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  1. CAT is such a let down. The worst Miss Universe Philippines had. She brought us lot of bad luck in both Miss World and Miss Universe. She is now out there to spoil more things.

    • Cat says hi to you and to Maledictus Galema’s PG gang. Patay Gutom freeloader gang.

      • @ Smooth Bae ‘Ay, good morning. 🙂

        Baka may gay friends po kayo’ng interested mag-try for Mr. Celsius (char), para MGWP…

        Applications are begun. 45 ang age ceiling!!!!

        (My recent fave – from Janjep’s batch – was MGJapan. Before that, MGEurope na batch nemen ni bibi John R; guy was a football coach but I forgot his country and finished 2nd RU in Spain to bibi.)

  2. Nicole and Catriona are two of the most eloquent girls Binibining Pilipinas has ever had. Thus, it’s going to be an exciting night to see these two lovely girls hosting Binibining Pilipinas. But, I’d rather watch them as commentators standing in the audience section. I’d love to hear them talk about the candidates, their opinions on their gowns, pasarela, etc. I believe they can excellently pull off the commentators’ job because they do have rapport together, and they don’t need an idiot board for that! Then give the solo hosting job to… Martin Nievera! (less the ad libs, of course)

    Watching their Youtube video above, I can see Shandi Finnessy and Susie Castillo in them as if they are doing Pageanthology 101. BTW, Shandi and Susie have not vlogged about the latest edition of Miss Universe. Have they fallen apart? Shandi and Susie are my most favorite pageant vloggers of all time. Their views and opinions matter, and they hold no bar when discussing. They are the fairest pageant enthusiasts as well because their contents show no sugarcoating and they don’t do demographic topic selections just to earn million views from pageant fans.

    Anyway, I am still rooting for Hannah Arnold for the top crown. You go get the crown, girl!

    That’s all.

    • Another WONDERFUL commentary from you Ana. Thanks. Good morning from Mindanao.

  3. I like the idea of having an all female host. I also like Cat and Nicole. We have seen Nicole hosting and she is great in that field. As for Catriona I’m not sure. If we base it from her short stints sa mga variety shows parang waley. If we base it sa mga magazine or travel shows nya online, recorded yun and we are not sure kung ilang takes or shoot yun. Another concern is yung boses nilang dalawa, sana wag masyadong matinis, masakit sa tenga. Isa pang concern is yung presence nila masyadong malakas na intimidating ang dating. Sana lang mag tone down sila (may it be sa damit, style etc , baka kasi mas bongga pa sila tapos yung candidates na Cumbia lang) and allow the candidate to really shine.

    • @ Bonnie You and @ Fabian Reyes apparently feel the same way as far as Cat’s ‘skills’ are. 🙂

    • Not a big fan of Bella, nothing striking in terms other overall package.
      Facially, she’ll get drown in the sea of many beautiful candidates.
      That ganda is nakakasawa, nakakaumay.

  4. Grabe.. nakita nyo ba yung isang Bala ng Santolan station??!!!! Runway model version ni Kurara Chibana..
    Celebrity runway model slash TV drama actress!!!!
    Feel na feel na nila manalo this year! We need to send either Ahtisa or Patricia Magtanong… kung pwede nga si Liza Soberano na ipadala natin… I can’t handle this! 😅🤣😅

    • Patch Magtanong again ?
      Pls … she got her chance at MI
      We need someone who is unquestionably pretty and sexy with great stage presence . Patch has very very poor pasarela skills .

      • @Fabian..

        Paula and Lou mentioned it themselves… they are not looking for a model… They are looking for a spokesperson…

        Unquestionably Beautiful & Sexy?!..
        That is definitely not Bella Yshmael…
        So who do you have in mind? 😁

    • Bala ng Santolan station? Ano po (o sino yun)? Di ko gets sorry po.

  5. I know the feeling of showing up overdressed. L-O-L-Z.

    34, said Cat. Just last night, another (reliable) source said 35. May isa pa’ng nag-back-out… 😦

    (Incidentally, little plant on the desk beside Cat looks like a ‘mini-Catt’. But past blooming, maybe.)

    I watched the 2017 ‘Parade of Beauties’ around the Dome. Memorable were Jamaica Ambal, Jehza, and Katarina (who had the benefit of an exuberant group of supporters at the curb). I may have also seen Pajares?… 🙂

    I’ll share again a comment of mine at the post that followed… ‘May isa’ng mag-ina’ng nanood… Sabi nu’ng bata, “CCTV” (pointing to a UFO suspended in mid-air that was monitoring the events)!… Sabi nu’ng nanay, “anak, drone ‘yan”‘.

    My favorite question from 2018 was the one Gallman got – whether or not folks of the ‘third gender and similar’ (mine) be given their own washroom in public places*. She essentially said she was not in favor, right? Which I think got her some online criticism… Some are now saying Rushton should have won that year already. In any case, we got our first Intercontinental crown with nary any resistance from foreigners despite the home court advantage, thanks in large part to the Ubay (Bohol) native’s GREAT beauty. Sir Blogger, how’s THEIR family? In Australia right now, no?

    (Si Glyssa Perez, still in Australia? I recall now that PN’s episode where she guested…)

    Ahtisa was the surprise hit… One of us said she looked Armenian.

    Lemonon “built”… And the DPWH very suddenly got their poster girl for one-time-big-time infrastructure projects.

    (* – It was this question I would ruminate afterwards. I would have suggested something that has been around for a while now – unisex washrooms. We see this in fast food joints, one on each floor of their establishments/branches. People, regardless of age or gender preference, simply take turns, a most polite way. And the janitors re-sanitize every so often. Just need to watch for random pedestrians who come in to use it without ordering anything. Pero, may CCTV sa banyo?…)

    (May na-mention din ‘ata ako dati na ‘experience’ ko in one such washroom. I said at the time I would share it when a post comes that moves me to do so… That post is this one! But,… out of deference to these two fun and sweet ladies and to Admin who will surely quarantine the story if I did, I will just keep it to myself, a secret to outlast me and attain my ‘forever’.)

    • (Cont.)

      Anjamie Magbitang got the ‘when to listen, when to speak’ question Cat mentions, right guys?


      Thank you for the wonderful question! Speak your mind. But listen to your heart. That’s all.

      (Pantasya ko talaga mag-compete sa MI…)

  6. I am excited about the finals. With Nicole and Cat as hosts, I am doubly excited. I hope Bb Pilipinas theme song will be played.

  7. Best of the best! Kaya mag-ingat Pia sa iyong pag-affiliate kay Maledictus Galema.

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