127 comments on “#TurningPhenomenal Series No. 11

  1. Patch Magtanong will never be MU.
    She just does not have the qualities of a MIss U
    Plus she is not interested anymore

    • Why you still keep on posting on this phenomenal lady? Because you cannot accept that still Patch is the best among the featured girls for MUP. He, he, he…

      • Paul , I wil support Patch if she wins MUP
        But there are way better candidates than her
        U need to seem eye doc … or may be a mental health professional hahaha

    • @Fabian

      Well Patch has a far greater chance of making it to the TOP3 of MU than your bet Bella Ysmael w/ her Muslim surname & Lebanese ancestry… 🤣🤣🤣 Hell would freeze over before they’d let Bella reach the Top 10. I’m sure the Jewish owners of IMG and sponsors would be thriĺled..🤣🤣🤣

      Patricia is the best girl featured for this edition. She is smart, classy, beautiful, cosmopolitan, well-traveled, and a great spokesperson.. She perfectly fits the MU prototype… She could win!

  2. I think the Miss Universe Organization is simply looking for someone who has a truly lively and interesting personality, one who can hold a conversation with either a big crowd or an individual of stature. She is someone with sound thinking, one who would not embarrass the org with impromptu, controversial statements. She possesses striking physical features and just so happens to be EASY to WORK with. She mustn’t carry too much personal “baggage” in her past that the org will have to deal with later. >> She would neither be arguing with UN representatives and world leaders, nor making decisions on behalf of the MUO. It’s not a management role. It’s a Miss Universe title.

      • @paul … whoever the pageant gods will bless 👆🏻🙋🏼

    • Being a spokesperson is a management role; one has to manage the organization’s branding message to the consuming public. The competency in managing the branding message should not stop at chipping down big ideas into manageable relatable bytes, but should include influencing all functionaries of internall business processes to make all customer touchpoints aligned to the brand message. If the organization is in the midst of change management and financial restructuring, as MUO has been reported to be, would it not be great if the spokesperson is also a competent professional in customer-centric business management? Ordinary times would simply require an ordinary spokesperson. But these are extraordinary times when all businesses have been debilitated by this pandemic. MUO needs a versatile woman– an external and internal spokesperson. MUP calls this breed of a woman #Phenomenal.

      • Global pageantry is fast developing as an industry. For MU, it looks like it is driven by the national directorates in the Philippines, South Africa, and Thailand– all agile enough to adapt to the formidable challenges of posed by this pandemic. An obvious part of this development is the noticeable paradigm shift in their concept of a beautiful spokesperson– intellectually superior but connects naturally with the grassroots. Gone are the days when beauty is just physical. These are days when the beauty that stands out of the clutter is the one who stands ten feet tall, so to speak, in intellect and core values. The imagery behind the tagline “confidently beautiful” has just became sharper during the pandemic.

      • ERRATA: * “… challenges posed by…”, not “… challenges of posed by…”;
        * “… has just become…”, not “… has just became…”

  3. Patch is HOT. Humahataw pa rin sa comments. Patuloy na pinag-uusapan. Ibig sabihin siya talaga ay interesting. And worth to be sent to the 70th edition of MU.

    • 89 posts na lang going to 200. Si Patch lang nakagawa nito among the featured girls for the turning phenomenal series.

  4. Mine is the 100th post. Patch Magtanong IS REALLY getting the ATTENTION of Angkol Fabian because she is the best among the phenomenal girls featured here. Ha, ha, ha…

  5. akala ko next year pa ang laban ni madam leni . ..marami pala ang gusto mapaaga..count me out. dun ako sa next year na labanan. peace.

  6. C2f, is there anything in the MU criteria that says they are looking for an economist or an excellent academician ??
    Overthinking , that’s what you are doing !
    MU is fair game . It doesn’t matter what you do in life ,. Whether you are a hairstylist like Jennifer Hawkins or a factory worker like Pia W , you will win if you have what they are looking for !

    • Maka factory worker ka talaga wagasssss…. @Pianatics si Fabian tinawag na FW si Pia

      • Pia was working as a factory worker in GB when she decided to move back to the Philippines to try Binibini for the 3rd time , no joke
        It goes to show that MU does not discriminate . ..

    • @Fabian

      Well, that is the thing… She’s not only an economist and lawyer…. She is the total package. 😊

      • C2f, total package ? She is facially wanting , body needs work , and stage presentation is very very poor
        I would rather go for Steffi who has great pasarela like Sam B and Emma T.

