11 comments on “Pageantry Norms S5E3: When Fathers and Mothers are born

  1. I love the title of the episode, when fathers and mothers are born.
    I see the joy of motherhood in Eva and and Jehza. Their sons are adorable.
    PJ is now a recreational tennis player.

    • @ serge Parang Alvin Patrimonio lang ang post-retirement (from basketball)? Or, was Alvin already an accomplished tennis player, too, even in his professional years?

      Pansin ko lang. At least here in Philippines, guys who play ball also tend to play court… Kung sa bagay, the POWER required in the latter may well be an outlet remnant of the former. Wat u tink?

      • @flor. Alvin is only a recreational tennis player. Her 2 daughters, cristine(PBB alumnus) and Clarice(Mutya alumnus) however are semi-pro. Clarice is more accomplished tennis player compared to Cristine, having won silver and bronze medals in SEA games.

      • Aside from being a Mutya ng Pilipinas candidate, Clarice is also a Bodyshots winner.

      • @flor. Yes I agree, when somebody is good at basketball, he/she could be good at tennis also. Both disciplines require agility, footwork, and good brain and muscle coordination.

  2. Matalino siguro yung boyfriend/husband ni Eva… o mayaman
    And what is Ravena going to do now that he’s retired ?? I hope he has a game plan . He has at least 40-50y left ??

  3. O’! Ayan ‘a, Mr. Tinio. Straight from the parents. START EARLY. And just have fun.


    Powtek! SABAY MWP & MPE??!! How will you divide your body, po? Waist up, waist down? 😦

    For S5E4, I am interested in Robin Strikkeling.

      • KAWAWA ang Miss Philippines Earth KUNG MAKIPAGSABAYAN siya sa Miss World Philippines for FOUR major reasons:

        2. [IT’S] A VIRTUAL PAGEANT,
        3. PRODUCTION VALUES, and
        4. ONLY ONE TITLE [to offer].

        So never TALAGA sumabay ang MPE sa finals ng MWP.

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