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  1. i know her. saw some of her pics and im pretty sure they are one person. her name is sam.

  2. Nais kong IPAGPALABAN ang mga karapatan at kapakanan ng mga baklang MAGSASAKA, baklang MANGINGISDA, baklang MANGGAGAWA, baklang nagtitinda sa palengke, at IBA pang katulad nila.

    Pero baklang sasali sa BPP, MUP at MWP, NO WAY.

  3. To Ana Winter-Lund, Flor Tula at Serge:

    Buti na lang at hindi tayo magkaharap, SIGURO SOBRANG INGAY ng balitaktakan natin. Ug bibo kaayo.

    I have this transgender/woman friend who is very, very good with gender theories, LGBTQ+ issues & perspectives and the like, and who also advocates bayot joining ‘female’ beauty pageants such as BPP, MUP & MWP, so laging bonggang balitaktakan. Actually napagod na ako sa issue na ito. Walang KWENTA talaga. Ha, ha, ha…

    So mga bayot HUWAG NANG MAKIALAM sa BPP, MUP at MUP. Pwede pa sa MPE & Mutya Pilipinas. Joke! He, he…

    • Feeling ko, paul, si Auntie Flor ang magbabangka sa kwentuhan. I’d give way or hold my peace because I know how to respect the elders. Hihihi!

      Peace, auntie Flor. Love ya. Minora? Char.

      That’s all.

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund Naglabas na ng statements ang mga Bosing – JG, ALV, & Mdme. LS. Dili daw… In the first place and as one of us (a noob commentator) said, legally difficult atm. So, good-as-dead ang notion. No more point discussing. 🙂

        I suggest transgender brands like Tiffany and International Queen AMP UP their ‘stock’ to gain prestige on the level of ‘straight/conventional’ derbies. This way, boundaries can be respected. Indeed, sturdy fences make for peaceful neighborhoods. 🙂

        Back to this post…

        I think I know who this mystery would-be candidate is. Nombre given by @ jed (above) is a play of letters. But I err in saying (below) that she has already appeared in a PN’s episode; I might have mistaken for someone else…

        … If my hunch is correct, then what she must do is… ask her mentor/trainer to go over the comments given in her name here in the blog (yes, she’s been given her solo feature!) and select the ones of use. HOLD OFF UNTIL THE TELEMUNDO CONTRACT IS FINI. 2024~5, no?

        Jasmine encore! You can never have enough of the stuff.

  4. This may be off-topic, but is worth revisiting and discussing…

    Recently, Ms. Shamcey Supsup-Lee, MUP National Director, has given her statement about transgender joining national pageants, such as MUP. “As long as they have legal documents to prove that they are now female and they already underwent reassignment surgery [then they can join MUP],” fiercely said the beautiful Miss Universe 2011 3rd Runner-Up.

    Analyzing such a statement, it can be safely assumed that Shamcey embraces diversity as she does not outrightly turn down transgenders from pursuing their dream of joining MUP. However, false hope manifests in here as Mrs. Lloyd Lee turns to legal aspect in requiring transgenders to show that they have indeed become female. This is because our country has not legally allowed any person belonging to third sex to change their names by reason of gender reassignment. That means even if a transgender has successfully undergone sex reassignment, she still cannot join MUP because she possesses no document showing she is legally declared to be a woman.

    So there. We won’t expect any transgender to show up in MUP screening.

    That’s all.

    • Ana good morning. Please do remember the experiences of both Miss Canada Universe and Miss Spain Universe Organizations pertaining to these transgenders/transwomen (or mga BAYOT) joining their respective national pageants. Both of them were unsuccessful in their foray into the ‘natural born female’ beauty pageants, so other bayots have shown no more interest in joining.

      Shamcey’s pronouncement is a strategy to somewhat ‘discourage’ bayots from joining MUP. Sa dami ba naman ng gay beauty pageants sa buong kapuluan ng Pilipinas (7,000+ islands), yung iba nga sa isang linggo 2 o 3 ang sinasalihan. HAY na lang… Kaning mga bayot usahay mga HAGO pod kaayo sabton uy.

    • Is the topic WORTH REVISITING and DISCUSSING? NO, AS IN A BIG, BIG NO. ANG PAGSALI ng mga BAYOT sa MUP ay WALANG MABUTING MAIDUDULOT sa MUP man as an organization o sa bansang Pilipinas.

      Mas mabuti pa na ang mga bayot (transgender/woman) ay MAGTANIM sila ng mga PUNO sa mga kabundukan para maiwasan ang mga MALALAKING PAGBAHA lalo na ngayong parating na ang tag-ulan at pagbagyo sa ating bansa.

      • A gloomy morning to you, Paul dear.

        Yes, the two transgenders who trailblazed in their respective national pageants (and the one in Miss U) may have successfully raised the LGBT flag for gaining global attention at some extent, but I also feel that their plight was just taken advantage to make the said pageants relevant in this time where the LGBT’s perennial fight for equality has been raised in many platforms and where the conservatives hardly give their nod.

        I said that this topic is worth-revisiting and -discussing because some aggressive LGBT members have been pushing this agendum in our midst, albeit the fact that our country is not yet open to adopting liberal countries’ open approach on their plight.

