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  1. Watching this video, this girl should have won USA instead of the classless Asya. She would made top 5 .

  2. @ Fabian Reyes Now that you mentioned it, Atty. M.’s Papantoniou-like stride would be very much appreciated by the Thai audience. Except that BPCI does not allow its own previously-crowned queens a second shot, unlike MWP/Boss ALV. Besides, Angkol’s age ceiling is 27. Atty. is… BUT, if Angkol conducts the 2021 edition WITHIN the year (meaning, a very much shortened reign for Abenna) and by some stroke of ‘luck’ Atty. is appointed, there you go. 🙂

    (Though such a scenario is next-to-impossible, as Aya will crown ‘BBP-Grand’ come 11 July.)

    Wasn’t Felizarta born in ‘Pinas then studied in CANADA, thus the accent?

    Nicole Guerrero was all-American girl, yet consensus seems to have been she was ‘wanting’… 😦

    As per Kim Layne’s academic status, recall Patrizia Garcia, Baeyen’s Air-in-Waiting at MPE 2020? Like Shane Tormes (Fire nga ba siya?), 27 ‘ata last year. Fans wanted ‘Pat’ to try again. But she has opted to hit the Law books to prepare to take the Board. 🙂

    • Erratum. Santos, ‘ata.

      Garcia is the Binibini.

      My apologies for interchanging. 😦

  3. We all know that having her join MUP is like praying for winter in the Philippines on summer. But, for purposes of discussion, she is a shoo-in for the MUP crown.

    Having said that, I’d like to segue on the “IG unfollowing of Rabiya and Neil from each other.” I think the truth that both love birds are now humming the heartbreak tune comes out. And whatever the reason of their breakup and whoever called it quits, the public sympathy will always go to the guy, unless they clear up the air that it’s their mutual decision to end their seven-year relationship. Otherwise, Rabiya will be on the losing end. She won’t get a good start in the pursuit of her supposed showbiz career.

    May sumpa ba talaga ang korona sa isang relasyon? Halos lahat ng mga nakoronahang kandidata natin sa Miss Universe ay na-lotlot sa pag-ibig. I pity the boys na naiiwan sa ere dahil nagkaroon lang ng fame ang beauty queen girlfriend.

    Ikaw ba, Paul or Auntie Flor, kapag may pogi ka ng boyfriend pero win ka ng crown, would you drop him just like that?

    That’s all.

    • Erratum: it should read “halos lahat ng mga nakoronahang kandidata natin na lumaban sa MU O kaya naging MU mismo ay na-lotlot sa pag-ibig.”

    • crown or keks? PERA Ana. Pera ang kailangan ko. Sa hirap ba naman ng buhay ngayon kailangan talaga natin ang pera. Pag may pera ka kasi madali lang ang keks. Never mind na ang crown.

      BUTI ka pa Ana buwan-buwan EURO ang tinatanggap mo. Napakaraming Euro at 57.84 ang exchange rate today. Bongga ka day!

      • Ay! Of course, we need money so we can rock and roll. I understand the struggles others are facing in these trying times. Baka nga ‘yung iba dito, nag-iipon pa ng pambili ng load para magkapag-online lang at -comment sa blog na ito ni Tito Norms.

        Ramdam ko na talaga ang hirap ng buhay dahil padami ng padami ang nanlilimos sa kalye, sa labas ng simbahan, sa drive thru, etc. Haaaizt! I pray na matapos na ang pandemyang ito. I also pray na sana rin mapalitan na ang liderato natin. We need a government that understands the sentiments of the public dealing this pandemic.

        That’s all.

      • Correct Ana. Buti na lang ako libre ang internet dito sa bahay namin courtesy of my sister. He, he, he…

  4. Let’s face it , girls raised abroad are classier .. even those with pure Pinoy lineage like Justine Felizarta who, I would choose over Patch , to rep our country to MU every single time .

    Pag sa Pinas lumaki, bakya mo neneng ang labas… unless they are from showbiz or a rich family .

  5. If this girl joins MUP, we already have a winner.

    11th girl only to be featured, and I have listed already five front runners. However, this girl overtakes my current number one that is VVV.

    As Miranda Hobbes told Mr. Big “GO. GET OUR GIRL”.

