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  1. Mine is the 50th post. So magpakabait GURLS during pre-pageant, on the pageant night, and post pageant. In other words, ALL the time. He, he, he…

  2. I think women should be given their right to determine their pageant journeys. Too many men are running pageantry, a platform which is supposed to espouse women empowerment. As shared by many of our candidates, local and international pageants are where they gain friends, contacts and lasting learning experiences. They gain either career platforms or that significant boost in making career choices in their young lives.

    Yes, attitude makes for a great winner, but the environment wherein these young women are thrust into, the machinery behind camps, the media surrounding them, must also be scrutinized. Is it really all about one’s attitude that makes or breaks a candidate? Shouldn’t the pageant organization or the pageant camps themselves take equal or more responsibility, as they are the ones who wield power, influence and direction in the Filipina candidate’s journey? Where does woman empowerment play a role if the candidate is working within unhealthy circumstances? Should the candidate just conveniently take all the blame for having an “attitude”? I don’t think so.

    • Correct! The pageant environment is also a snake’s pit. Or worse a some sort of “hell” in the world, earth or universe

  3. I have some juicy tidbits with two national titleholders but I have to desist coz of the repercussions. One was humble enough to reach out but the other didn’t but the organizers got the justice they deserved when she made a fool of herself on the stage later on. Karmic repercussions are very real indeed.

    Speaking of attitude, as early as 2005, an intl pageant gave us scoresheets for the girls at a pre- pageant activity we helped organize. They instructed as to be on the lookout for girls who kept the vans & buses waiting.

    Punctuality and military precision are needed for the series of activities of activities that run on a tight sked. Even the best laid-out plans can go awry when a feeling entitled candidate’s warped sense of values rears its ugly head.

  4. The Japanese says you have three faces:

    The first face, you show to the world,
    The second face, you show to your close friends and your family,
    The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are,

    Miss Earth take 5% of their score from the chaperone related to the girl’s attitude!

    Miss International has a daily report at the end of their daily activities pertaining to the girl’s attitude!

    One of the owner of a famous modelling agency who always seat as selection member of a training camp says that to become a successful model, you should not make “unreasonable demand” and “be professional”!

    Ruffa Gutierrez answered in Miss World, “….character and personality is more important than physical beauty”

    Unfortunately, pageant fans give more weight on the beauty than the personality or character of the candidate because of what was being fed on social media which is just an optical illusion of reality!

    And if you are not being true to yourself, mahihirap ka nga talaga to decipher the authentic from the phony!

    • Tama si Sushmita…😊 Hindi ko n sasabihin ko kelan nya sinabi, ma bash na naman ako! 😃😀😃

  5. it’s good advice … too much fierceness is sometimes or most of the time, just too much … overacting

    • This is more of a General Reminder to be honest (read: inuunahan na lang ang mga posibleng mangyari bago pa ito magkaroon ng chance na mangyari)

      • @ Norman The key word is ‘honest’.

        May hindi nagsabi ng troot sa inyo, po? Refer to @ ClaiRe IbbeTson’s comment (above), pertaining to the ‘third face’. 🙂

        You must be broken-heart. Niloko po kayo? Sino man siya, TOOOOTTT…..!!!! 😦

        (Listen to Tamia’s ‘If I Were You’. You’ll feel instantly better. Ta’s, red wine with Belgian hazelnut chocolate. GUARANTEED.)

  6. Pumapasok na tayo sa era na kung saan hindi lang puro ganda ang labanan sa mga beauty pageants. Kasama na din dito ang pakiramdaman. Kung empath yung judge madali niyang mararamdaman kung fake yung contestants or grabe yung gigil sa makoronahan. Madalas ang mga nanalo ngayon eh yung hindi gigil, hindi sobrang effort. Yung sakto lang…yung ramdam sa energy field niya ang positivity, light, and love. ❤❤❤

  7. If the blogger doesn’t want to share the “ horror stories he has heard for that past two decades”, maybe the commenters can do it. Please share.

    Missed opportunity Tito Norman. You can hide the names naman, and it could have been a learning opportunity / nuggets of wisdom for the girls, handlers and other institutions.

    What I am curious to know is the reason/s behind sudden changes in our representatives to international pageants. What was the real reason? (aside from the press release na the girl suddenly got sick)
    1) Jamaica San Madrid,
    2). Malibu Espanya to Ms. World,
    3). The one replaced by Manila Quiapo to Ms. Universe
    4). The one replaced by Mexico Brunei to Ms. World,
    5). The Ms. World candidate who didnt return to the Philippines after her stint in London
    6). Why is Russia Moscow gallivanting in the USA
    7). Those who won because of political / military connections even if other girls were more deserving
    (Violeta Nebraska?)
    8). The dethronement of Alaska Albania, Turkey Switzerland, etc.
    9). Sino pa ba?