        I am aware though that the LGBT’s anti-discrimination campaign through SOGIE Bill now pending for approval in the House of Representatives is a good measure to end inequalities to their class, and we shall leave that to the good lawmakers of our Congress.

        That’s all.

      • ONE THING I LIKE ABOUT YOU ANA is that EVEN I’m on the OTHER SIDE of the fence (and making LOTS of yaw2w), YOU ARE STILL very NICE & RESPECTFUL. LOVE you for that. Good noon to YOU.

    • @ana. If i were in the shoes of Shamcey, I would say the same. To be an official candidate in a national beauty pageant, one has to meet the minimal qualifications set by the organization. Must be female, Filipino citizen, with a minimum 6-month residency in the country, and 18 to 28 year old. To prove that the lady is qualified, she must present legal documents.

      • The issue here is about qualifications and not about diversity and inclusivity. I have no problem with transgenders joining national beauty pageants. I am just concerned about crowned beauty queens being dethroned due to legal impediments just like what happened to Abayari, Silang, Bautista, and Lo.

    • If I were in the shoes of Shamcey, I would say the same. The issue is not about diversity and inclusivity but it is about qualifications. I have no problems transgenders joining major national beaucons in the Philippines. I am just concerned about crowned beauty queens being dethroned due to legal issues just like what happened to Abayari, Silang, Bautista, and Lo

      • Thanks Serge. YOU ARE SO 90s – Abayari, Silang and Bautista! Ha, ha, ha… Eraserheads, Rivermaya, boy bands from the US, etc. He, he…

      • @ paul Marasigan, the percussionist, is CUTE. 🙂

        I chanced upon an ‘E-Head’ performance on the UP Diliman Main Library steps one muggy Friday evening on the way back from a purchase of midnight snacks at the Shopping Center. I was in pursuit of a deadline for reports, so burned the midnight oil at Bulwaga’ng Palma.

        Rivermaya’s percussionist is also cute. And his FURIOUS technique was E-P-I-C.

        Wolfgang, Razor Back… Tirso Groyon was handsome enough to join a pageant!

        Boy bands… For me, the lesser-known ones put out the really edgy stuff. 98 Degrees and O-Town come to mind… No Mercy, which I can’t recall if German or Spanish.

      • Points well-raised, Serge dear.

        I think the good MUP National Director’s sound judgment on the issue were weighed well in a balance. Salute to Shamcey. Hindi hurt ang mga bekibelles.

        That’s all.


    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Oh, that reminds me of a running joke…

      … That straight men, when inebriated, like to collectively execute Chaka Khan’s “I’m Every Woman” on the karaoke.


      Rainy Wed, +8-GMT. A welcome break from the searing heat, the drizzly breezes are!

      • Dito sa amin Flor MABUTI at NAGPAKITA na si Haring Araw. Good morning to all of you.

      • Auntie Flor T, your piece reminds me of straight men wearing high-heels and do the walk and dance to “Toko toko toktok, toko toko tok.” Lels.

        Maayong buntag.

    • Hi, I’m new here but I want to give my two cents’ worth on the legal side of the issue. i agree that Shamcey did give false hope on transgenders joining MUP with her statement. According to jurisprudence, the change of sex in one’s bith certificate is not allowed unless there is a verifiable medical condition present that necessitates such action, such as for intersex persons. Otherwise, Filipinos are not allowed to change their sex int he registry regardless of their sexual orientation or identity. So Shamcey’s qualification that transgender applicants must show that they have already legally been recognized as female rings very much hollow.

      There is, however, a very slim chance to pass for an exception given a highly unlikely scenario. Should a Filipino go abroad, obtain ctiizenship into that foreign country, obtain a sex reassignment there with the corresponding sex change in their birth certificate, then go back to the Philippines and reobtain their Filipino citizenship. Their sex reassignment whie they were not a Filipino national, thus an alien in our jurisidiction, would be legally recognized should they reobtain their Filipino citizenship later on, This is a close to impossible scenario that surely no Filipino would undergo just so they can join a pageant.

      Hope this helps.

      • @Regina, I have also thought of such option. But, it’s more of like saying the parents would have to create a gayish path to their kid at such a young age. Because, I think, in order to do two citizenship switches for such oplan gender reassignment and for their kid to ably join BbP or MUP later, that would have to be decided at an early stage. Did you ever think the long period it would take to get blue card in the US (for example) and to regain Philippine citizenship? Another thing, which is the most important, should the parents decide for their child on the matter pertaining to gender reassignment?

        Indeed, it’s gonna be an uphill route for a transgender or would-be transgender to join a national pageant here, or MUP for that matter.

        At any rate, welcome to Norman’s Blog, where elite gay people eat real good food for the soul. Char lang.

        That’s all.

      • @ Ana Winter-Lund Mareh, i-klaro mo… Ganap tayo’ng female, ha.

        Ang char, ‘yun’g elitism. ‘Yun’g good food, oo nemen. 🙂

      • Auntie Flor T,

        Yeah, we are female for all season and reason. But we are sooo gay in another dimension. I love LGBT, tita. They make me beautiful.