      • @Fabian

        MUorg said it…. They want a great speaker.
        Well, one can only be a great speaker if you got brains to back it up. 😁

      • Total package? I actually don’t get the hype about her.
        She is not even that beautiful. She looks like an uglier version of Pops Fernandez.
        I can still remember her very poor performance at MI, the severe make-up and the donut bun that she wore on top of her head 😂😂😂
        We need someone who is beautiful in all angles, elite looking, tall and shapely with good communication skills. Now that’s a total package.
        Patricia is not. Just overrated and overhyped.

      • @JustPassing

        You are obviously brainwashed by Western standards of beauty which is what the MU org is battling against…. The point that you dislike her features that are considered unconventional to Filipino standards makes her more desserving to represent us in the International Arena…

    • So kailangan din ni Bella maging tindera ng mais sa may Paranaque? Ha, ha, ha…

  7. Mine is the 80th post. BUT the MAJOR problem right NOW is WITHIN the MUP Organization. The pot is boiling… and anytime might explode!

    • 81st na pala. So 82nd na ito. So how can we send a representative to the 70th edition of Miss Universe if the National MUP Org. is nagkagulo na right now? I hope maayos nila nang maaga.

      • Try to squeeze Adam Genato. Mine is from the short narrative of Ana. You can also ask her for more information. Or verify the tsismis with Mr. Blogger himself.

  8. Ana Winter-Lund ingeniously coined the hashtag @PatchPerfect. How can someone be #PatchPerfect for MUO? At this juncture of MUO’s corporate life, it needs a professional to consolidate its various business elements and stakeholders into a cohesive driving force towards its vision and mission. An internal consultant with an honors degree in Business Economics and Law from her country’s premier university would be #PatchPerfect as she would be conversant about ROIs and Shareholder Values. An external spokesperson whose inner and outer beauty eloquently shouts out the best of the Malayan race would be #PatchPerfect for a pageantry organization in need of a strong and sustained connectivity with its hordes of followers

    • Finally, a rallying point who has the capability to bring the MU platform not only to the world’s socio-economic grassroots but also to corporate board rooms, academic corridors, halls of congresses, and even UN assemblies would be #PatchPerfect to shatter the budding pro-Latin political economy playbook of Telemundo-MUO, and redirect pageantry’s pivot to Asia, the emerging epicenter of global pageantry development.

      • I couldn’t agree more, Scorg. Bravissima!

        That’s all.

    • @Scorg

      I agree!!!… Her knowledge in Economics could be a handy tool before, during and after the MU competition…. Not to mention, she will standout in a sea of gorgeous Latinas!

      • @C2F: It is high time MU gets a spokesperson that can naturally connect with its constituents– ordinary oft-powerless everyday people– and intelligently discourse with powers-that-be who can change peoples’ lives and communities. As an added bonus, such a spokesperson can be a handy business consultant by MUO as it steers itself through the turbulent waters of shareholding negotiations, organizational change, financial restructuring and their corresponding legal implications. This is the time MUO needs someone who is confidently beautiful inside and out of its corporate life, because her inner and outer beauty– intelligence, physique and core values– radiates everywhere she goes. #PatchPerfect!

      • @ scorg Did you just enumerate MUPO’s current situation?

        “… Shareholding negotiations, organizational change, financial restructuring and (the) corresponding legal implications”.

        Ba’t alam niyo, po? UMAMIN KA. Close ka sa org, no? SPILL TEA. 🙂

        (On my end, ang naisip ko is maaari’ng ito’ng mga incoming/new AP’s got wind of some of the issues that hounded MUP in the beginning and are demanding some measure of greater transparency and accountability. After all, it’s their money!)

      • @Flor (while waiting for our company’s management meating to start): I am not talking of MUPO but of MUO. How can I be privy to the internal issues of pageant organizations when I am halfway across the globe, and my only connection to pageantry is via Sir Norman’s blogs and vlogs? But thanks for thinking along that possibility. I’m not that well-connected in pageantry as you speculate. I’m just an ordinary enthusiast who uses the analytical tools in business to analyse this developing industry.