    World Peace.

      • Exactly the point. To avoid the guesses and second guesses from us, your ignorant readers, we were counting on experts and people in the know (read : you) to tell the real stories (even by using aliases).

        It may be time to elevate the blog / vlog from just merely featuring one girl after another, to stories with some lessons that the girls can learn from.

        (Lol. Ang kulit ko…. Haha).

        World Peace.

      • You must understand that I have never blogged behind any kind of guise ever since. My relationship with people in the industry is sealed with confidence. I have already strained my ties with one pageant organization (that is not a secret anymore) because of having too much information in my hands. I just want to steer clear of intrigues and the like. I am no Miss Congeniality, though. 🙂

      • Understood Norman.

        But as the Good Book would say, to whom much is given, much is also expected. You have been given this platform (with a decent number of followers, and pageant wannabes eager to hear wisdom from you) that has been uhmmm…. congenial for the longest time. I am sure that you can hack it it Norman : balancing sugar and spice without creating (many) enemies. With great powers come great responsibilities. You have both.

        I for one do not know the strained relationship you have with one organization. Was this the time you declared in this blog (and was it CNN?) that there will be changing of the guards with respect to a certain pageant?

        World Peace.

    • @ Thomas #5 was the topic of a post in last year’s #Throwback series, po. LE. 🙂

      #6… I will make a guess… RM’s boss is using the opportunity to consolidate contacts in the USA for M modelling agency… Nothing wrong with that and I guess the USA Embassy granted RM an extended stay in the USA since she will be with Boss at all times.

      #1 Another post from last year. Prompted by the CNA episode on YT that ‘exposed scandals’ in Philippines pageantry. Even VT of R put out a reaction video to call out to CNA “to be fair, to get BOTH sides of the issue before making hasty generalizations” (similar).

      #3 Also discussed last year… I highly suggest, po, you mine My Blog Archive. Pero, ayaw pa ba natin considering 1st RU po tayo nu’ng taon na ‘yun?

      #7 May naisip po ako’ng halimbawa, from 201_. Tuloy, nag-“attitude” ‘yun’g taga-A&Q na heredera from Mindanao.

      #9 CC. We never got a proper explanation as to why she ‘abandoned’ her responsibilities as the National titlist. We were hasty to judge her for her perceived ‘wild child’ ways, her ink, and more recently her ‘lip job’. One of us reminded that we first get her side… Yup! Another post, circa-2019.

      • Thanks Flor Tulo.

        I apologise if some of the questions have been answered in the past already in this blog. You see, I don’t regularly read / monitor all the posts here.

        World Peace.

    • Is Rabiya gallivanting? Maybe she is just searching for her long lost father.

      • When I said Russia Moscow, I was referring to Raj, Mariavenus. Lol. Palusot.

        But yeah, gallivanting may not be the right word for Rabiya’s on going US tour.

        But makes one wonder if this extension was a last minute decision after she didn’t make it to Top 10 in order to avoid whatever she wanted to avoid in the Philippines. I am sure her mindset was to win Ms. U., and winning the crown means not making a plan to extend. Apparently even the BF was taken by surprise. Oh well.

        World Peace.

    • @thomas. Marilen Espino really contracted chickenpox weeks before Miss World. She even crowned Ruffa Guetierez during 1993 Bb Pilipinas coronation.
      I watched 1986 Bb Pilipinas on you tube. Violeta Nalus seems to be deserving for any of the Bb Pilipinas crowns.
      I have no comment for the rest.

      • Thanks Serge for the clarification re: Marilen.

        I am not sure about Vietnam Norway’s win. Facially, she looked like Evelyn Vargas (no offense to Evelyn). The Philippines got a very low score in Ms. U that year. Wasn’t she connected with some military guy (or was it England Burma?) involved in the people power that toppled the government?

        Na-luz talaga tayo that year. Lol.

        And how about Peru Lima who represented us in Thailand? The year where almost all finalists were Asians, we didn’t even make it to the semi finals.

        World Peace.

      • @ thomas I think Perfida Limpin had no attitude problem. It’s just that, For me, Maritoni Daya was more deserving than Perfida Limpin for Bb Pil-Univ crown.

    • @Thomas,
      #3 the press release said it was a fake passport that did her in

      # 2 & 4. She was downed with chicken pox a few days before departure date. Must have been devastating

  8. You choose your attitude ????
    I do not entirely believe that ., Tito Norman.. I donot care where that quote came from
    Yes , we maybe author of our own thoughts and actions .
    But Why always put the blame on that girl ‘with an attitude ‘???
    Of course , things like ripping someone’s gown are simply inexcusable.
    But sometimes , people who are simply speaking up for themselves are considered having an attitude .

