11 comments on “#TurningPhenomenal Series No. 8

  1. Facially and body wise , a roster filler for now
    But even with improvement , she WILL not win MUP .
    It’s like someone who wants to be a singer but doesn’t have enough God-given gift to be a singer.
    She has already done well in pageantry
    Maybe she can pursue another field

    • Hi fabian she’s actually with highest honors in senior high school. She’s not boba. And provincial high schools in my experience is more competitive.

  2. Sorry. But not sorry.
    This “phenomenal woman” theme sounds so “cliche”, there’s nothing exciting about it.
    I don’t see anything that identifies them as phenomena, at all.

    • Pakulo ni Mama J. Nawawalan ng saysay ang word if used for normal stuff.

  3. no comment on this .. do not have a clue who she is …

    I think the best counter of Pinas in MU2021 to Mexico’s Andrea Meza performance in MU2020 is by sending Michelle Dee to MU2021…. Michelle Dee has presence and she is like a ‘safe’ , no-drama candidate, kinda boring … much like Meza …. I think Dee will do well in MU and might even make it!

  4. This is all good🙋🏼 I think pageant camps/ organizations also need to monitor American cultural (and political) landscape. Miss Universe is an American brand. Its preferences and advocates are based on the American experience and its values. Also, there is the Telemundo variable of bringing Latin American audiences into the brand’s inclusivity (hopefully not exclusivity) 💁🏼

  5. In that farm photo, stretched like an ‘alamid’ stalking for fallen (mango) fruit, she looks a lot like… Jihane Almira Chedid, no? 🙂

    Why I did not see those places when I was in El Salvador (the Sacred Heart of Jesus statue) and Jasaan (Immaculate Concepcion Chapel), I don’t understand… WA-AAHH-AH!!!… 😦

    Caroline Joy Veronilla is LOVE. The Natasha Joubert of Philippines. She will join Mdme. Eva’s ‘beautiful’ pageant, Admin? You were able to convince her?

    I’m confused to this day… Who is who (matching type, all or nothing)?

    Jory Rivera vs. Atty. Saclot, MisOr AP vs. CDO City AP, Vincy Vacalares vs. Carol Veronilla…

      • @ Norman Your PN’s S5 schedule for June must be I-N-S-A-N-E. 🙂

        Anniv is coming up with all four (4) Nationals in progress – BBP, MWP, MPE, & MUP (this last just a call for applications for now but already created more noise than the three others combined!). Nabu-ang ka na, siguro, kung paano niyo iraraos ni Direk, no? If I were in your shoes, juice me baka dinugo na ‘ko… 😦

        Nauna na BBP and 17 July sila, so I guess tatapusin niyo na ‘yun’g nalalabi’ng Binibini. 25 July ba sina Boss ALV? Ta’s, may nasagap ako’ng char na JULY DIN ang MPE (pero virtual)… Cr_p!

        Will ‘regional/provincial cluster’ episodes be feasible still? For example, Tempra (MWP), Guipetacio (MPE), and Falconer (here, MUP) in a ‘MisOr’ special with Cinderella (BBP, which means mauulit siya kasi dati na siya na-feature)… Pa’no’ng atake gagawin niyo, Boss Ungkol?

      • @ Norman


        OR, hayaan mo kaya sila to be the ones to unite, and sila ang um-approach sa inyo kung gusto nila’ng ma-feature as a province/region? That way, isa na lang ang kausap niyo? 🙂

        For example, Cebu and Palawan.

        The former has Aberasturri, Perez, and two or three (?) reps at MPE atm? I forgot who the Cebuana Bb’s are…

        The latter has reps at MPE, I saw… And surely the Palawan AP has a successor to the striking Jennifer Linda…

        … Jennifer Linda was yet another discovery of MUP. I really hope we have not seen the last of her!

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