  9. C2f , which MU winner had excellent academic credentials ?
    Nobody .
    They want someone who is gorgeous, in shape, and articulate who can best represent the brand.
    Doctors lawyers and other accomplished professionals have been dissed at MU… in favor
    a hairdresser or a . High school graduate .
    I’m telling you , I’m not against Bea since she is used to a high pressure setting .
    But If she is to do well , she needs to change her styling and improve on her pasarela and stage presentation

    • @Fab

      Excuse me?!… leme name a few winners who excelled in academics:

      Marlene Shmidt- Masters degree in Engineering

      Rina Mor- Graduated w/ honours and had a Masters degree in family law.

      Margie Moran- holds a degree in business administration from Boston University, and a masters in development management from SOAS University of London

      Irene Saez – Politcal Science graduate who went on to be Mayor of her town.

      Wendy Fitzwilliam- was a law graduate w/ honors

      Lara Dutta- has a degree in Economics major in Communication.

      Oxana Federova- has a Doctorate of Philosophy in civil law…

      Natalie Glebova- has Bachelor of Commerce degree in Information Technology Management and Marketing

      Gabriela Isler- holds a BA in management and marketing and graduated w/ flying colors…

      Iris Mittenaer- graduated w/ honors from lycée with a focus on science. Prior to Miss France, she was in her fifth year of a dental surgery fellowship….

      Patch would perfectly fit right in….. 😊

      • Excuse me?
        C2f, I meant excelled like they topped their class or board exam .
        Simply finishing a course in college is not an outstanding accomplishment and many did so after their reign
        Excuse me

      • @Fabian

        So graduating with honors does not count as “excellent academic credentials”?! Now you are just contradicting yourself… Anyway regardless of whatever pointless argument you have in mind, Bea Patricia Magtanong would obviously exceed with leaps and bounds whatever possible placement Bella Yshmael could achieve at any edition and host country of Miss Universe!

      • C2f, that was almost 50 yrs ago
        How is it any relevant
        Look back 10-15y ago and see if there’s anyone there who is an academic achiever !
        Misses USA 2019 and 2017 are super smart . How far did they go ???

      • Or just analyze the IMG era
        Is there anyone there who you can consider academically excellent ???
        I mean , Pia and Cat ,??????

      • @Fabian

        Yeah, it’s in chronological order….
        Iris Mittenaer and Gabriela Isler is within the last decade… Please bore someone else with your black and white mentality.. 🤪

  10. IMO, she is one of the most overrated beauty queens.
    Ifever, she will be the one to break the Philippines’ placement streak.
    Take note of this comment of mine.
    That’s all.


    • Hahaha! It’s alright, dear. I also cannot confirm if there is truth to that news. Hence, okay lang if you went to that extent kase I am not the bearer of such blind item. Tsaka okay lang din ma tinawag mo akong Flor. I am Auntie Flor T’s bratty niece, after all. 😂🤗

      That’s all.

  12. So SASABOG NA at MAGKAWATAK-WATAK ang MUP Organization? After MU Canada Org., it’s hot time for our very own MUP Org. Kalokah!

    • What’s even more kaloka is your fixation on JG & A&Q.

      Please do us all a favor & moveon dot org.

      • Move on? You see incompetence and greed and you do nothing? LOL. Sorry. Doon ako sa integrity and excellence.


        Excellence? Like the drought years with the hand-me-down evening gowns from the Miss Colombia pageant?

        Or were you’re expecting MUP to produce a winner in it’s first year of competition? The way BPCI won Miss Universe in 1964, the first year they held the franchise?

        Oh wait, BPCI’s Universe representative didn’t even make the top 15 in 1964. But sige let’s impose a higher standard for MUP to overcome & then hold it against them when they fail.

        Which is not to say that MUP didn’t make mistakes & miscalculations with Rabiya, but they deserve at least the same number of attempts as BPCI had before they won a crown (that’s 6 years from 1964 to 1969).

        As for integrity … don’t you just hate it that pageant & fashion professionals from the Pinoy bourgeoisie participated in breaking up the pageant franchise monopoly of the Araneta oligarchs?

        This UP-educated MUP group have no integrity at all, otherwise they would have known their place *sarcasm*

      • Theres nothing phenomenal really with them if It’s true that Xhavit is the backer of that organization. Jueteng money ba yan? 😂. Anyway, aabot din ba kaya ng 50 years ang MUP? Jonas and company are now in their late 40s. So hanggang 90 years old kaya pa kaya nila? Charot lang. Lol 🤣😆. I just. Wished they got the franchise earlier pero I forgot impoverished pa SILA before.

