31 comments on “Binibining Pilipinas 2021: Advocacies of 3 Perceived Frontrunners

  1. International – Hannah

    Grand – Basiano

    Intercon – Maureen. She’s aging out of pageantry and while I know she wants to end her pageant career on a high by participating in a Big 4 pageant (Miss International), alas, there is a stronger candidate in Hannah.

    Globe – Honey. She’s not my favorite but I think she should be rewarded for the strategy she and Paolo came up with.

    1st RU – Karen Laurie. Come back next year as she also is a good fit for Miss International, or crossover to MWP for the Supranational title.
    2nd RU – Justine. Come back next year and aim for the BBP-Grand title.

    • @ Madame X I disagree that Hannah is superior to Maureen hands down.

      I don’t feel the Filipina-American one bit. But her pageant portfolio cannot be denied (a MUSA participant and 1st Runner-up at Eco-International). She can still bag the top prize if Mdme. SMA gives her stamp of approval assuming a convincing lead from beginning to end, from Novotel pool to SMART Araneta Dome.

      Once in Yokohama City, her mission will be to exceed the performance and impression left by Atty. Bea Patricia Magtanong.

      A reliable indicator of whether or not MIO likes you is if you are selected in a core group of candidates for post-pageant tourism promotions around Japan or product endorsements of sponsors. Patch was last year, together with Misses France, Finland, Hong Kong, & Singapore.

      All Hannah has to show is a semifinal placement. BUT, her card is her freshness (which sponsors value)! 2M just feels like old news already…

      • She’s not just a MUSA candidate, she’s a semi finalist. And guess what? She don’t wear veneers. That’s her natural teeth and eye color.

    • I so love your Choices!! AGREE ON ALL ASSIGNED CROWNS!! HANNAH for MI!! BASIANO for GRAND!

    • Hannah is an MI package , fresh, modest, delicate, and porcelain beautiful. She exudes class and politeness tuat MI loves.

      • According to the MI employee yung pinoy. Hindi nadaw yan uso na stereotype sa MI. After they got Kevin Lilliana as a model in their spa business, it doesn’t make sense na dahil lifetime NAMAN daw yung endorsement nya.

      • @ Lymaraina Of course they (Miss PARIS Group) will give a lifetime ambassadorship to Kevin!


        Mayaman family niya. Ta’s, may nag-comment ‘ata na Java nobility ang lineage nila.

        Imagine her shuttling back and forth between Djakarta and Tokyo for the rest of her life so she can prove how well the spa products and treatments defy aging… Papatok ‘yan! Dami pa naman’g Indonesian expats sa Japan.

  2. International- Hannah Arnold, Gab Bassiano, Karen Laurie Mendoza,

    Grand- Gab Bassiano, Hannah Arnold, Maureen Montaigne..

    Globe- Justin Felizarta, Karen Laurie Mendoza, Maureen Montaigne

    Intercon- Maureen Montaigne, Justine Felizarta, Honey Cartasano

    1st RUp Gab Bassiano

    2nd RUp Justine Felizarta

    • @ Closer2Fame Here you go again, Sir. 🙂

      Let me tidy it up…

      International – Hannah
      Grand – Karen Laurrie
      Globe – Maureen
      Intercon – Honey
      1st RU – Gab
      2nd RU – Justine

      • Gab Bassiano for Miss Grand or MI
        So if she wins 1st RUp… she could join MUph in a couple of years…

        Karen Laurie Mendoza for 1st RUp..
        She’s young… We could resserve her for later editions of any of the nationals…

  3. Is Karen Laurie half? Her childhood photos clearly show that she’s not pure Filipino.

    • Her father according to her reply in instagram, is German American. Pero I think the same narrative as Rabiya, iniwan din or nawala or ewan ko ba basta she was raised by her relatives in Iloilo. Tas her mother is an ofw so probably nga. Parang ganon ang ganap ng kanyang buhay. Obviously din she’s “Mendoza” that doesn’t sound German American.

