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  1. My take after watching the interview:

    1. Boy abunda’s questions to Rabiya were honest and direct but not blunt. Being sympathetic yet able to make the interviewee express her real feelings and emotions are qualities that make Boy Abunda the best talkshow host in this country.
    2. Growing up with a single mother, being abandoned by her father at a young age, the hardships she had to endure to finish college, winning MUP, her physical, mental, and emotional preparations for MU, the bashings and criticisms she received from the netizens, Rabiya’s life journey is a roller-coaster ride. Life events like these could take a toll on one’s emotional state. When I saw her cried, I understood her because it was a way to release her pent up emotions. Rabiya is extrovert. Somebody who expresses her emotions openly and I do understand her.
    3. She gets emotional when those around her are frustrated and that is ok.
    4. I am happy because she has come to realize that what is important is here and now. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.
    5. She is planning to enter showbiz. I wish her good luck. But she has to remember that the prize of fame and money is loosing her privacy. It is not always the case anyhow. As Sushmita Sen said in 1994 MU casual interview, you can be both a public figure and a private person.
    6. She is currently looking for her long lost father. I hope she finds him. But if she cannot, she always has her mother who has been and will always be both a mother and father to her.
    7. Learning to love one’s self is the greatest love of all, especially if that self is 2020 MUP and 2020 MU semifinalist.

    • Correction: expresses her or his real feelings
      Has been a roller coaster ride

    • and yes, Rabiya is right. Even if she was the prettiest, the most intelligent, and had the most outstanding performance, but unluckily, the judges did not like her, she would not win. In other words, she was not destined to win.

      • we have to understand that extroverts express their emotions openly and do not afraid to cry in public in the same manner that introverts hide theirs and just cry in silence. it is their unique ways of coping

  2. So proud of Rabiya for putting him in his place in her signature sweet, calm and pleasing demeanor. She is a coursgeus and intelligent girl. In an earlier panel discussion, two female guests politely refused to go down the critiquing, nitpicking path the same host was taking, and instead highlighted every woman’s fortitude in being a pageant contestant. But as always the host continued with his soliloquy and pre-rehearsed anecdotes and so-called “wisdoms”.

    “Rabiya wasn’t able to let go…let go, let go, let go.” It’s the host who should let go and listen intently to the message Rabiya was imparting. It’s a beautiful and eye-opening lesson, that real women exist behind each pageant contestant. Women’s emotions are not their downfall. If one listens to her social media message as she was crying, she was telling her pageant fans that despite challenges she will still forge on – and that is strength. Her tears moved us to be better fans, to raise the standards of our online behavior, to develop a wider understanding of women’s minds and hearts.

    Faux communications experts and Oprah-wannabes should just lay off Rabiya’s pageant “mistakes” and stop using it for their own social media gain. And the Philippines needs better communications consultants compared to him.

    • I agree with you.

      Even during The Buzz days (SUSUNOD!!!! EKSLUSIBO!!!! [with pasabog sound]), ka kairita si Girl Abunda! Many hosts are patronizing and condescending to their guests. He is one of them. Feelingers. They try to milk everything they can for ratings or likes. Or they twist words, or plant ideas and make it appear the words came from the guest.

      A more naive or starstruck guest would fall for this trap. Rabiya held herself beautifully with this clown.

      Many so-called hosts of that defunct station were just products of their own self-made hype and PR machinery. And now that the station (and the machinery ) is gone, the public can clearly see what they really are : Second rate, trying hard, copy-paste! Lol.

      World Peace.

  3. (…Or perhaps, just maybe, the very point of this article is to NOT say anything anymore…


    … Because it is telling us all to let it go and move on, dahil si Rabiya nga mismo just wants to enjoy her time now to herself. Probably Mr. Tinio saw it unhealthy that weeks after the thing ended ay ang dami pa rin’g beast mode kahit sunod-sunod na ang gusto’ng tanggapin ang paghamon ng MU. Yes, the fans require closure. But if anybody, imo, would have spoken, it should have been her bosses at the National organization… Coaches step in when their ward/s is/are being gutted.)

    • You have a point there
      I would like to know from Jonas , too
      I donot know if you will hear anything substantial from Shamcey as she will probably give you safe answers only .

  4. For the next MUP, we need someone :
    Who has showbiz background like Pia who knows how to handle the camera
    Who Grew up rich or was raised abroad like Cat Maxine and Rachel
    Who Has strong faith Like Venus and Janine
    Who Knows how to handle pressure like Shamcey having been in a very competitive school environment
    And Who Could care less what people say like Ara and MJ

    Bella , hello?!!!