  13. Maiba naman tayo. Ano na naman itong ‘kaguluhan’ o away sa pageant industry na sinasabi ni Adam Genato? Ayaw niya ring magbigay ng necessary information. Secret-secret. Hay naku! May info ba kayo rito? PLEASE share to us. Thanks.

    • I don’t know if it is, pero ang tsika is ‘yung model/pageant na bet ng sambayanan na makapasok sa Top 5 ng isang pageant ay nilaglag ng team na naging team din n’ya dati during the pageant. Kaya unti-unting nagkakalagasan sa team na ito dahil lumalala ang professional gap sa loob.

      Grabe ang gulo ng mga bakla sa pageantlandia. Iba talaga kapag sila ang involved. Kakaloka. Hahaha!

      That’s all.

      • Foremost, thank you Flor.

        So are you referring to Alaiza Malinao? Was it deliberate to exclude her in the top 5?

        Para sa akin ha, the organization has the right to do it for valid reasons. They have done it several times in Miss Universe specially if you have shown bad behavior during the pre-pageant days. Remember Misses Venezuela (2016) and Colombia (2018). In Miss International, every night (as revealed by Miss Indonesia who won MI in 2017) the chaperons and officers of MIO report and discuss the behavior of each candidate on that particular day.

        I think some members of the organization do not like the personality and behavior of the aforesaid girl.

        Again, thanks a LOT Flor for the info. Good evening to you.



    She was my bet over Gazini as MUP but that all changes after my incident with her in Instagram! Diba may check mark na siya sa IG which means verified account na siya! I unfollowed her after all! Buti na lang hindi nakisawsaw yung Admin sa comment niya!

    Hindi kataka-taka kung bakit hindi siya nanalo sa Miss International! Pweehhhhh!

    Yeah! She has the qualification! She has the beauty! But is that what MU is looking for? Sa Filipinas seguro fascinated ang madlang people sa achievement niya! I doubt that once she reaches her feet on a foreign land competing with other gorgeous girls! Baka lamunin lang siya dun! Concentrate na lang siya sa pagiging abugago niya! Or better yet pakasal na siya kay Josh Cordovez, that is……….

    if she is his type of wife??????

    • @Claire

      What incident are you talking about?!.. I hope that is not an image demolition attempt.. I hope you are better than that…. This is why an “allstars edition” should not be held.. andaming magsisiraan just to uplift their bets… crab mentality at its finest… tsk tsk

  15. Phenomenal ng Phenomenal. Wala pa rin kahit Isa. Wish na lng tayo Maka Top 5 lang sa MU2021 ay ok na. To win a crown this year is pfffttt🤗 C Rabiya na makuda eh kinulang pa rin sa Know when to peak hahaha napeaktosan tuloy at Wala ng energy sa Gabi ng laban😳Tapos Ngayon phenomenal na naman daw. Anong hallucinations ito. Magconcentrate ka nlang sa law career mo teh sayang Ang Time at mag Aral uli to upgrade your education. Hihihihi 🤗

  16. Mine is the 50th post. Bea Patricia Magtanong is the first choice. Followed by Ahtisa Manalo. Third is Steffi Arebasturi. Bella Ysmael ipadala sa Mutya ng Paranaque Marshland. He, he, he…

    • @ paul Huwag ka naman ganyan kay Bella. She has done nothing wrong. 🙂

      As it stands, lamang lang si Atty. kasi may International placement na siya in her bag. But I see no reason why Ms. Ysmael cannot gain foreign following, given her strengths.

      (And Bella DID ace her Municipal, if I recall correctly. Her only other pageant experience.)

      I think ang nangyari ay WALA’NG NANGYARI – The Camp was NEVER about flooding socmed with material on their wards. ‘Ika nga noon, it’s a very discrete little team that preferred discretion.

      Of course, Alaiza was an exception in this regard but could that be because she had extensive contacts in the pageant industry even before she joined MUP? Kasi at that time, ang matutunog sa mga foreign pageant pages were those with PLENTY of content, such as Alaiza, Galleria Sorsogon, Gumabao, and Hakkenson (the short hair, which for some reason did little favors for Zandra Nicole Sta. Maria despite a personality* to rival Maria Thatil’s), with Amelinckx to a lesser extent. Rabiya was always in the second tier, #’s6~10’ish…

      I still think Bella will be appointed for Costa Rica simply due to time constraints and pandemic restrictions. And Atty. is CLEAR & WILLING that she MUST survive the gauntlet of yet another Nationals if she is to get another crack at world domination. In her own words (above), “I’m excited din to see how it plays out”.