  4. If sincere, personal advocacy, regardless of what it is, means a lot.
    Mendoza and Arnold are facially stunning
    Maureen is a good speaker
    Arnold- Int’l
    Montagne- Intercontinental

  5. Sana ganito ang mangyari sa BPP:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Hannah Arnold (doll like features, sweet, serene, calm, etc.);
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Gabrielle Basiano (dahil siya ang gusto ni Angkol);
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Justine Felizarta or Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Karen Laurie Mendoza (tall, pretty, etc.) or Maureen Montagne
    Runners Up: Patricia Garcia, Carina Carino and/or Mercedes Pair (humanitarian reason)

    Still, the major deciding factor will be their performances on the pageant finals.

    • @ paul Good Monday!

      I got some updates last night.

      1. There will be a Swimwear Preliminary. A desfile at the Novotel pool. Like old times. PUSO.
      2. The first cut will be brutal. From 30+, TWELVE (12).
      3. There might be a Speech segment, to stay true to MI and MGI.

      Kindle give us your four (4) other names; you have eight (8) in your selection here… Arigatou! Also, of your twelve, who are your three each for ‘Perfect Body’ and ‘Best Speaker’ (woofer or tweeter)?

      • Okay Flor. Narito ang aking Top 12:

        1. Hannah Arnold
        2. Karen Laurie Mendoza
        3. Maureen Montagne
        4. Justine Felizarta
        5. Gabrielle Basiano
        6. Carina Carino
        7. Patricia Garcia
        8. Patricia Babista
        9. Graciella Lehmann
        10. Meiji Cruz
        11. Mercedes Pair (humanitarian reason)
        12. Samantha Panlilio (dahil pamangkin ni Norman)

        Alternate: Honey Grace Cartasano

        Ano tingin mo Flor sa Top 12 Ko? He, he… Maayong buntag gikan sa Mindanao.

      • Nakakaloka naman yung “pamangkin” Paul haha. I just know that we have some distant relation going because of the Panlilio on my father’s side. I’m not sure of the exact classification of our consanguinity.

      • Flor Excellent Speakers:

        1. Justine Felizarta
        2. Maureen Montagne
        3. Patricia Garcia
        4. Samantha Panlilio

        (Near) Perfect Bodies:
        1. Gabrielle Basiano
        2. Honey Grace Cartasano
        3. Justine Felizarta

        Pwede pa ito magbago Flor pag may dagdag na akong information, photos and videos of the girls. Ito muna ngayon.

      • Norman yun na rin ang tawag dun sa distant relative na much younger than you – pamangkin or niece. Ha, ha, ha… Good noon to you.

  6. Same lang din ang politicians and beauty queens. Di nagreresearch bago magpresent ng changes sa curriculum. In the 2012 K-12 health curriculum, mental health is already discussed in Grade5, 1st quarter and Grade7(dating 1st year high school), 3rd quarter. Meron din pahapyaw as early as Grade2, 3rd quarter on how to manage and express one’s feelings.

  7. Not happy with Maureen’s styling .
    Nice speaking voice though , very feminine

  8. Montagne and Felizarta should get crowns based on age and I think they will give Arnold a crown too !
    So, if Basiano or Mendoza gets runner up , they should resign immediately and enlist for MUP2021 !

    • @ jaretwrightlover As per a post in the #BecomingPhenomenal Series (here in the blog), M(Ilo)2x 1st Runner-up Kesha Ramachandran will be tasked with the prefecture’s back-to-back.

      I wish to apologize as I might have forgotten to mention Karen in a comment of mine in a past article (here) about the A&Q reps at BBP 2021…

      What CAN be done is for Boss JG to re-appoint Karen for Supermodel International in case the Thailand-based contest resumes, as Tatyana Austria subbed for her the last time because Ms. Mendoza opted to try for BBP. And so here she is. And Ms. Austria, in turn, is now at MWP. 🙂

  9. I love Karen Mendoza ! We have 5 frontrunners ( Montagne , Arnold, Mendoza , Felizarta , Basiano ) but only four crowns , so one ofthese five will have to settle for runner up … what a shame ! Maybe we should crown the four oldest one , but that seems unfair …

  10. Eto ang totoong PHENOMENAL! Hindi mga patay gutom na gumagamit ng iba for free travel. Hahahahahaha.

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