  5. I wonder if the MUO will appoint Idaho to represent the US at MU 2021 since the next pageant is slated I. November, past the deadline given by the MUO .

    I hope they just appoint Bella too.
    She is the most ready among the Batch of potential candidates !!

    • Hello fabian kahit NAMAN November they won’t still appoint. Haler they will give flexibility to USA since muo is an american company. Tas new organizer pa. So it doesn’t make sense. And state pageants are crowning girls left to right so papaano sila? Nganga? 😂

    • They won’t appoint. State pageants are crowning girls left to right. The miss South Dakota is a runner up of Miss teen usa.

    • I understand , I guess the winner of Miss USA 2021 will have only less than a month to prepare if USA happens in mid November and Miss U in December

  6. Join showbiz then return to pageantry via MWP
    By then , she will have known how to play with the camera .. and speak more naturally.
    And if she wins MW or does well there, she can return to showbiz with more power under her belt … just like what happened to Wynwyn.

    • Join showbiz to be a starlet? Just like Maxine Kylie Ara MJ etc.etc.. ewan ko ba ang babano ng mga beauty queens turned actress here. Even Pia is a mediocre actress.

  7. Why is everyone here feels that Rabiya failed big time in her campaign.
    IMHO, she did great even if it was not what we’ve expected. We can never win it all all the time. Whether we are like it or not, there comes a time when the Philippines will not be called into the semifinals anymore just like the greatest powerhouse Venezuela recently.
    So let’s chill and appreciate the placements while it lasts.

    Anyway, I feel the pain of Rabiya and I’m sad for her because she seems to have not enjoyed her MU journey due to pressure and high expectation.

    i have to say that the main factor of her not advancing further is the way she was handled by the team; the wardrobe, the styling, the press releases were all messed up.

    In short, Rabiya got lost amidst the voices and differing opinions of the people that surrounded her leading to the competition. She should have listened to that voice of hers that made her win MUP. The Rabiya during MUPh was totally different from the one who competed at Miss Universe not to mention the unnecessay breast augmentation and the veneers which were just two of the mishaps of the organization. Jonas and Shamcey where in the world did you get that idea? The size of the boobs are very inappropriate for Rabiya’s size and height:

  8. I really liked her and thought she was the best during MUP and that she would really do well at MU. But the moment she cried in Instagram – she really turned me off. In the first place, why was she constantly online and reading reviews online? Couldn’t she just have concentrated on competing? It’s like driving but the driver keeps on going through her phone 😢She should not have been reading online basher comments as that affected her performance quite badly. She bombed the swimsuit round, which I thought would have been her strongest suit. The way she handled the criticisms hurled at her made me think that she may not actually have been a good Miss Universe after all. No complains about her physical look – she for me is still prettier than the eventual winner. What a waste! I thought she said “Getting to top 5 is training, winning is destiny”. Sayang- she was not emotionally ready, and training did not prepare her for that. Anyway, I wish her well. I’m sure she will do well in other areas.

    • Face body styling comm skills and stage presentation all failed to improve .
      She listened to those who said she was perfect !
      All of the MUP girls were subjected to extremely vile criticisms .. all of them.. but nobody succumbed to pressure like Rabiya did .

    • I agree with everything you said except for one- Andrea Mezza is a truly deserving winner.
      After all she was MW 1st runner up and now an MU. That means the woman has really something that we don’t see on camera. No one can argue about that even the most discerning ones.

  9. Wish ko lang kay Rabiya, i she compete again in Miss World, assess muna herself. I hope she find her purpose, she need to fully make a reflection bakit nya gusto ulit sumabak. I mean I don’t want to get hurt again. And what are the chances of her winning, but if her goal is really to stand up and make bawi …ill support her again. Rabiya dearie, pahinga ka muna, assess, reflect and ask…..Do you want to go through the ordeal again. What will be bringing na bago? If she tick all the boxes, and she decide to go…………then GO enjoy the process again. Sana lang huwag ka magbago dear. Balikan mo jowa mo!

  10. Real winners are people who take risks and are not afraid to lose because they learn and grow from it. The ultimate goal of a real winner is never to vanquish an opponent nor prove something to others, but more to fully realize one’s potential for the good of others. Despite the formidable odds, this winner mindset defining her strong personal udentity is what Rabiya showed to the Filipino people. For this alone, Rabiya is our Miss Universe 2020 and her crown is enshrined in the hearts of the millions of pandemic-weary ordinary people who draw inspiration from her.

  11. Please enough of Rabiya. Move on na. Parang pinipilit natin na dapat cyang manalo. The competition is over. She did her part. Unfortunately, naligwak cya for whatever reason.