      * – Speaking of PERSONALITY, you still remember Alexandra Abdon, MUP-Manila? She asked that the airconditioning in Baguio City be toned down as she felt chilly. Her Prelims Interview is now yet another LEGEND in Philippines pageant Q&A history!

      • ‘Ay!

        Na-doble ‘yun’g ‘discrete’… “…discrete little team that preferred discretion”.

        Sa sobra’ng discrete, _______________ (go ahead, @ paul. Fill in the blank. Kanina pa ako pinaaalis ni Admin. GTFO daw.)

      • Okay Flor. Di ba paulit-ulit ko na sinasabi na Bella Ysmael is MORE SUITED for MWP. She should join the said pageant next year.

        Now, if she is going to be appointed for the 70th MU edition, e di go. Magpakain dapat si Angkol Fabian. Kung magkaroon siya ng placement sa MU, then good for the Philippines.

        Kung hindi siya magkaroon ng placement sa MU, then ALAM MO NA KUNG SINO ANG TITIRAHIN NATIN ditits? Joke! Ha, ha, ha…

  17. Pretty, well-proportioned, and smart. She has what it takes to be the next MUP.

  18. I saw a picture of Mexico’s Debora Hallal … she looks like Mexico 2018 who did not make it to the semifinals but was a runner up in Miss International

    Hallal would be better off at MI rather than MU …

    • @ jaretwrightlover Tama! Para back-to-back ‘Best in 1st RU’ sina Andrea Toscano at Deborah.


      That scenario also happened recently with USA at MI, didn’t it? Was it 2015~6? Or, 2016~7?

      ‘Eto’ng mga kinatawan ng Mexico magkakahawig, no? Toscano and Hallal. Denise Franco and Sofia Aragon. Andrea Meza seems an exception-if-minority – Latinas that look a bit Asian (like Selena(+), who sang “I Could Fall in Love with You”.).

  19. C2f , Patch will not win MU . For the MUO to give us a third crown within 6y, there has to be an incontrovertible argument for that .
    Patch is long and lean with decent facial features . But her presentation on stage is terrible . And you know this is not very easy to learn ,she may make top 21 but top 10 will be very hard and f they keep the current format.
    I would rather go with Steffi who has great pasarela.
    Still Bella is my MUP!!!

    • @Fabian

      How is Patch’s presentation terrible?!… Patch has been trainning to be a beauty queen since highschool…. Just because Bella can dance in heels doesn’t make her better than Patch… Madami pang kakainig bigas si Bella before she’d even be in the same level as Patch… Patch has been modeling on fashion runways since she was a teenager while excelling in her academics, none of which was ever achieved by Bella at the same age. 🤪

      • @ Closer2Fame If I may add, KAYO, po, ang dati pa nag-lo-lobby kay Patch dito sa blog. I recall.


        You would even post photos of her, saying how excited you would be when she finally takes the plunge.

        To be fair to Atty., GOOD leg extension in her strides! An attribute she shares with Tising… A&Q trained these two well and to their credit they apparently were focused students. Watch them again at MI. Like Evelina Papantoniou all over again.

        (Now, I think I’ll watch MUP again to see how Bella did in the Swim… It’s there we see the strides.)

  20. To date, Magtanong, Aberrasturi, Ysmael, and 3V contributed the most traffic on Norman’s Blog.

    Of the four, 3V has the least probability of being seen on the pageant stage soon. Why? Simple. SHE STILL NEEDS TO TRAIN. Same argument as with AsNTM… That’s still a full year, at least!

    Atty. is excited how it would pan out if she went for it. GOW. BUT, she MUST assemble her OWN TEAM (like what the Gray Cat did)! I HIGHLY DOUBT A&Q would still prioritize her.

    (OR, join The Camp.)

    @ paul & @ Closer2Fame will get @ scorg to man the ‘PatchBattalion’ 24/7 across all time zones; this will be a socmed blitz to vigorously lobby for her participation in the 2nd edition of MUP.

  21. The Miss Universe Mexico Org. just appointed Debora Hallal as the country’s representative to the 70th edition of MU. She is so BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS. TAPOS TAYO MAGPADALA NA NAMAN TAYO ng PANDAK, PANGIT at BOBONG KANDIDATA. Mga DAKO mo ug DAUT!

      • @ Fabian Reyes ??? 🙂

        (Oh, my gosh. Did I inadvertently leave clues everywhere? I KENNET HELP ET. This is what Norman’s Blog does to me. Lolz.)

