8 comments on “Miss Philippines Earth 2021: Early Favorites

  1. Lots of beautiful ladies this year. Norman, why are there only 61 delegates presented on MPE website? I thought there were 68.

      • @ Norman Boss Tito, good Sun evening! 🙂

        Pansin ko lang, po… One of the ladies in this selection of yours looks like one of the candidates at the recently-concluded ‘Queen of B(ECQ)ui’ 2021. Take a second and closer look… O’, dili ba??!

    • @ Mik Oo nga, SuperBlogger. Do provide DETAILS, kasi last year with MUP we your readers were left to our own devices to find out why four out of the six ‘withdrawees’ did so; only VV and Galleria Sorsogon were granted ‘official reason’ – got down with Bug#19. Ta’s, sa BBP buti na lang nag-post ka about Hazel Ortiz, Gila Salvador, at Rushton… 😦

      ‘Eto po ba’ng MPE, may joining fee ang candidates? So, kung ‘di ma-settle ‘yun’g amount by a certain time, withdraw ang manok nu’ng handler/manager? Nauna na ‘yun’g na-mention dati ni @ Cool Brew (from Licong, Bohol?), though also no reason was given… Ta’s may nasagap pa ‘ko’ng chichi na lilipat dapat ng municipality si MPE-Licong… Hayystt!!

      In any case, I guess those who didn’t make the cut at these BIG’s can make their first impressions at MF. Hanggang 12 June pa ang submission ng applications! 🙂

  2. Juice me! Olongapo City TALAGA??!!

    OK… If this were what Blog Master gave me to work on, my Elemental Court will consist of Silay City (reminds me of Adriana Lima), Sugbongcogon (I will raise the banner of MisOr for always!), Atimonan (Shane’s successor), and… Talisay City (can anyone confirm which? Cebu or Negros?).

    The inaugural MBP, I’m not really digging her. Maputi lang. And so what if she was a MWP alum?

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