6 comments on “Miss World Philippines 2021 #TeviantMissCharity Challenge

  1. Really, contact lenses annoy me. If it is not you. It is not you. If you have another eye color other than black or brown, just lighten it. Don’t use a different one. Hayyyst. Spare me, please. Phony!

  2. De Mesa seems to be playing around a lot with (her) EYES; even at the last PN’s episode, galit na galit sa eye area. Medyo garish for my tastes, but that’s just me. 🙂

    Manzano, WOW. Look back now, dear readers, at the post about their impromptu/ambush Q&A.

    Sir Blogger, Kurniawan is still doing endorsement for Teviant? Kumusta na siya?

    Feeling ko, solve na ‘ko sa ‘Crown Chaser’. Php 985.00 ba ‘yan? PI’ng mga mata ‘to! ‘Di ko mabasa ng maayos, kalinggit ng font… 😦

    • (Cont.)


      The middle ‘9’ looked like an ‘8’ to me… I wonder what the optometrist thinks of my glasses. 😦

  3. Guys, what is the chika about the alleged rift within the Miss Universe Philippines Organization? I haven’t read about it anywhere else. The only chika I’ve heard recently is about the video of the affiliated stylist saying _______ has an attitude problem.

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