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  1. Late evening of 24 June to early morning 25 will be a full moon. Again, full moon is feminine power.


    I listened again to ‘Kalawakan’, the Evening Dress serenade track at MUP 2020 (Empire.ph; Kiko Salazar; Montillano, Damiles, & Cecilio).

    It’s very 1980’s with the heavy synth and fashion. But very 1990’s with the ‘boy group’-style vocals. It’s an excellent example of how to effectively intersect adjacent decades, like a Venn Diagram.

    • (Cont.)

      … Which some might interpret as sounding dated.


      I recommend something more… hot knife to cold butter. Put some app treatment for modernity!

      How about… R-O-C-K? Nope, neither folk nor bubble-gum ballad. Something more along the lines of Diane Warren. Have in mind Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ (‘Armageddon’ OST).

      The best love songs never mention the word ‘love’. It’s as if it’s implied, like air, sun, or water. ‘Get Here’ by Oleta Adams is a classic argument for this.

  2. I think the MUO standard is now a moving target. Pageant camps and organizations have gotten the pageant standard down to a science, such that the MUO is reinterpreting definitions for “beauty” and “confidence”. Simply, MUO doesn’t want to be crowning the same types each year and decade. 👑

  3. The MUP application form has a carve-out declaration portion on a girl’s social media accounts. I think this is a wise move for the organization to fish about whatever indiscretions a girl has done in the past or, on a positive note, if she has got what it takes to be the Philippines’ finest for MUP.

    If there is another wish miss I have in the list, it would be Nicole Guerrero. This girl is damn hot and beautiful, but she has to work hard on her physique and determination. I am just hoping that on screening day, she wows everyone with her new transformation, and we couldn’t have the words but declare she is the new MUP!!!

    Any buzz about Nicole, Tito Norms?

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund May nag-comment dati na ‘sabaw’ daw siya… 😦

      (And there was that video made by Mars Franz Bayer where himself, herself, and Lemonon outdo each other on the amount of marshmallows that the human mouth can accommodate. Eeeewww.)

      Her sash at BBP was ‘Ilocos Sur’… You want her to succeed Adelma Krissel Benicta who looks like Pauline Anne Cordero Baker? That should be a most interesting transformation! Can’t wait. 🙂

    • She got the goods to win..
      But I guess she lacks the experience to speak from the heart and the drive to improve herself physicaly…

      Hopefully, now she does…. She should rejoin BBP which I believe is the pageant where she has the greatest chance of winning..

      • @Gul

        Same impression I had based on her 1st attempt…
        Which is why I am hoping she has improved by now…

    • @ Baby Nica Honga. Paano nga ba’t naging turing sa kanya ay anak ni Zuma? 🙂

      Naisa-pelikula ‘yan. Sino nga ba gumanap kay Galema. ‘Yun’g snakes (aaahhh, kaya pala ‘Ahas and Kweens’), nakabalot sa pigtails. LOLZ.

      Bembol Roco was Zuma, right?

      (Na-meet ko in person ‘yun’g twin sons ni Bembol. Juice me, handsome young men! Both were athletic, one had a show business stint unless nasa show biz pa rin in some role. Initials were ‘D’ and ‘F’. One twin was darker in skin tone than the other.)

      ‘Na-meet ko in person’ is redundant?

  4. Sharifa
    If Patch wins , I hope she works out more , trains in pasarela and over all stage presentation more , and softens her look.
    She is very easy to listen to especially with her very feminine voice. So this makes her like able .
    I believe she will get more support than bashing if she ends up repping this yr.

    Still , Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, 24, Philippines !!! She is my perfect MU candidate !!!

  5. I still do not agree that the pageant should be staged given how short this duration is. It is not fair for the next Phenomenal Woman to not have the amount of time to prep for December coronation.

    At least Mexico got it right by doing the appointment. But then, they have the crown so appointing actually makes sense as they there’s no pressure for them to do really well other than just make the semis to avoid getting shut out like South Africa.

    Oh well, whatever the motivation is, I hope it makes sense at their end.

    • They need to stage it kasi walang papasok na anda kay Galema. Kaya bahala na daw. Hahahaha.

  6. This means Bella won’t be appointed unless a major major surge in covid 19 happens
    It’s really tiring
    I think Bella is still no. 1 among potential candidates

    • Tiba-tiba si Galema diyan. Haaays. May he change for the better na. Our country’s reputation is at stake here.


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