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  1. Dindi Pajares SHOULD STOP following/imitating the packaging and styling of Isabela Galeria and Aya. Abesamis. Otherwise, she cannot win a title. Exoticism is OUT. She should look global and not parochial.

  2. Famorcan has bubbly personality.
    Among the 5. Ann de Mesa and Famorcan have the chances to get crowns.
    Here are my revised title assignments:
    De Mesa-World
    Pajares-Miss Environment Philippines.
    Pagantian: RHA
    Austria- Eco Teen
    Paton: Eco Int’l
    Tourism- Famorcan

    • Very good choices Serge. We have the same ‘feeling’ on de Mesa for MWP. Most likely Vera, Paton, Austria and Krishnan will take home titles. Pajares and Pangandian largely depend on their styling and stage presentations on the pageant finals to snatch a crown.

      But KEEP an EYE on Asha Gutierrez, Megan Campbell, Reziah Famorcan, Danica Dilla, Natasha Jung or even Mika Leonardo. Pauline Robles is (I think) a favorite of Norman. Ria Siozon, Joy Barcoma and Janelle Lewis have also beautiful & attractive faces.

      Ruffa Nava’s major hurdle is HOW to LOOK YOUNG. But every candidate has still more than a month to prepare for the finals, so practice, practice & practice on pasarela, stage presentation and Q&A. Experiement as well is styling, packaging and branding. So good luck gurls!

      Isang maulan na umaga mula sa Mindanao.

      • Indeed..its raining everyday here in Mindanao,..Gensan..to be exact!!

  3. Hear ye! Hear ye! Fresh Filipinas for the world! Luscious. Delectable. Juicy. Get ’em before expiry date!

    Diesnt the MWP tagline evoke images of commodity hawking in some dingy streets of Manila? To the organisers: please drop the cringeworthy tagline!

  4. It’s amazing how Angelica can talk like Charlene … coming from da province . I wonder where she went to school .
    She looks like Charlene with make up on … like how Paolo can copy just about any one with his paint.

    • @ Fabian Reyes HAYYY. Loyal po talaga kayo kay Janick. 🙂

      (Supra pa lang…)

      They will stop, when you stop mentioning it. Kasi, ikaw lang naman dito sa blog ang nakakapansin… The fact you do is compliment to their make-up skills. And with pandemic restrictions in place, it’s hard to get a beautician to just come over to your house, much less on a Sunday. THEY ARE FLATTERED YOU NOTICE, really.

      But I think you’ll agree they’d make great Ever Bilena in-house models the next time the cosmetics firm launches a new line of lipstick… But didn’t Jojo Bragais also put out his own? I recall Cortesi was ‘one of the colors’… Si JB nga ba ‘yun? Medyo towards browns and oranges…(beep…beep…)

      • Flor ,
        We complain about these Asian delegates copying Cat.
        Now here we are having to deal with Peru 2020 clones.

        Look at Tracy Maureen whose styling and mannerisms have changed significantly to shamelessly copy Peru.
        Tracy Maureen has to be made aware this is not good . Originality is key if she wants to do well in pageantry . It’s a small world. People will notice.

      • I turned off the video as soon as I saw Ponce
        This will not do

  5. I am posting (once again) My REVISED MWP 1st Pick:

    Miss World Philippines – Anne de Mesa or Asha Gutierrez (A&Q)
    Miss Supranational Philippines – Asha Gutierrez or Anne de Mesa (A&Q)
    Reina Hispano-Filipinas – Emmanuelle Vera (KF) or Riana Pangindian (A&Q)
    Miss Eco Philippines – Tracy Maureen Perez (A&Q) or Megan Campbell
    Miss Eco Teen Philippines -Tatyana Austria (A&Q)
    Miss Multinational Philippines – Kathleen Paton or Danica Theresa Dilla (A&Q)
    Miss Environment Philippines – Pauline Robles (KF) or Reziah Famorcan (KF)
    Miss Tourism Philippines – Ganiel Krishnan (KF) or Dindi Pajares (A&Q)

  6. That Angelica Famorcan is multi-faceted. She has the Charlene Gonzales-Iya Villania-Ahtisa Manalo combined angle. She is beautiful, but I don’t think she is physically ready. She has baby fats.

