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    • @ Namrata Shirodkar & @ Fabian Reyes ‘Deep* CALABARZON, Laguna, Bulacan’ sounds like practically the entire Tagalog Sector! Can we say in general Tagalogs mangle English?

      ‘Buti pa Bisaya’… Compare now Rabiya (Panay Island), Rushton (Negros Island), and Eva/Gazini/Apriel/Tracy/Lou (Cebu), how they speak English. 🙂

      * – Are we talking about Batangas, or Rizal?

      • My issue really with native Tagalog speakers from Calabarzon is their diction. No matter how educated they are. Look at Ariella Arida. And fyi, in BPOs bisayas are known to have the most “americanized” sounding english (to those who was raised not speaking the english). Perhaps its because bisayas learn bisaya first, filipino next and then english.

    • @Namrata. Diction, pronunciation, and grammar do not really matter. As long as she manages to get her point across to the listeners, that would be ok for me.

  1. facially beautiful. I agree Laguna is one of the provinces na maraming gwapo at maganda.

  2. She’s really pretty
    She will struggle in the speaking part of the competition
    Not tall , probably 5’5”, But she is facially outstanding

  3. We need someone who has experience on stage or with public speaking so they don’t sound contrived when they talk.
    Or at least someone who went to an exclusive school or grew up abroad.
    Provincial lasses will not do well at MU…. and there’s nothing wrong with that . Not everyone can be MU.
    Sosyal dapat talaga . Kung May mass appeal mas mabuti but it is not necessary . Basta humble hardworking patient and strong inside and out.

    • Siya ay si Michelle Gumabao. Lahat check sa mga requirement mo angkol. He, he, he…

  4. Wow! I just mentioned Eloisa (along with Chella, etc.) in my previous comment on Tito Norman’s post re: Angela Robson. She was my fave sa Miss Millennial Philippines 2019. She looked so elegant there – gandang ganda ako sa kanya. She was very lean at napakamahinhin magsalita.

    She mentioned during her feature sa Miss Millennial na half Indian sya, with Jauod coming from her Indian side.

    If Falconer or Robson join MUP, it will be a repeat of Miss Millennial Philippines 2019 – their best edition in terms of quality of candidates! Sana sumali din si Nicole Borromeo (MMCebu – winner), Nicole Crescini (MMAklan), and Sharon Idone (MMIloilo).

    • @Bee

      Is she really half- Indian.. or her father is?
      I hope she clears that up…

      • She actually says she is half Indian during the interview. It’s on YouTube.

    • @ Bee Crescini and Idone were in Aliwan Digital Fiesta Queen 2020 (virtual) too, no? 🙂

  5. Her features are like a fusion of Ariela and Pia…. I wonder which part of her roots is originally from Laguna since most of her Jauod relatives are residing at Antique, Ilo-ilo, bacolod etc… Meanwhile, her Labawan relatives are scattered all over Mindanao… I wonder why her mother’s name is “Helena LabawanJauod Nachor”? is Eloisa’s real surname is Nachor? Nachor is an Arab/Jewish surname though… Nahor, Nachor, or Naghor may refer to three different names in the Hebrew Bible: two biblical people, who were both descendants of Shem, and one biblical place named after one of these descendants. ⁕Nahor, son of Serug, whose son was Terah ⁕Nahor, son of Terah ⁕Nahor, a town in the region of Aram-Naharaim that was named after the son of Terah… Meanwhile Labawan is of Malay-Austronesian origins meaning “Taller than the others” hence places like Mount Labawan Bohol or sitio Labawan in Romblon.. As for Jauod… sounds like a made-up name… but the use of “J” implies that is pre-colonial but not native since we don’t have a letter “J” in our native scripts… hmmm… unless it’s pronounced like the letter “H” which is Hispanic… hmmmm???? Anyway, for now, she could possibly reach the Top 5 of MUPh if one of the front-runners fail to deliver. She could use this platform to gain more followers for her next attempt for the nationals…

    • Oo nga. Pahinog muna. Sabagay sumali na siya sa Bb. Pilipinas. Sana sumali sya sa fun talk shows. We have again have very beautiful candidate that “shakes the senses.” She is also very good candidate for Miss World though I am not very enthusiastic about that.

    • @ Renato Binibining Laguna, not Pilipinas, po…Her Nationals is Millennial; kindly refer to a comment in a previous post in this #TurningPhenomenal series which includes her in one competitive batch. 🙂

      Sir, go check the candidates for Miss International Chile 2021. set to crown its new queen 5 June.
      Eloisa, here, would EASILY blend in; she’s THAT pretty!

      But without having to venture too far, I can just as easily cluster her with #1, also from Laguna and already an International-caliber queen… I wonder how many AP’s will handle the province…

      Same vibe as the likes of Akiyama, Veronilla, Crizaldo, Evangelista, and Benicta from MUP 2020!

    • She’s half Indian per her interview during Miss Millennial Philippines 2019.

  6. Wow. Ang ganda!!!

    She has the Arida vibes. The universal pageant community will be able to easily relate to her. Wow.

    Without makeup she is still very sweet looking. From daring to fresh. Wow. ❤ ❤ ❤

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