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  1. will Aya Abesamis crown the next Bb GI , and if she is going to, what will be the role of Sam Bernardo?

    • As announced by BPCI, Aya will crown her successor. Sam will open the preliminaries.

  2. My Latest Pick for Bb. Pilipinas 2020/21:

    Bb. Pilipinas-International – Hannah Arnold
    Bb. Pilipinas-Grand International – Maureen Montagne
    Bb. Pilipinas-Globe – Justine Felizarta
    Bb. Pilipinas-Intercontinental – Karen Laurie Mendoza or Gabrielle Basiano
    Runners UP – Patricia Garcia, Carina Carino & Mercedes Pair (humanitarian reason)

    • @ paul 2M is expected to exceed the age ceiling at MGI. Kaya nga everybody is devastated…

      Latest feedback is that my dear sweet Angkol has reverted attention to Basiano.

      (You could check the dedicated post, before this one… Maayo’ng aga, dear!)

      • Flor I’ve checked the age of Samantha Bernardo while competing for Miss Grand International few months back. She was ALREADY overage at 29 just like Aya. She was born in 1992. Si Sam lang talaga ang gusto ni Angkol and NOT Aya. Plus ginapang din di ba ng KF sa MGI?

        Now kung ayaw na ni Angkol kay Maureen because of age ceiling, then better send Maureen to Miss Intercontinental or Miss Globe. Okay na Flor, amenable ka na rito? Good morning.

    • @paul. Sam was still 28 when she competed at MGI, therefore she was still qualified. Aya has turned 29 last November. Aya’s age during the last MGI was already beyond the upper limit.

      • Thanks Serge. Nagkamali aking math. Sa November this year pa siya mag 29. Si Maureen ay turning 28 pa lang sa July. Bakit? Anyway, thanks again.

  3. AT LOOOOONG LAST! I hope the show will pay tribute to the unparalleled perseverance, persistency, patience and sacrifice the candidates have shown. Over a year of “Together We Heal” wait-and-see game, and literally watching other pageant trains go by, is no joke. The presence of two big celebrity hosts should not steal the thunder from the real stars of the show– the candidates whoses resiliency is worth a standing ovation from an awe-stricken nation!

    • @ john manalo I would like Zandra Nicole Sta. Maria and Alexandra Abdon to host MUP 2021.

      For MWP 2021, maybe… Katarina Rodriguez and Kelley Day, you like po? 🙂

  4. Finally, Pero sana inagahan pa din hehe. since MI is the highest title na. They will stick to the traditional format? Top 15 Q&A and then announcing of winners. or Top 15 Speech round and then trim down to 10 then the 10 will do Q&A and then announcing of winners?
    @normant tito. they have ss prelim daw po? it is scored or parang press presentation lang?

  5. Yaman rin lang at ang dalawa’ng highest titles ay may Speech, I HIGHLY suggest BPCI to conduct this year’s edition after MGI mold. 🙂

    Pasarela antics worthy of SamBer’s approval will require a most killer runway! Internal circumference of the Dome must be fitted-traced with a ‘plank path’, the audience in the middle as if a mosh pit.

    After all, with reduced audience numbers prompted by pandemic restrictions, it will be impossible to fill those rafters up anyway… Might as well turn the entire stadium into one gigantic prop!

    Angkol had an LED Thai Airways jet as his opening salvo. How can BBP top that? Ideas, please!

    • After several postponements, these patient candidates and the reigning BB Pilipinas deserve longer exposures under the spotlight.

    • If MGI had Thai Airways jet, Binibini can have the great Monkey-eating eagle or the majestic banaue rice terraces

    • Why not have the largest led screen ever with uncle’s face na nakanganga at sumusuka ng magandang pinay. Tapos may runway na Mala track oval sa haba/laki at ang gurls naka 6 inches heels. Ang hindi maka about sa finish line, LIGWAK. Pag naka-abot sa finish line diretso speech, dapat walabg maririnig na hingal sa sound system. Pag merong hingal factor, LIGWAK.

      • @ B ‘Di ko kinaya ‘yun’g malaki’ng fez ni Angkol. 🙂

        Na-stress ako… Congratulations, dear! You’ve succeeded in causing my brain to hang…

        … Matakaw sa memory ‘yun’g presence ni Mr. Itsaragrisil. Nag-bu-buffer pa utak ko. Wala ako’ng maisip na pantapat. 😦

        ‘Di bale. Keri natin ‘yan! Tayo pa…

  6. Pagsamahin ba naman ang dalawang beauty queen na parejo cerebral!

    Baka hindi mangilag ang mga candidata sa mga tanong ng jurado bagkus sa strong stage presence ng dalawang ‘to!

    Naalala ko tuloy si Catriona sa Colombia, may candidata na panay ang sulyap sa kanya at mababasa mo sa candidata yung insecurity level!

  7. oh good ! how do they make those hair act up like that … so how many will watch Bb and how many will watch MWP … the fight is on

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