12 comments on “#TurningPhenomenal Series No. 12

  1. To win MU, we need someone who grew up rich or sosyal or was raised abroad … period.
    Unless ang dating e Basiano or Sharifa

  2. She looks amazing on the video
    The movements and facial expressions look natural
    However, the still pics are horrendous . Baduy .. too provincial, I’m sorry

  3. Galawan’g Praveenar Singh. 🙂

    Akala ko, ‘Jehza’…

    Ungkol Blogger, ‘di bala sina Edwin Uy dapat ang mag-ste-stage nu’ng MsUA? Anyare?

    (Indonesia-based) MrUA is still under Gandhi Fernando, po?

  4. She looks pretty pero (nanotice ko lang) mala Rabiya na hindi masara yung bibig (because of the teeth or projection lang?).

    • I think it has something to do with her lips. If it is only for projection then it’s ok. Rabiya actually has photos with her mouth closed. And she’s a lot beautiful when she smiles but unfortunately she forgot to smile during the swimsuit round. Parang pilit na naiinis ang hitsura nya.

      • miss tissa…sa video, parang because of teeth.

        I agree with you, nagmukha syang suplada when she “forgot” to smile.

  5. I believe some aspiring candidates of Miss Universe Philippines are tall. Miss Gezza Ilagan Avila is undeniably beautiful, talented, smart with towering height 5′ 5 1/2″. I can see she has the potential to be next Miss Universe Philippine. I am sure she will follow the footstep of the current Miss Universe Philippines who made Philippines so proud.

    • 5’5″ towering height na ba yon?
      Catriona is 5’10”,
      Pia is 5’8″
      So far from 2010, Rabiya is the shortest at 5’6″.

      • Agree! Gezza is a good option but not the best choice. We still have Steffi from Cebu, Eloisa from Laguna or some other girls na new and fresh face. Gezza from Quezon is beautiful, but she’s not for the Universe. She sounds sooooo rehearsed and i’ve seen a lot of girls better than her in Quezon; Ashanti is one perfect exmple.

    • what is the true height of Australia 2020 ? … I guess she deserves to be up there to make a point but what if Romania, Nepal, Russia, Czech were up there instead … (of Indonesia, Great Britain…) … the competition would have been so much more exciting …

      I got no comment on the above aspirant … no idea who she is ….

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