    Rabiya move on. There’s more to life than Miss U.

    • I don’t think anyone in his right mind believes Rabiya should have won MU. The fans need closure and what better way to do that than hear the candidate herself talk about her post pageant thoughts and experiences.

  12. During the 2017 Binibinig Pilipinas screening, Kylie V pose with the candidates with 6 tips on how to handle their journey in pageantry, one of her tip,

    If you will read comment on social media, there is a big possibility you will get hurt!

    Below is the excerpt of PEP interview with Jonas,

    Tinanong na rin ng PEP Troika si Jonas kung anong klaseng Miss Universe Philippines ang hahanapin nila. Bilang isa sa organizers ng MUPO, ano ang natutunan nila sa nakaraang laban ni Rabiya?

    “Lesson, will have to really teach the girl na huwag masyado mag-social media, hahaha!” Viber message ni Jonas sa PEP Troika.

    After Rabiya won, she had a welcome appearance from Frontrow kasama yung mga former colleagues or classmate niya, umiyak siya dun and sabi niya “Kung alam ko lang na ganito pala, sana hindi na lang ako nanalo!”

    Then she started her training. One of the approach perhaps of her trainer is to let her digest “Grit” by Angela Duckworth. Now, before you can assimilate any book you read, you need to have a lot of life experiences so you can associate and eventually assess your progress! Otherwise, dadaan lang yan sa ilong mo!

    So, all the while akala ko OK na siya in handling her emotion! Truth be told she can handle her emotion on the compatriot slash local level but not on the international level! That’s what happen after the National Costume competition! Napuruhan yung vulnerable side niya!

    And I mention here also na kapag hindi mo pa na-experience matalo and in this situation in a beauty pageant, baka lumagapak ka ng bongang-bonga!

    Catriona after her defeat at Miss World re-assess herself and came back stronger! Kaya bale-wala sa kanya ang social media insult! Bale wala sa kanya ang may mas magaling na pasarela! Bale-wala sa kanya hindi siya napili ng sponsor!

    Experience is everything! Hindi mo makukuha yan in just a month or two! Lalo pa ngayon na yung gap between the local pageant to the international is very short! Ewan ko kung ano gagawin nila diyan! Although ang chica, proceed ang MUP pero ilalaban for the 2022 edition! Hand pick ang ipapadala sa December edition!

    • Mukhang hirap nga sya mag-disconnect sa social media kasi yun ang basehan nya if she did good or not.
      Sa personal na level naman, sobrang inspired ako sa kanya.
      Sa journey na nya yan, I realized na dapat pala secured talaga sa sarili at no matter what others said kailangan mahal mo pa rin ang sarili mo at hindi ka rin nagpapaniwala basta sa mga pinagsasasabi ng karamihan.

  13. Puedeng puede sya sa Miss World .
    Sana nagpusod sya sa prelim like Pia
    Maybe she’ll find success in acting .

  14. It just goes to show … competing in Miss Universe is like a combination of competing in the Olympics and doing an interview for an application on a year-long job and experience of a lifetime ! … both your head and your heart must be on it … the only time you are permitted to lose your footing is when you are announced as the winner … all winners , in both MU and the Olympics, always say that during their moment of victory , they were like in a daze , but if you ask them how was the competition, they can tell you what they did every second of every moment … just a lesson for the next MUP . I wish Rabiya’s dreams all come true as she goes on with her life … she will always be a Pinas MU delegate!

  15. Rabiya is so humble.
    If I was in her shoes , I would not even bother .
    They had a good relationship during her formative years . And he didn’t even bother check up on her ??? It takes a heart of steel to swallow her pride and take the initiative to reconnect with him ?

    • Many misunderstand a woman’s strength. Women must begin to take their share in defining pageantry. These were the lessons learned from the past decade. Our winners had significantly challenging journeys than the ones before them. And it should be emphasized that the difference they made was in being courageous women in the face of scrutiny. And no man should ever take the credit away from their individual victories, small or otherwise. Congratulations to a proud decade of Filipina strength of character. 🙋🏼🙋🏻🙋🏽

  16. First of all, thank you Rabiya for representing the country. You did your best.

    But I do not like to rub anymore salt to a wound, or add insult to recent injury. I believe in letting sleeping dogs lie, and in not flogging anymore a dead horse. I also believe in the using idioms to sound intelligent. Lol.

    But to Rabiya’s handlers and to Rabiya. Simply put, our candidate has been weighed and found wanting. Tinimbang sya, ngunit kulang. We can analyze what went wrong until we are blue in the face, pero tapos na.