    Shamcey, Jonas, “go, get this girl!”

    World Peace.

  6. Blogger, good Friday. 🙂

    ‘Di po ba ay may residency ruling ang MUPO?

    Gow. BASTA PASASALIHIN DIN SI TRISH BANTIGUE, whom you also featured dati…

    Appointment ang magiging galawan? MSA did not necessarily send their 1st RU (Thato Mosehle) to Hollywood, Florida. Kung ayaw ni Bella, it will be between Hakkenson and Amelinckx. G!

    (Poor Werner. But was man enough to publicly declare loyalty to Natasha Joubert despite Tocuyo.)

    • (Cont.)

      (I have a feeling medyo more-or-less ‘latag’ na line-up ni Boss JG for MUP 2021. Kasi, if Boy Blog has to resort to the likes of Kim Layne at Patitay na kapwa’ng kasalukuya’ng deep in studies in their respective/chosen fields, then it means wala na siya’ng nakikita pa’ng malakas within plain sight…

      … Neither Galleria Sorsogon nor Tising featured… Kung sa bagay, bata pa naman, kaya i-reserba.)

      Not unless this serves as his hypothetical pipe dream Top 10… That being said, it must be CRUSHING for any would-be candidate to not get Norman Tinio’s stamp of approval. I wonder kung may ‘tampuhan’ blues na nangyayari… After all and in the end, we are all human and impossible to please everybody.

      • @ Norman Speaking of Galleria, her kind – medical professionals and health services providers – can always invoke the pandemic as a reason for their realignment of priorities (aka, not rejoin beauty pageants so soon). I’m not putting words into their mouths. But if Dra. Adee’s change of heart at MPE was any indication, coupled with Paola Ortega’s all-too-abrupt return to obscurity, then once at least 70~85% (?) of you guys are ‘jabbed’ things can get back to ‘Norm-al’. 🙂

        (And we, your readers, can hardly wait to see you back on the road again. Huwag kalilimutan, po, ang ‘pasalubongs’ – ‘tahong’ chips from Bataan, grapes from LU, ALL SORTS of goodies from MisOr, and that sticky-gooey coconut-and-sugar-based whatever-it’s-called from Bohol. You will go to Panglao to serve on the MF Board of Judges, hopefully? Arigatou in advance!)

    • Ayan kasi. Padala ba naman sa MU, 2nd runner up. What a wasted streak for South Africa. No offense meant to Natasha. She actually deserves a slot in the Top 5. We know what happened. Politics and it’s kadiri.

      • @ THROWBAKLA Ading, you go tell Boss Fred to talk to Werner so that either Chantelle Pretorius or Jordan Van der Vyver can be sent over, once MAPI resumes… 🙂

      • Sa dami ba naman ng magaganda na nakapasok sa TOP 15, dalawa ang pangit na nakaabot sa top 3. Ewan!


  8. Nagsabi na si Kim Layne (sa isang TV interview sa Idaho) na hindi muna ngayon dahil tinatapos pa niya ang 2 kurso – veterinary medicine and (master) in public health. She is open to the idea of joining national beauty pageants in the Philippines BUT in the FUTURE and NOT now because she is concentrating on her studies. Yun na.

  9. Oh , is this a pipe dream ? … I would have preferred to see her actually entering the MWP 2021 because there are already a lot of strong possibilities in MUP , but not so many in MWP and Pinas deserves definitely a second MW crown after Meagan …

  10. If she has no problem with the requirements like citizenship and residency she is welcome with open arms to join the Miss Universe Philippines. She has all qualities a good communication skill and her amazing height at 5′ 4″ will definitely will seal her fate at the pageant. Mabuhay Miss Idaho Kim Layne

      • I don’t where did you get 5′ 9″. Base on the news articles that I read about her she is only 5’4″. As far I know they are reliable source.

    • Gabriela, I’m not disputing her height. I don’t know how tall she is (or the women who are featured here recently). Ang nakakatawa, parang lahat ng comment mo about 5’4” height is “towering or amazing!” I am 5’10” male and I know I’m short! Towering talaga 🙂

      • Obviously sarcasm, to stir more comments..and is effective!

  11. She is sexy and well-spoken. If she is qualified to join MUP, why not? ? She would be a very strong contender for the crown.

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