      • You mean late 80s nasa UP na si Flor? Naabutan pa niya si Benjie Paras and Sarah Jane Paez?By 1994 hindi pa siya naka-graduate. MRR na? Ha, ha, ha…

      • @ paul Wasn’t Sara Jane Paez at UST? O, si Gem Padilla ‘yun’g naiisip ko?

        But yeah, I was unable to complete my program in the usual time. Nag-extend ako ng kaunti. 🙂

        (Kaya naabutan ko ‘yun’g lower batch/es. And some good friends at the time were from this group.)

      • Alam ko na Flor ang dahilan kung bakit ka ‘nag-extend nang kaunti.’ Na-in LOVE ka no sa isang… fratman? Yeh!…

    • Angkol I will support you with your advocacy/fight for the appointment of Bella Ysmael to MU as long as you reveal the FIRST TWO numbers of your student # in UP. Magsabi ka ng TOTOO dahil ipa-verify ko sa Ernst & Young accounting firm. Ha, ha, ha… Actually gusto ko lang malaman if you are younger than Serge and Flor Tula. He, he…

  22. Maria Isabella will be a big hit in Costa Rica ! Please Norm post an entry about her! She is sultry , glamazon and high fashion exotic all at the same time . Ker sa comm skills (which aren’t that bad to begin with anyways) . She’s sure to stand out with here bone structure , facial symmetry and height . Plus the girl can walk !

    • She will STAND OUT from the rest of the MU candidates because Galeria is SOOO… PANGIT.

      BAKA MAPAGKAMAN PA SIYANG GALING sa ANDES mountain range o sa AMAZON jungle DAHIL MARAMI SIYANG KAMUKHANG mga MYEMBRO ng mga IP (indigenous peoples) group of South America.

      Ano ka ba!

      • Baka may kapatid ka na maganda sa pananaw mo or pamangkin or apo, sila ang pa join mo sumali sa MUP or MWP…

  23. She is definitely our best bet…. We can’t save her for a year with a more ideal host location because her age might expire by then… I say we send her now while she is at her peak… This year reminds me a lot of 2011.. All the high-caliber girls joined BBP… The Q&A was intense…. and then Shamcey won!

    Bea reminds me of a dusky exotic fusion version of Rozana Purcell and Marigona Dragushah except her IQ is way higher than those 2… There has never been a Miss Universe winner like her which makes her very unique… & Bea is not only Beautiful… She is the TOTAL package who could be the most desserving to win Miss Universe!

    I say crown her now before we miss the opportunity! She our best comback that could secure us a minimum Top3 placement… No matter how the odds are against her, I believe that BEA PATRICIA MAGTANONG could win Miss Universe!

    • C2f , there has never been a MU winner like her … exactly

      • @Fabian

        Yes, because she is unique… which I believe is what IMG is aiming for… Have you seen Zozibini, Pia, Catriona, Iris or Andrea’s features among past winners of Miss Universe before?! I don’t think so…. Bea would be a complete standout even among past winners of MU…. She would start a new trend because she is Miss Universe!

  24. Miss Australia Universe 2020 Maria Thattil is only 5′ 3″ with stiletto heels and yes she make it to Top 10 Finalist. I wish all aspiring candidates of Miss Universe Philippines have that strong confidence , faith and determination like Miss Australia Universe 2020. Let us focus what we can do to fix the mistakes so that we can bring home the Miss Universe crown again. Enough of blaming games.

  25. she can definitely continue the 11-year continuous streak which I think is a MU historical record , probably not even USA or Venezuela . ( well maybe USA has done it in the 50s or 60s )

    If she does not join, there are a lot of others who can step in and continue the success of the last decade for Pinas …

  26. If her heart is into joining MUP, let her do it. Regardless of the outcome (winning or losing), for sure she’ll regret it in the future if she doesn’t follow her heart. Remember, not all Filipinas are endowed with such beauty, intellect and most especially height. We’ve got so many beautiful, intellectually gifted, and very articulate Filipinas but they lack the required vertical measurement for pageants. So go for it Patch if you really love it!

    • Let me add this, just days ago, I watched tv/online interview of Bernadette Allison (wife of Gary Estrada) in “Inay Ko Po” show hosted by MJ Marfori. She was asked if she would allow anyone of her 3 beautiful daughters to join pageants. She didn’t hesitate to say no, moreso said it out loud with so much conviction to support because eversince she was a little girl, she dreamt of joining BBP and eventually MU. She grew up watching MU. But since she’s short of the height requirement, she didn’t pursue it. She wants to her daughter to realize her passion in joining beauty contest.

