13 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2021: Advocacies of two Independents

  1. I admire selfless teachers like les. May she get one of the crowns or a runner up para ma spread pa nya advocacy nya . I truly understand why norman loves the 2 ladies. Norman na coz halos magkaedaran kami

  2. Gabriel Basiano is my mgi. Totoo advocacy ni Gab. I know someone personally who reached out to Gab ig and Gab tried to console her bec of my friend loss of a love one.
    Ang ganda pa nyan 5’8 1/2 any minor flaws nabura Ng kabaitan

  3. Ohmygod if I have the beauty of lesley ticaro I’ll definitely go to Europe and have a enjoyable holiday there!!! So love the color of her skin.

    • I agree. I am jealous of her skin color. Here’s hoping na hindi sya magpaputi. At yung beauty nya, although nothing special, malinis. Her aura, along with her advocacy, is also endearing.

  4. Ganda talaga nitong si Gab Bassiano…
    I’m a nitpicker upto the tiniest detail and all I can see is the asymetrical parting of her hair and the babyfats undee her jaw which to ke makes her endearing and human…. I can tell that she memorized that speach but I still see her dedication… in time, She will become like Pia who learned to be a good communicator.
    I see a bright future in her.

  5. I like Lesley’s personal advocacy. I believe that education is not confined within the walls of the classroom. Education extends beyond that into the outside world. Being street smart is as important as being classroom smart.
    Gabriel’s advocacy stems from her own personal sad experience. I feel her sincerity.

  6. Gabrielle – comes to mind the violent death of two sons, in two respective stories that made national news. In both, the fathers were devastated. One pushed to defiant fury, the other into reclusive silent sorrow. Hers can be a powerful advocacy if she wants… 😦

    Ticaro – I chose her to be among my options for the Mikimoto crown. If earlier comments are any indication, I seem to be on track/in trend… ORGANIC BEAUTY like Cristina Lassasima, MULaos 2020! 🙂

  7. I always have a soft spot for teacher aspirantrs in beauty pageants. The beauty they radiate is not so much the physical as it is more of the core values, i.e., more of inner than outer beauty. Lesley represents the quintessential Filipina brown beauty whose inner core is gold– compassionate to her brothers and sisters in the cultural fringes of society. I think her simple and disarming personality fits the MI template.

  8. Thanks for featuring lesser known candidates, Lesley looks like Bianca, ang ganda ng golden brown skin. Pang Miss World din sya.

  9. Les Ticaro’s Video was…a testament to every Ordinary Juan dela Cruz to be Steadfast and Determined to come- out a WINNER during this times…If there would be an award for Best Advocacy Video— Her’s touched me the most.

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