    Having said that,
    Queens who snub or fight with their fans do not do as well.. like :
    Rachel who said ‘It’s my journey , not yours ‘
    Gazini who glared at a fan who was offering his help

    • We do not put our blame on the girl/s entirely. At times, their respective managers/handlers can also be blamed for either tolerating or turning a blind eye on crown-worthy candidates. But at the end of the day, the ladies are adults who should know what is good or bad for their image – behavior-wise.

  9. Tito norms… bat ayaw ma post yung comment ko…
    Masyado ba obvious blind item ko?

  10. This post reminds me of the 1992 Bb Pilipinas screening. When Ruffa arrived in the screening site shortly before midnight, many girls who went earlier protested thinking she was favored (Technically, Ruffa was able to beat the deadline which was 12 midnight). There was a verbal showdown between a movie actress who was a screenee and Ruffa’s manager. There was even a bloody confrontation between a protesting aspirant and Ruffa’s personal assistant. Many girls walked out including the movie actress. Came coronation night, Ruffa was crowned BB Pilipinas-World. The following year, the movie actress signed in again but went home empty handed during the coronation night inspite of her outstanding performance. I reckoned her non-inclusion within the winners’ circle was the attitude she showed during the screening in the preceding year.

    • True…

      I believe Madame Stella actually does these on purpose to test their patience, dedication and of course attitudes…. Her team even observes how the girls act during their idle time… I remember one of the prettiest frontrunner/repeater former runner-up who’s a GF of an allied congressman in 2014 who was really dissapointing probably because she showed her frustration when the hairdresser was too tired to attach her extensions during one of the events… She was given a polarizing question in the finals, answered it w/ flying colors and yet no crown for her.

    • correction: signed up
      continuation: then several days after the coronation, the said actress said on national TV, she had the guts to sign up again because she was promised the crown

  11. Several years ago, PDI devoted two pages of news-feature articles on the rift between A&Q & KF. MJ Lastimosa and Yvette Marie Santiago were two of the involved beauty contenders that caused “word war” between the two camps. MJ through an online interview revealed as well that SMA “did not really like her.” MJ also said that Parul was the favorite girl in their batch.

    A number also of KF girls were involved in the body shaming of Catriona Gray led by Maggie Wilson & Bea Rose Santiago.

    Imelda Schweighart remains “hot” up to this date with her controversial online statements. Sandra Seifert finally revealed the father of her son several months ago.

  12. Reveling, yup Flor. But I have also a number of casualty – a very young yucca & philodendron brazil, cuttings of philodendron albert and pink princess, etc. Root rot, huh, huh… But my other ornamental plants are (indeed) reveling from the downpour these past few days. Maayong buntag diha sa imo Flor.

  13. I have a hunch who Norman is referring to. Could it be Russia Moscow?


    Attitude Determines Your Altitude.

    World Peace.

  14. Norman are you referring to Malinao and Cortesi? Kaya hindi na sila sumali dahil alam na…? Sino pa iba?

    • Maraming mga kuwento at aktwal na pangyayari in the last two decades. Hopefully, the ladies today will learn from them.

      • Baka nemen Norman you can cite some of the horror stories you’ve heard the past two decades (when you were just a mere 12 year- old boy). You need not name the girls or the handlers, or the institution naman. Use Ricky Lo (SLN) style as clues: Ex. Russia Moscow can be R. M. Lol.

        Look at it as learning pointers for the girls. In reality, you will be doing a great service to these girls by passing on these stories and the learning take away they can learn from.

        You will be like the Pigafetta of Philippine Pageantry chronicling the good, the bad and the ugly the past two decades. Time to expand the horizon of of your blog / vlog to just merely introducing girls to actually giving snippets of wisdom.

        World Peace.

      • @ Thomas Two decades ago, Tito Norman wasn’t a teenager… Grabeh ke nemen po. 🙂

        Favorite MU niya nga from Venez, si Irene Saez. ’80’s pa ‘yun, at na-feature niya pa last year in the #Throwback series as we all endured pandemic lock down… She became Mayor, no?

    • @ paul ‘Di puwede sa MPE/ME ang takot sa dumi, daw. Kasi nga naman, tuwing coast/beach clean-up at tree-planting, hands literally get grimy. 🙂

      Not the case with you. Your plants must be REVELING in the rains of the past days! Happy much.

    • @ Sjeffie Cheon Sige ka. Ikaw mag-mo-mop… 🙂

      Ang tannins pa naman ng tsa-a, kumakapit sa mop, lalo na kung bago’ng mop gamit mo.

      You can bleach to restore whiteness. But, maybe better to save the chemicals for laundry. Happy!

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