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  1. I’m wondering nasaan na yung maganda at matangkad na naging Saniata ti Ilocos Sur (don’t know if I got it right). I saw her when she joined a barangay beauty pageant, she was 18 years old then at 5’10”, para syang higante sa stage. Yung features nya caucasian, na kailangan lang i-realign yung ilong. And she can talk. Sana magresurface yun, kung di pa nag-asawa ha.

  2. We are going ethnic/exotic with this girl. Is Galeria the next to be featured here? Aha!

  3. Need mo c Becky Below Ading bago pumaddek ti MUP. Advice ko laeng niya😊
    Ala, kasta ngaruden ken Good Luck🎉

  4. So as not to waste anyone’s time (mine and co-readers’), I will make it a policy that if the girl featured by Norman is not worth writing about, I will be kind not to comment.

    World Peace.

    • My friend, you are then doing Sir Norman a disservice by reducing online traffic. Your comments stir the pot. Positive or negative, serious or irreverent, it has a multiplier effect in terms of traffic generates. Weird Piece!

      • Oh, I didn’t realize that. Thanks Scorg. I would be glad to service, I mean to be of service to Norman. Lol. This blog needs our comments, our sentences, our words.

        Word Please.

      • @Thomas, keep on writing. You sometimes provide the much needed comic relief to the many OMG and WTF moments in this blog. Weird Piece!

  5. She looks like Wang! 🙂

    BETTERfly Academy is the name of the beauty camp put up by Patraporn and Paweensuda, fyig.

    …While SamBer shared her techniques at MGT before returning home.

    ‘Best in Blog’ goes to…. Normannorman.com!

    Northern Luzon in MUP… Kim Alexis Elcano of Batanes was a revelation! Tito of Pageantry, advise her to join “Magandang Filipinas”. Did GREAT at the Prelims Interview with a fluid thought process while holding back nerves. She was among those you liked in her Cluster, you recall po?

    Benicta of Ilocos Sur (Pauline Anne Cordero Baker look-alike), Soriano of Pangasinan (high-fashion Swim shoot on the local outrigger canoe), and Mangawit of Kalinga (young Anna Bayle vibe) join Elcano for my 2020 ‘NorLuz’ Court… Our many thanks to host delegate Maynigo!

    Princess Laureano of Aurora withdrew, no? Y?

    I’m embarrassed. I’ve forgotten who La Union’s rep was. Only that an ‘Ashtie’ was the LU AP. Siya pa rin?

    There is buzz that dusky beauty Donna Erno (Saniata ti Ilocos Sur) will. I WILL SUPPORT.

    • (Cont.)

      Guy onstage who assisted in crowning, in ‘polo barong’, is TOO CUTE. 🙂

    • (Cont.1)

      I just realized we might have had PLENTY of ‘inabel’ either lying around the house, or stored.

      ‘Eto ‘ata ‘yun’g puwede’ng ihabi in such a way that it spells something out… Imagine a comforter with ‘Cat & Sam’ on it, right smack in the middle. That’s Gray and Milby, of course. 🙂

      I will assume, from the question hurled to Lyka, that the cottage-if-not-pilot-scale industry is wanting of more orders. I don’t think it’s fabric for clothing; all I’ve seen were blankets & table runners.

      I wonder if it can be re-purposed… Or maybe the weave designs ‘modernized’… @ C2F, thoughts?

    • (Cont.2)

      Jan Alexis Elcano.

      I’m sorry it took me three (3) days to realize I got her name wrong. 😦

      (I guess that REALLY BIZARRE dream I just had did wonders, clearing mental ‘agiw’.)

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