    Sana man lang sa mga sumasali sa national beauty pageant, it is not enough that you aim for the Philippine sash because getting the same requires a lot of responsibility and pressure. Hindi lang dapat beauty and brains ka, kailangan din na you are in a winning form.

    Balik ka na lang, ate girl, sa ibang panahon.

    That’s all.

    • Ana mataba ang katawan o mukha lang mataba tingnan? He, he, he… Which is which? Pwede namang sexy ang katawan pero ang mukhang siopao (lalo na ang pisngi). Meron ding malapad ang mukha at katawan katulad ni…

      Charlene Gonzales’ face looks big on TV screens and in pictures (and not so beautiful), but in PERSON her face is small and soo… gorgeous and very, very pretty. I saw her up close at the main door of the UP Theater way back in mid 90s.

      • Chubby face can now be aesthetically remedied nowadays. There are contour tools that can help shape someone’s round face. If that is Angelica’s issue, then it is not too late. Do it early and frequent the gym. I also notice her arms, Paul, obvious ang taba. Hindi sýa gym trained. Nakukulangan ako.

        Sana man lang bago sila mag-audition, they have to check the boxes if they got the same Megan Young’s preparations and determination. Sasabihin na naman ng iba, nagku-compare ako, na kesyo iba-iba ang mga candidates. And why not? It’s okay to compare one’s preparations from that of a winner. I don’t mean naman na dapat singganda ni Megan bago lumaban. No, you cannot replicate beauty. Kesa naman i-compare ang preparations mo sa isang Katarina Rodriguez, ‘diba?

        I agree with you, Charlene is stunning. I saw her many times in different venues. She is a Spanish mestiza.

        That’s all.

      • On point ka na naman Ana sa iyong commentary. Thanks a lot. Have a nice sleep.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund No matter what people say, (just) smile. 🙂

      (Colgate ad campaign)

  7. Yup, Tito World! Famorcan is incroyable.

    (But here, why did she say she is single? At the Screening, sabi niya may boyfriend na siya…)

    She’s my dark horse, together with Campbell. For me they are the ones who can snag one of the India-based titles on sheer personality. Thanks so much, @ paul, for pointing them out. 🙂

    However, if Mdme.’s JM and Dr. Rezk like either, the entire MWP 2021 pecking order will be upset.

    (A note on the Fil-Kiwi… With rouge, she ages. THIS dewy-semi-bronzed look is much better!)

    • Auntie Flor T, when you say you are single, that is regardless of whether you have a boyfriend or what not. Many people are very much confused about referring one’s status. If one wants to make a distinction, pwede namang sabihin na, “I am single but not available” or “I am single and available.” Pinahihirapan pa natin ang buhay natin. Nakakalurkey.

      That’s all.

  8. They have not yet dropped this cringeworthy tagline! It gives direct, not even subliminal, allusuion to the commidification of women. Fresh as in a fast moving consumer good that needs to be hawked before expiry date. This is an insult to the credentialed ladies competing for some prestigious titles!

    • @scorg, same quibble. Tito Norman, use your influence and persuasive skills to convince the organizers to drop it. Perhaps, someone from their group thought it’s a brilliant tag line but it’s not. I thought the cattle call in MW has been extinct for decades and here we are glorifying the freshness of Pinay bistek

    • * “allusion to the commodification of women?”, not “allusuion to the commidification of women”.

  9. Angelica Famorcan during the Miss World Philippines Screening (CTTO).

    • Angelica looks like charlene gonzales during her bbp stint. She needs to lose weight specially she is 5’6 .charlene is 5’8 1/2 so charlene can get away w the chubbiness. May pagka ahtisa din double chin yet ahtisa is almost 5’8 . Ahtisa also undergone rf treatments

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