19 comments on “Will Gabrielle Basiano be an anointed one?

  1. Gab….Gym gym ka pag may time…
    Bagay sayo cycling…. back and butt workouts… it would enhance your physic into a more hourglass figure…. plus medyo payat ng calves mo.. it needs more meat… workout work out…

  2. She’s my bet for MUP
    I hope she does not win a crown this year

    • @ Fabian Reyes Akala po namin, si Hannah at Maureen ang gusto niyo mag-MUP….

      Siya. Tama’ng-tama! A previous post said the “Eastern Samar” sash is in need of an AP. 🙂

      (And I commented, maybe Basiano’s handler/manager* will snap it up.)

      2M and Arnold will be “Batangas” and “Masbate”, respectively. Great news for the former, as I think Nathalia Urcia was the weakest link at MUP last year… But, if ever, will this be the first time “Masbate” would have a representative?

      Naalala ko tuloy si “Catanduanes”. Sigrid Grace Flores should also try Magandang Filipinas! Mdme. Eva Patalinjug MUST RAISE the age ceiling to 30, just like at The Globe. What do you think?

      * – NOT Lacanienta, I suppose… RL simply trains, right?

  3. If she’s the one sent to Miss Grand then whp would be our Miss International?

  4. Gabrielle Camille Basiano 5′ 7″

    Miss Friendship International 2019 – First Runner-up
    Miss Earth Philippines 2018 – Top 18 Finalist

    • Why do you keep on posting fake heights???
      Gab Bassiano is exactly 175cm barefoot… which is almost 5’9

  5. She looks tall.
    Is she tall? Tall as in 5’10” and above and not some midget 5’6” and below.
    Nice shoes as well 👏👏👏
    Not the usual tacky chunky platform pageant shoes.

  6. Grand to! Maureen is my MIP na. Hannah for Globe and For intercon i still dont know. since it is by continent. i think this time we need a calibre girl as to fight to be the best in asia continent. i cant put Gab or maureen to intercon because where did i put them is the pageant that more fits to them. Maybe Franceska taruc. meron pa eh i forgot their name and their faces. Pero pwede din honey or pat babista. justine felizarta.

  7. Joane Quintas dead ringer. Ang ganda ng tindig n’ya. Sige na, ibigay na ang grand sa kanya.

    That’s all.

  8. Well twice ko nakita si gab sa ig ni nawat. Maureen was his fave before but she already is overage for mgi

  9. ‘AY, speaking of Bragais, has Boss Jojo, Herr Pageant Tinio, made up his mind as to whom he would bestow the ambassadorship from amongst the MU 2020 candidates? Kasi, he said in your interview of him pre-departure for MU that he was (virtually) lurking the accounts of a choice selection of them…

    Tell him he cannot go wrong with the great beauty of Klara Vavruskova! Great alternatives include Anshika Sharma, Janick Maceta, and Natasha Joubert. Or, why not all four, po? 🙂

    He can throw in Basiano, here, for a quintet, by launching a FIFTH color to add to the selection-of-four.

    OK pala ‘to’ng si Lacanienta. ANDAMI na niya’ng naalalayan’g foreign clients… He must be up to his neck in appointments! Kayo po, Koya Norman? Kailan kayo tatanggap ng foreign trainees?

    11 July seems STILL SO FAR AWAY. WAGAS TALAGA KAYO, BPCI! Kayo na, when it comes to postponement and leaving people’s lives on the line. 😦

    Finally! A post concerning BBP. A chance to update my 12-Pick.

    BBP-International > Taruc, Ticaro, or Cruz
    BBP-Grand > Basiano, Lehmann, or Babista
    BBP-Intercontinental > Rosal, Cartasano, or Dimaculangan
    BBP-(The)Globe > Arnold, Mendoza, or between Felizarta or Garcia whoever is taller.

    • (Cont.)

      My ‘Perfect Body’ will go to Lehmann.

      ‘Best Speaker’, I want to give to not-the-usual-suspects, whom I heard once in a PN’s episode but more than enough to convince me she deserves SPACE – Honey Be Parrenas, the last Bb (by #).

      ‘Best Dresser’ will be the one that gives Felice Hwang vibes, in her blue-&-white MI look.

  10. Gabriel would be our perfect representative to Miss Grand International. She is Tall, has strong presence, and has nice pasarela

  11. only four crowns are up for grabs… Maureen , Hannah , Justine may be the other three …

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