        Ano ba ang favorite food mo? And who is the elite gay icon you admire? Pakisagot, huh, kung ayaw mong ma-gaslight sa’ken. ☺️

        Your bratty niece,

    • @Ana

      I have great respect for you but there is something you need to know… Madami na ang nakapag change ng gender legaly sa Pilipinas.. I don’t know how they did it but they were successful in doing so… Plus, I KNOW some of them were even able to join our national pageant competition for natural born females… In fact, they did inform the respective org discreetly while being backed by lawyers and she succeeded.

      • This is an astounding revelation I am not totally aware of, @C2F. If you are talking about the fact that many transgenders have been able to change their gender in their birth records, then I boldly say that they did it through illegal means. Precisely because there is no court in the country that would grant a Petition of any transgender seeking legal remedy in changing their gender in birth records due to sex reassignment. But, as to the fact that such transgenders were able to join pageants organized for naturally born women, then I would say that this would be true because it’s the pageant organizations’ rules that made them ably join the pageant. Perhaps, the organizers welcomed transgenders in the pageant whether they are legally female or not.

        That’s all.

  5. Btw, I want Judith Manap, the Negrita to join MUPh…
    With some veneers and good trainning, she’s a potential top5 placer. She’d give some good publicity for this batch…. This year could be one of the strongest batches of our nationals in our history.

  6. All ten featured so far by Norman are quality girls. This will be a tough year considering only one will be chosen. I hope those who will not win Ms. U this year will continue to improve over time, hone their skills and join again all available, reputable pageants in the coming years.

    If this were the corporate world, we can say that the Philippines’ beauty queen succession plan is in place and the talent bench is deep.

    World Peace.

  7. The “pa-surprise” eme is not the girl’s or her team’s strategy, I guess. It’s Tito Norms’. Thus, it’s not worthy to give critique on this girl this time.

    At this juncture, I’d like to give further piece on Victoria Velasquez Vincent as more of her photos show up in some pageant FB pages. That’s what you call strategy. Is it The Camp’s? The girl’s body is perfect. She’s uber sexy and tall. But I have reservations on her make up style. She looks old. It has to do with her big eyelid. Another thing, her identity is remarkably halfie or foreign. She needs to Filipinize or at least totally embrace her Filipino roots. Pageant fans now prefer a uniquely Filipina bearing in our rep. That culture stamp must be ingrained in VVV.

    If Patch Magtanong won’t push her luck in MUP, then VVV can be a good choice for the crown and that is only if she further upgrades to being non-prototype half-bred pageant girl.

    Much as we would want to see a Miriam Quiambao stunner that will surprise us in the screening, I think our hope gets dimmer, considering the short period for the girls, especially in rural areas, to prepare for the pageant. I have watched Miriam’s BbP and MU’s journey, again, recently. She’s one of a kind. The poise, beauty, elegance, etc., which even rebooted after her training in Venezuela.

    That’s all.

    • Very good observations Ana. You are always on point. Thanks. Maayong hapon.

      • Maayong hapon sa imo, Paul. I have been quite busy since yesterday. Workload is piling up. Gosh!

  8. So who is she?
    I’m really not famillar except her coming from Paranaque…

    Sound more like a fluke than a winner to me… 🙄

  9. An experienced delegate from international pageants would be a very good choice for MUP2021… thus, Leren Mae or Samantha Mae or Emma Mae or Patch Mae or WynWyn Mae or Michalle Dee Mae (hehehe on all the Mae’s) should ensure that the streak started by Venus Rah will continue through 2021 ( or even 2022 ) …

    • If Samantha Mae is still eligible, she can be the girl to beat MUP or MU stage!

  10. .
    This is something I hate about waiting for a secret reveal
    It’s almost A guaranteed disappointment
    I hope she is worth the wait , Tito Norman
    Let’s move on to #10 pls

  11. Our continous placements in MU started in 2010 with Mexico emerging as the winner. Could it end also with another winner from Mexico?

    • @ Baby Nica Mareh, ang TIMING lang… 🙂

      As if implying that if ‘veiled #10’ were sent to rep us at MU, El Tocuyo si Ungkol Norman.

      @ Norman Boss, ipamalas mo nga KAMANDAG mo? Huwag sa ‘kin, ah! Loyal reader ako. 😦

      Bur seriously. Of the ten featured so far, who are your Best Three?

  12. Yes, Mr. Tinio. We understand why your lips are sealed… You will DIRECTLY mentor her, no? 🙂

    YA-AAAS!!! Umamin ka, Blogger… MAGIGING AP KA, no? How much did you shell out for the franchise? Tell us so we, your readers, can have an idea how much MUPO makes/gets.

    After all, ka-ciudad niyo. What could be better than to live a reasonable walk away from ‘Norms’.

    ‘Ay!… Malawak pala ang P…. City 😦

    (I swear. Na-feature na siya sa PN’s. One of the more obscure episodes. ‘Beach’ photo is key!)

    ‘Lambong’ (Fil.), ‘veil’ (Eng.)… A veil of mystery… Isn’t ‘sheer veil’ redundant? Overthinking lang…

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