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  1. English facility is key
    If you don’t have it and there’s nothing else you can put on the table , I advise that you re-direct your passion somewhere else
    But who am I to stop anyone ?
    I just hope she has some derm work done before she attempts to join MUP . This is something that India did .. and Rabiya failed to do before going to MU.

  2. Maiba naman ako. Ipagpalagay natin na hindi muna magkakaroon ng Miss USA this year dahil gahol na sa oras at magastos, the organization will just appoint the 2020 1st runners up – Miss Idaho Kim Layne to represent USA in the 70th MU edition, then I will support her all the way. I love her not just for being a half-Filipino but for her quasi-excellent performances at Miss USA. Kim just needs little polishing in pasarela, stage projection and in Q&A. What a competitive candidate in MU.

  3. Iloilo City and Iloilo Province have the same AP – Mr. Arañador. Right now, he is looking for Miss Universe Iloilo Province only, so maybe Khesha is already Miss Universe Iloilo City 2021.

  4. MU is an open-ended platform for women empowerment advocacies. Annually, it is looking for “confidently beautiful” spokesperson who could, would and should “connect” naturally to its millions of followers worldwide, its veritable market base. Who are these typical pageant enthusiasts? The aspirational telenovela-viewing crowd. Who can best energize and inspire this huge market size? The fans seem to be fixated on the ravishing well-proportioned classy goddess of superior gown carriage amd pasarela skills. Unfortunately, the organizers are not. So are the corporate sponsors. And we need not look so far, Just look at the winners of recent editions of all major pageants and the howls of many a Pinoy fans: “kulang sa ganda”, “boring”, etcetera .

    • What I’m driving at is: the Philippines is blessed with many beautiful ladies. But I guess the winning edge for MU crown is the natural ability to connect to the everyday people, the market base of any beauty pageant, and for that matter, of any potential corporate sponsor.

    • I guess too that the competitive edge of “jologs: Rabiya over “classy” Bella was: the natural connectivity with ordinary people because she is one of them, she knows their simplest joys and deepest pains.

  5. Checked the internet,..some sources pegged her heoght as 5’6″.. She might just be wearing Bragais heels i guess coz she looked a wee bit taller than Rabiya &Karen laurie. That being said,..i fibd her COMMUNICATION SKILLS WANTING!.. DOES’T HAVE THE ELUSIVE CONFIDENCE IN THE MANNER HOW SHE SPEAKS!.. GALS,LET IT BE KNOWNTHAT PAGEANTRY NOWADAYS ARE NOT ALL RAMPAHAN!! YOU HAVE TO PASS BY CLOSED DOOR INTERVIEWS TO BE ABLE TO MAKE A MARK!! PRACTICE TALKIN,..DO HOSTING GIGS! BE CONFIDENT INFRONT OF THE MIC!!..LEARN TO MAKE LAMON THE MIC,..so goes the Cliche!!..ANG RAMPAHAN madaling matutunan,…but Speaking Skills..takes lots of practice and years to hone!!

    • Khesha won Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown during Miss Iloilo, but failed to advance to the Top 3 because of her comm skills (there’s a Q&A for the Top 5 to Top 3 cut).

    • She’s not 5″6 😂. She’s actually the tallest of the top 5 miss Iloilo. She I think is 5″9 at least. Rabiya is even 5″7 like legit 5″7.

  6. I thought Mr. Blogger would no longer pick up on her… She’s thrilled, for sure! 🙂

    Amelinckx’s Mutya co-queen and co-International-did-not-push-through. All the best for her MUP bid!

  7. We need a tall and dusky representative for Miss Universe. I believe with proper training and communication skills, she will surpass the achievement of the best representative that we have ever had Miss Rabiya Mateo and other Indian- Filipino beauty titlist.

  8. Let me be kind and just say : For now, we need a breather from a Rabiya clone. It might do MUP and pageant fans good.

    World Peace.

  9. She needs to wear big hair ….

    Anything flat makes her head look like a pin head…

    She needs Farrah Faucet, Valley of the Dolls, Rupaul, Tamy Fae Baker, Dolly Parton, Lion King big hair!!!

  10. Why not consider sending someone who speaks Chinese, Thai or Spanish. The market has shifted and maybe the standards as well. 🙋🏼 In the mainland, Asian Americans are the center of media attention, so pride in one’s Asian background (while maintaining a global aura & charm) could be a plus. 🙋🏻

  11. I remember this candidate during Mutya … comparing her and Alaiza, I believe Alaiza Malinao is a much much better choice

  12. Kheshapornam Ramachandran beautiful with towering height 5′ 9″

    Mutya ng Pilpinas -Tourism Queen of the Year International 2018
    Miss Iloilo 2020- First Runner-up

  13. In a related vein, I just hope pageant ladies especially those who have won crowns (not runners up, semifinalists or clapper) would be more forthright and candid on their reasons for joining. I’m so tired with the lame “I want to inspire people” I have an amazing story to tell”

    In the US, they have the state hoppers and even country hoppers. Here we have the crown chasers

    Cmon, you don’t have to join a pageant to inspire and to share your story.

    Be phenomenal by being true to yourselves.

  14. Another crown chaser. A pageant crossover but who are we to stop them from chasing their dreams.

    She is pretty alright but she needs to go easy on the cakey foundation. I would prefer a “no make up” make up for her. Make up should highlight why she has and not camouflage it. She already has the bone structure and the soulful eyes.

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