    Let this incident just serve as a lesson to camps and handlers, to do better in the future.

    1) The boob job and teeth job was an epic fail. The boob job especially was so obvious that if I were a judge, I will be turned off by its fakeness. Please handlers, do not mess with what’s already beautiful.

    2) The kuda, pa bibo, pa bida-bida way of talking sounded so “girly” and “teacher-y”. It gave many the impression of scripted replies from her that sounded insincere and rehearsed. For a lack of a better description…”not womanly at all”. It has been hyped that speaking was her strong suit – well, I don’t know about that. Gazini and Maxine may not be that articulate but one can sense that they are “women and not a girl in a gown”.

    3) The Look Book project was a fail. It gave fans and bashers the materials to bash, and insult her that may or may have not reached Rabiya and affected her performance.

    It made her look a like a school project where “100 designers [experienced or not] participated “ to make her look : good, bad, and ugly. Too many cooks did spoil the broth.

    (Not to mention the two self-appointed stylists who had themselves featured after the 10th look).

    4) The ill fitting headdress, the national costume gown that had to be trimmed (since “she was not comfortable with it”). The over-hyped preliminary evening gown. All these are avoidable. Someone just fucked up in the planning. Someone’s head should roll if this was in a corporate setting.

    Again, it is easy to be wise in hindsight. But these are just observations that I hope we can learn from.

    World Peace.

    • Excellent review of the MU performance of Rabiya Mateo. Emotionally HILAW pa talaga siya and cannot yet handle heavy pressure.

      Mukhang tama ako na si Michelle Gumabao talaga ang dapat na ipinadala natin sa Florida. Kasi malapad pala ang gusto ng MU selection panel. Andrea Meza’s face is so wide it looks like a chopping board. Si Michelle hindi lang mukha, katawan talagang malapad na malapad. He, he, he…

      • Langya ka Paul! Di ko alam kung fan ka ni Michelle o ka away ka. Lol. Si Rabiya, Mapalad. Si Michelle, Malapad.

        Please, tigilan na yang statements na sana si Michelle, Bella, Pauline na lang ek ek na yan. Utang na loob lang Elsa – Let it go, let it go!!

        Seriously, I really feel sorry for Rabiya. In that interview with Boy, one can feel her pain. But unfortunately, it also goes to show na yes, hilaw pa talaga sya. She seems to be not over it yet. I mean Gazini also did not do very well (semi finals finish lang din). She was also heavily bashed and I am sure she was quite devastated too coming in the heels of Catriona’s win. But I never heard her give interviews left and right after the pageant to air her side.

        Dear Rabiya, remember that failures build experience. Experiences add to character. Character adds to sex appeal. Therefore, don’t look at it as failure. Look at it then as building your sex appeal. Lol.

        World Peace.

      • Maka-Michelle talaga ako Tomas. KAILANGAN lang niyang ipasok si laboratory ni Belo, Calayan and the like. Tanggal ng taba atbp. He, he, he…

      • @Paul, @Thomas: If MUP will just appoint the delegate to Costa Rica, what do you think are the chances of MG? Yes, Bella is the 1st Runner Up, but MU is looking for a spokesperson who connects very well with ordinary people. Bella is so classy and connects well with the well-heeled society. MG, the 2nd Runner Up, being a sports icon and a celebrity broadcaster, connects wery well with the youth and sports fans. The Costa Roca edition is expected to be another Latina supershow, but at least we have a fighting chance with someone who has a solid connectivity with ordinary folks. What do you think?

      • Dear Scorg,

        What do I think of MG as our Ms. U representative?

        It is something that I don’t like to think about at all. Lol.

        World Peace.



        YUN NA. I am Bea Patricia Magtanong, 27. Philippines!

  17. She should know what battle she was getting into
    If she can’t stomach the critics , Why go online ?
    Unfortunately , she was fed the wrong information by the likes of Sam Bru RJ Ignacio etc believing she was perfect . In the end , she failed to study for her onstage performance and even her legendary Q&A skills did not materialize when it mattered. hence , the real deals like Australia and India MU
    But it is all over now . ALike what Abunda said , all we have is now. Whatever road she takes , be it pageantry medicine or whatever , I hope this serves as a lesson for her … just keep on going on

    • .. keep on going
      She needs to look at the lives of the past MU winners after their term and see if they are worth crying over . And her answer is mostly likely no.

    • For the first time I agreed with you mare. Yang bruhang Sam na yan talaga at RJ talaga i never subscibe

      • Me too..Why should we subscribe to shalow heads with deadpan’ blogger antics!!

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