIFI here doesn’t buckle once the Swim Prelims start… All that flexing… Oh, my…)

  3. I know that he is the National Director and our first representative, but must Wales Thailand always self-promote with matching attachment of his heavily photoshopped photo in the materials? PLEASE lang, there are are more worthy Tolentinos worth reading about (even the trashy ones) :Lorna, Francis and Arturo. Lol.

    World Peace.

    • @ Thomas Si Apo Turing, talaga… Bless his soul. 🙂

      WT has had a life worth (story)telling. Why not give him his place in the sun?

      Are you aware that he lent moral support to SamBer’s 20-day-fast-tracked prep for MGI?

      He is also a survivor of Bug#19. Marami nagmamahal sa kanya. None more so than when he was…

      Btw, OT sumandali.

      Benjarat (MUT 2020 semifinalist) is tasked with the Supra-back-to-back. Credits to MPh YT canale.

      • Sige na nga. Alam mo namang malakas ka sa akin Flor Tulo. =)

        Let us give Wales Thailand his place in the sun. Preferably sana at the very center of the sun. Lol.

        World Pleace.

      • It’s the golden era of Thailand in beauty pageants. ❤❤❤

      • Agree with Jonalyn that the momentum is currently with Thailand 🇹🇭

        I think we owned the last decade, but Thailand & Vietnam & Indonesia are competing at a higher level than we are right now.

        I think we can produce another Miss International & Universe within this decade, but I don’t foresee us winning another World or Supra or even our first MGI title anytime soon.

        Anyway we have other rising international stars in Yuka Saso & potentially Alex Eala 🇵🇭 Our female athletes are making their mark overseas in ways that Gilas never will 😊

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