  27. We can surmise that the very reason why Patch does not ring a bell about her decision to join the MUP pageant is because she has yet to pass her BbP-International crown on to Hannah Arnold’s or any deserving someone’s head. I think it’s too premature for her to tease her followers at this stage because of her awkward situation. No, it’s not about her recent entry in a law firm (because she can resign anytime if she wants or be allowed to compete in MUP and get back to the firm after relinquishing her title), but due to the uncertainties in BPCI holding the BbP pageant. Thus, premature announcement of her plan joining MUP might be derailed, and that’s the risk she, perhaps, doesn’t want to take.

    I think this is a good year for Patch to join MUP. For me, she fits the bill and possesses all the goods as our MU representative in Costa Rica. #PatchPerfect

    That’s all.

      • Kay #PatchPerfect tayo, C2F. She is the Tamaryn Green of the Philippines. Maganda, matangkad, lean and sexy, excellent resume and intelligent. Pasarela na lang ang iti-train sa kanya then konting workout for the abs.

        That’s all.

  28. Patch Magtanong will always be Bb. Pilipinas-International 2019! ❤❤❤

  29. Patch Magtanong will always be Bb. Pilipinas-Internation 2019! ❤❤❤

    • @ Jonalyn Hernandez Speaking of,… 🙂


      Atty. M.’s Brit ‘sister’ at MI 2019… was 18 years of age and 183 cm tall that year. Possesses an Amelinckx-like cool spunk! While pleasant-looking and regal.

      I am confident that she will give the UK its NEXT MU crown (whichever edition that would be at kung gusto ng A&Q/MUP, send Tising by that time and we’ll see which ‘coronita’ has more weight.)

      • @Flor Tula- I agree po. Malaki po talaga ang chance na manalo si Ahtisa pag nagkataon na sumali siya sa MUP. Pero pakiramdam ko po Miss Flor, pag si Ahtisa ang MUP, top 10 na po ang pinakamataas niyang makukuha katulad ng mga susunod na MUP winners. Destiny na lang po ang makakapagsabi kung makakarunner-up tayo sa susunod na 5 years. Love, love, love!!! ❤❤❤

  30. Patch would do well in the closed door interview. She’s likeable, for sure, and has impressive credentials but, more importantly, she’s non-threatening to other females. And that counts for a lot since the scores in Swimsuit and Evening Gown are determined (to a large extent) by the goodwill established during the interview.

    If Patch goes to Costa Rica for the 70th Edition, I can see her (possibly) as an Adline Castelino. What do they have in common? A quiet confidence, elegance, and being well-spoken. They may not be the best at pasarela and projecting on stage, but, hey, that didn’t stop Adline from reaching the Top 5.

    The biggest difference between the two is the hunger to win. Adline was in it to win it! Patch, on the other hand, is either hesitating or not interested altogether. I don’t mind a little reluctance though since that bit of detachment can make one level-headed throughout preparations and in the actual competition. Shamcey (who did it because of her mother) ended up as 3rd Runner-up.

    Interesting to note that Patch is the choice of many foreign pageant observers. It’s always good to get their opinions since they aren’t mired in the local politics of Filipino pageantry.

  31. I dont think Patch is what we need for this year’s MUP. We need someone who is kabogera but still has the communication skills, pleasant and engaging personality. You dont need to be super smart anymore. Beautiful face, performer and some regal yet engaging personality. I am more leaning towards Leren if she can improve her personality.

    as much I love Bella be appointed, I don’t think her beauty will be appreciated in Costa Rica, unless of course she undergoes some transformation in styling. Send a glamazona, morena/dusky beauty.

    • I agree 4M. We have sent lawyers, business graduates, piano-playing candidates in the past. Way before Venus Raj, to no avail. Not even placing at all.

      It is really that combination of beauty, smartness, being articulate and natural, with kabogera streak and pure alignment of the stars that will do it. In my book, the template remains to be Catriona.

      For this year, I can see two to three front runners that have been so far featured by Norman. Bella and Patch are not part of that list. Bella lacks chin, Patch is all eyes. Both lacking in heft and stature for what could be an amazona war in Costa Rica. (And speaking of Amazona heft, please no Michele Gumabao too.).

      World Peace.

      • Thomas, I’m curious to know who are your two or three picks so far.

      • Dear Madame-damin,

        Based on photos and short clips from this blog (I am lazy to stalk other sources like instagram, YouTube facebook, etc.]), the following are standing out for me:

        1) No. 2 – Luigi the Lesbian. (Lol. How rude of me to identify her as such)
        2) No. 3 – Ms. V for Ms. U. The one with interesting face from New Zealand
        3) No. 5 – Steffi with facial birthmarks.
        4) No. 10 – The mystery girl. Only because Norman was gushing about her.

        I think they have the face, the height, the “heft”, with enough interesting background.

        What needs to be validated would be how articulate they are (which both Patch and Bella have already proven).

        I don’t know how many more women Norman will feature. But isn’t it exciting that in as few as ten, we have already identified (albeit differing ones) possible front runners?

        Beauty remains to be subjective. I think ALL of them are beautiful so it will be futile to argue who is the most beautiful (face wise).

        In the corporate world, we look for the 4 Is in any position [especially management position]): Intelligence, Integrity (the wholeness of being), Interpersonal skills (which in effect can be part of intelligence already aka EQ) and finally , Intensity (the urge, the chutzpah, the gall, the drive, the passion, the libog) to be the next Ms. U.

        World Peace.

  32. Dear Patch,

    Umbrella-brother lang, (payong kapatid), do not join anymore this year’s competition. You have nothing to prove. Been-there, been-that ka na (lol).

    You are a lawyer, you can weigh the benefits vs. the risks. With only one crown at stake, and many qualified girls joining, you can do the math.

    (And yes, the photos above are not fetching. Pops, statue?)

    World Peace.

    • Norman and daming magagandang pictures ni Patch Magtanong posted here before. PLEASE huwag mag-post ng PANGIT na pictures na KATULAD ng kina ABESAMIS at GALERIA. Ty.

  33. It sounds from the video that Patch is not really interested in joining pageants again

  34. Blogger is SO STUBBORN, indeed. Sabi ko na nga’ng sampu (10) lang, ‘eh… 🙂

    Hay nakohhh…Mag-breakfast buffet na nga kayo nina @ paul at @ Closer2Fame, sagot ni (beep!).

    So, pa’no na? Ang Best3, magiging Best4 with the addition of Patitay. So, your Universal Court will be 3V, Patch, Stefi, and Angela in DESCENDING order left to right, po? Adjust as you deem fit.

    (In the first place, may blessings na ba ni ‘you-know-who’?)

    Was that Mars Franz Bayer interviewing Gazini and Resham? ‘Yun’g collab niyo, kailan na/pa??!!

    Who’s the Bataan AP? Kung HUCC, ‘Balanga City’ sash? DON’T TELL US IKAW DIN KUKUHA NG BATAAN PARA LANG MAKAPASOK SI ATTY? Huwag isusuko ang mga tahong, ha?!! Masarap gawin’g ‘tahong chips’, one of the peninsula’s more desirable ‘pasalubong’… Though if I’m not mistaken, they also have cashew… The drive going down to the coasts is EXCITING. Try it!

  35. Ysabella Roxas Ysmael , 24, Philippines!!!
    If I was Patch , I would forget about pageantry and move on with my life.

    • @ Fabian Reyes Na-challenge ‘ata ‘yun’g bata. Feeling siguro niya, bitin siya sa MI…

      Maybe for someone like her na ikaw mismo nagsabi na sanay sa sustained drilling (ganyan ‘ata ang sistema sa UP, kaya ang huhusay nila…), MI was a walk in the park. The Ashikaga Flower Park, to be exact (Patitay had a photo against lilac-colored blossoms when she visited in 2019; it was, I think, in the Missosology Album but you can check).

      “To cheer all women… is to challenge the barriers that prevent them from realizing their fullest… regardless of race, ideology, or economic standing in society”… (Or something to that effect).

      Domo arigatou gozaimasu.

      Don’t worry too much. At the rate things are going (Philippines government extends lock down in the capital Manila for a few more weeks and now cases of the bug on the rise in HUCC’s elsewhere, such as the cities of CDO and Davao), even a bubble pageant remains elusive and so Bella’s appointment for the 70th edition remains alive! 🙂

    • Ysabell Roxas Ysmael, 24, Miss Paranaque Marshland! Ha, ha, ha…

      laging mukhang constipated.

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